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Depositing and withdrawing funds from an online casino account has never been easier, thanks to the rise of dedicated payment services and improvements in software that allow sites to accept funds from many different sources.

Some of the most common concerns that online casino neophytes have when approaching the industry are worries about the financial aspects of joining any top slot sites especially with casino no deposit bonus codes. For some it’s questions about the security of personal information, for some, it’s fears about hidden fees, and still others have anxiety that the process will be too byzantine and complex for them.

While those are all valid concerns on their face, top US casino sites have years of experience when it comes to conducting financial transactions over the internet using a wide range of methods that are safe, secure, well-regulated, and incredibly easy. We’ve got more detailed breakdowns of different ways to deposit and withdraw money that will help any rookie figure out exactly which method suits them best!

Recommended Payment Providers

Credit and Debit Cards Used for Depositing

Debit cards connected to an active bank account are among the most common forms of payment in use these days, so it is no surprise that online casinos in the US allow customers to make payments with them. It should be noted that some casinos will require players to use a different withdrawal method if they choose to utilize a debit card for deposit purposes. Some examples of debit cards that are commonly accepted at casinos are: VISA and MasterCard.

Credit cards are backed by financial institutions, meaning that transactions that are made using credit cards are essentially loaning the money to a cardholder with the agreement that those funds will eventually be paid back. Failure to pay the amount back in full will result in interest and fees being added to the repayment amount. Using a credit card is almost always instant, but worth noting that many sites do charge a very small fee.

Using Prepaid Cards and Instant Payment Services

Prepaid money cards work similarly to debit cards, but without being connected to an active money account. Instead, prepaid cards need to have funds added to them manually instead of drawing from a specific larger source of money. These prepaid cards can take either physical or electronic forms, but either way transfers take place instantly. Fees range from one provider to the next, but online casinos traditionally do not charge to use these cards.

Instant payment services function as a security barrier between your bank and the best online casinos. You simply create an account with the instant payment service and input your account details, then use your login and password to make payments. Transactions are normally instant. Most are free to use, but some apply a small transaction fee. PayPal is the most prominent instant payment service that online casinos in the United States accept.

Depositing with eWallets

e-Wallets provide services that combine elements of both prepaid cards and instant payment services, though their exact processes differ between the various providers. Sometimes you will provide your account details, and when you use your e-Wallet login to pay, the provider will simply debit your account and pay on your behalf. Others require you to transfer funds into the e-Wallet before you can use it to pay (exactly like a virtual prepaid card).

Many also come with their own security, as well as protection policies and dispute resolution services. Transfers are usually instant, unless additional protections are in place. Fees vary, and can be applied to deposits into your e-Wallet or on transactions performed by the provider. But online casinos rarely charge players for paying via e-Wallet. The top choice for American internet casinos is Neteller.

Direct Bank Transfers and eChecking Options

The term “bank transfer” is pretty self-explanatory, entailing a transfer of funds directly from a user’s bank account to their casino account, bypassing the need for cards or third-party services. Bank transfers are among the oldest and most trusted of funding and withdrawal methods and are accepted at nearly all online casinos around the world. eChecks are electronically backed funding options that instantly transfer money from checking or savings account right to a casino account. These are very similar to both debit cards and direct bank transfers as they require money to come from an existing account at a financial institution. TeleCheck is an example of this kind of funding option.

The Unique Case of PayNearMe

Due to state and federal laws, American online casinos are almost always tied to a real-world casino location of some kind, and users can always deposit money for their online account through that real-world casino’s cage. Another payment option borrows heavily from that style of funding, but has an added level of convenience. Online casinos based in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have partnered with the convenience store chain 7-Eleven to implement a service called PayNearMe. This around-the-clock service allows users the opportunity to receive a reusable bar code that lets them deposit cash directly into their casino account at their local 7-Eleven.

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