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MasterCard is a huge name in payments and needs no introductions. Almost everybody operates with either a MasterCard or a Visa in their wallet these days.

MasterCard Services

For UK consumers, MasterCard offers three different payment products:

MasterCard also has a digital wallet service, MasterPass, in the UK. With MasterPass, subscribers can:

  1. Combine bank details, debit, prepaid and even store loyalty card details in a single online account
  2. Pay for goods online without revealing personal details

How Do I Get a MasterCard?

Your high street bank will issue you with either a Visa or a MasterCard depending on who they choose to partner with. You can signup online for a prepaid card.

You can sign up for MasterPass on the e-wallet's official website, you'll just need to provide your:

How Much Does Mastercard Cost?

Acceptance is now worldwide wherever you see the MasterCard logo. This includes all major online shopping stores as well as many online casinos.

The MasterPass e-wallet acceptance levels are growing fast as digital wallets climb in popularity.

How Much Does MasterCard Cost?

Usually free as coming from your bank.

Any charges usually stem from late payment fees on FX fee for using abroad or purchasing online in a different currency. Using the MasterPass e-wallet is also free.



As one of the world's largest payment companies, MasterCard is at the very forefront of safe user transactions.

Security measures include:

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