Aces and Eights Video Poker

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Aces and Eights is a game steeped in history. It is widely believed that gunslinger and professional gambler, James Butler Hickok - better known as the infamous 'Wild Bill' - was holding a pair of black aces and a pair of black eights when he was murdered in a tavern in the town of Deadwood in the Old West in 1876.

This video poker variant places value on the gunslinger’s final hand, adapting Jacks or Better by offering high payouts for four of a kind hands made up of all aces or all eights. Players of this unique variant are sure to love the additional chances to take home the pot.

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Best Aces and Eights Video Poker Sites

Discovering premier Aces and Eights Video Poker sites in Canada leads to online casinos offering captivating gameplay. Merging classic poker with Aces and Eights variation, these platforms provide an engaging experience, tailored for both newcomers and veterans. User-friendly interfaces and diverse betting options define these sites. The allure is magnified by no deposit bonuses, granting players the chance to partake in Aces and Eights without an initial financial commitment. This unique feature allows players to explore the game, potentially win real money prizes, and feel the genuine thrill. For Canadian poker enthusiasts, these online casinos present an enticing opportunity to enjoy Aces and Eights coupled with the excitement of no deposit bonuses.

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What separates this game from those on other video poker sites is that a range of four-of-a-kind variants disrupt the normal hierarchy of hands. A royal flush is the highest paying hand, followed by a straight flush, then four of a kind (aces or eights), four of a kind (sevens) and four of a kind (any other card). Chasing one of these four of a kind combinations makes Aces and Eights one of the most rewarding, and exciting, poker variants to play.

What Aces and Eights does have in common with most online video poker slots is that it will offer players the chance to play multiple hands at the same time, increasing the chances of winning, with players often able to try their luck on up to 100 hands at once.


Unlike other poker games, players play directly against the dealer. Clicking 'deal' in a game of Aces and Eights will result in five cards being dealt to you, face up. Hold the best cards and discard the rest before clicking 'draw' to replace the discarded cards with new ones from the same pack, with the ultimate goal of building the strongest hand. The rankings of each hand shown below:

  1. Royal Flush
  2. Four of a Kind with either Aces or Eights
  3. Straight Flush
  4. Four of a Kind with Sevens
  5. Four of a Kind with other cards
  6. Full House
  7. Flush
  8. Straight
  9. Three of a Kind
  10. Two Pairs
  11. Jacks or Better


It's inadvisable to break up a playing hand, unless you have four of the five cards needed to make up a royal flush. If you aren't dealt a playing hand, hold all strong cards for the best chance of a high-paying hand after the draw.

While the name of the game may be Aces and Eights, with only one additional draw after the deal, the chances of hitting them are slim, so make the most of the hand you're dealt. A pair of jacks, or better, is all you need to earn a payout, and, depending on the version you're playing, you may have the chance to double your winnings afterwards by playing higher / lower with the dealer.


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