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About Casino Reviews

In the world of online casinos, knows what makes a great experience. That's what makes the online casino reviews on the site so valuable. They provide all the information players need about the various casino websites and their games, and recommend the best places to play the slots or spin the roulette wheel. The casino reviews are independent, honest and in-depth, and disreputable or untrustworthy sites are never reviewed, so it's easy to trust to direct you to the very best online casino experiences.

Everything You Need to Know

It's all about the complete picture at The goal is to help players understand exactly what it's like to visit a particular casino site and the benefits of signing up for an account, plus which sites will meet their specific needs best. The reviews take every aspect of the online casino experience into account, including:

  • Software | This covers the ease and speed of playing; whether games are in-browser or downloadable; any additional apps that might improve or hinder the experience; how the wallet software works; and whether it is made by industry giants or provides the more unique experience of software built in-house.
  • Graphics and User Interface (UI) | The look, quality and style of the games; music and sound effects; how easy the controls are to use; site navigability; and any additional features like video clips.
  • Game Variety and Features | The number and variety of games of different types including any unique or uncommon ones; live play options; and which the site is best for and least good at.
  • Bonuses and Promotions | Including welcome bonuses, loyalty schemes, incentives, long-running promotions, and seasonal or short-term promotions.
  • Support and Security | How simple the site is to use; what options are available to people who need assistance and when they are accessible; the volume of promotional emails they send; and any information that might be of interest to the security-conscious.

All of these aspects are given a score out of five. These scores are then collated to produce an overall rating, which makes it easy to compare the pros and cons of different casino services in a matter of minutes. Each player will benefit from different things, so while the highest ranked site overall might be best for a newcomer, established players might prefer a more tailored site.

Casino Bonuses and Promotions

New special offers and promotions crop up all the time designed to encourage new punters in. This is great once you're used to it, but it can be overwhelming to newcomers and it might not be obvious how to get the most out of these deals. That's why evaluates every new bonus and promotion from the leading online casinos.

The reviews are there to ensure you always get the biggest bang for your buck. This might mean signing up to new online casinos, betting a set figure to receive a certain amount free, or it could mean spending so much over time to be counted into a loyalty scheme.

The most popular types of new player bonuses are first deposit bonuses centered around matching your initial deposit up to a certain amount. But new players aren't the only audience online casinos reach out to; returning and loyal players can also benefit from generous promotions as well as VIP and Loyalty Schemes, which provide ample reward to players who consistently play at the same site.

The Advent of Mobile Casino Gaming understands the importance of mobile access for online casino games ever since the rise of mobile casino gaming became so prevalent. By 2015, more than 30% of the UK gambling population placed wagers using mobile devices with that number only expected to rise. That's why you'll find plenty of information about the mobile credentials of each online casino in's mobile reviews.

Does your chosen casino have a dedicated app for mobile and tablet, or is it accessed through a web browser only? If there is an app available, does it integrate with other the gaming services from the same provider? You'll find the answers to these questions, and many more, within these quality reviews.

Previously, housed mobile casino information within the online casino reviews but now that mobile casino gaming is so prevalent, mobile products get their own reviews dedicated to unraveling the full mobile experience of each operator. The expansion into mobile-only reviews allowed our online casino review content to expand into more depth about the sites' overall experiences, a welcomed improvement by most visitors.

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