2021-22 NBA Divisional Futures Betting

2021-22 NBA Divisional Futures Betting
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While the CA sports betting world is focused on the NFL, we move over to the NBA prior to the season starting to make some money.

The NBA 2021-2022 season tipped off on October 19th, with the Brooklyn Nets taking on the defending NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks. This season is set to be the full 82-game regular-season schedule—a type of season we have not had over the past two seasons.

Of course, the headline surrounding the Brooklyn Nets is the absence of Kyrie Irving and his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The Brooklyn Nets are based out of New York, of course, and the vaccine mandates in the state do not align with Irving's personal stance.

This is something that could impact NBA betting as a whole, including NBA Futures .

NBA Futures include wagering on anything that will have a result in the future, such as NBA Division Futures or NBA Conference Futures.

This is a type of betting that online betting sites all over the country will have.

These types of bets tie up money for months on end, but it's actually one of the more profitable ways to bet online. Yes, that includes betting on parlays, moneylines, and over/under odds.

Here, we will look at all six of the NBA divisions and provide analysis on NBA Division Futures (each team's latest odds to win).

After reading this, you'll feel confident going to any futures odds page to bet any perennial division winner with the best odds in tow.

Note: If you are suffering from a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER.

2021-22 Northwest Division Futures

Heading into the season, the Northwest Division essentially only has four teams. We say that because one of the teams in this division is tanking without saying they're tanking.

Last season, this division was won by the Utah Jazz with a 52 win record in 72 games.

Let's start this section by looking at the Utah Jazz and if they can become repeat winners.

Utah Jazz (-275)

With Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell leading the way, the Utah Jazz also brought Hassan Whiteside and Rudy Gay in this offseason via free agency.

With futures betting, it's difficult to reconcile wagering money on teams with odds as favourable as the Utah Jazz, but this is a team that should once again top the 50 win mark en route to a high seed in the Western Conference.

The Utah Jazz are also one of the best teams to watch for pure entertainment purposes, which helps.

Denver Nuggets (+300)

At +300, the Denver Nuggets could be a solid bet to make.

This is a team that was without Jamal Murray during key parts of last season, but the team still has Nikola Jokic to fall back on. The Serbian big man averaged nearly a triple-double last season and is arguably the best player in this division.

The Denver Nuggets are a team that could flirt with 50 wins, making them a solid bet at +300 to top the Utah Jazz who have much more favourable odds.

Considering the rest of the division, the Denver Nuggets present the most value for NBA futures bets.

BrandTotal SportsCash OutBet BuilderFree Bet ValueVisit Site
26 Yes Yes 50
31 Yes Yes 100
34 Yes Yes 300

Portland Trail Blazers (+750)

After an upsetting loss in the first round of the playoffs last season against the Denver Nuggets, the Portland Trail Blazers return this season with essentially the same rotation.

What makes the Trail Blazers susceptible, though, is that their defence cannot hold up. The offence is obviously an explosive unit headlined by Damian Lillard, but the defence will need to turn things around this season to be a threat to win the division, especially with the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz projected ahead of them.

Minnesota Timberwolves (+7500)

It's quite possible that the Minnesota Timberwolves could be looking to trade Karl Anthony-Towns either this season or this offseason.

Even having those thoughts tells you all you need to know about their odds to win the NBA Northwest Division.

At their peak, this is probably a high 30's win team. That will not be enough to win this division.

Oklahoma City Thunder (+50000)

If the Oklahoma City Thunder win this division, this will be the largest futures betting surprise of all time.

There is no shot here for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The only thing going for the Oklahoma City Thunder is rookie Josh Giddey and, well, tanking.

2021-22 Pacific Division Futures

Unlike the Northwest Division, the NBA Pacific Division looks like it will be highly competitive this season.

The division is headlined by LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, but there are a number of other teams that are real possibilities.

This is the only division where the team with the best odds is still at a plus price.

Chances are that the Western Conference NBA Championship will come from this division.

Phoenix Suns (+215)

The Western Conference Champion Phoenix Suns at +215 might be the best bet to make in this division when it comes to futures betting.

This team is led by Chris Paul and Devin Booker and will be another team in the 50 win category.

Why the Phoenix Suns are probably the best bet to make is that not only do you have Paul and Booker, but this team also has DeAndre Ayton.

Keeping in mind that group of three, the Los Angeles Lakers could be a team that rests more often than not. LeBron James is entering his 19th season and is a team that is geared up for a postseason run.

With that, the Phoenix Suns could sneak in as the division winner.

Los Angeles Clippers (+850)

If the Los Angeles Clippers had Kawhi Leonard to start the season, this +850 price would be cloaked with those eyeball emojis.

However, without Leonard, the Los Angeles Clippers are a better team to take in the NBA Finals Futures or a team to surpass their over/under regular-season wins.

Los Angeles Lakers (+100)

Looking at the Los Angeles Lakers on paper, this is a team that will go down in the annals of NBA history.

At +100 odds, it's never a bad thing to get the Los Angeles Lakers at a plus price. This will likely be one of a few situations this season in which you can get a plus price (if they're ever a plus price in the moneyline department, take that too as they'll be dominant in individual games).

As mentioned in the Phoenix Suns section, the Los Angeles Lakers could be a team that could sit starters more in the regular season.

The Los Angeles Lakers are a team that is looking ahead to the NBA Finals. You should bet on their NBA Finals Odds, too. With LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Anthony Davis on their roster, they certainly have a great shot to go all the way!

BrandCash Out SportsCash Out In-PlayCash Out - AutoCash Out - PartialVisit Site
31 Yes Yes Yes
19+. T&C Apply
34 Yes Yes No
32 Yes Yes Yes

Golden State Warriors (+475)

The Golden State Warriors return this season with the core three guys that ran the league for many seasons. The team also has Jordan Poole, James Wiseman, Andrew Wiggins, and more.

On top of that core, this team is deep with talent.

The one caveat is Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson's health returning from injury.

However, if Thompson can return to a version of that, the Golden State Warriors at +475 aren't a bad bet at all.

Sacramento Kings (+19000

The Sacramento Kings are a team stuck in purgatory. They could potentially finish the season outside the playoffs, but with bad NBA lottery odds to win.

The Sacramento Kings are not winning the division.

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2021-22 Southwest Division Futures

It wasn't too long ago that the NBA Southwest Division had many heavy hitters such as the Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs, and Houston Rockets.

Now, however, the division isn't quite as stacked.

It will be hard to talk me out of betting on the favourite.

Dallas Mavericks (-230)

No surprise here, but the Dallas Mavericks are the favourites to win the division.

The team may not yet be set up to make a Finals run, but the division can easily be had, especially with Luka Doncic on the roster.

This offseason, the team made Jason Kidd the head coach and brought in Reggie Bullock. Bullock is a nice piece, but the coaching gap between Kidd and Rick Carlisle is quite a chasm.

While the Dallas Mavericks are one of those NBA teams without a second threat, they're still going to be tough to take out in this division.

Memphis Grizzlies (+350)

If Jaren Jackson can make that mega breakout season leap, the Memphis Grizzlies could be a potential division spoiler.

This team also has Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks who showcased their young talent last postseason in an eventual first-round loss to the Utah Jazz.

A lot of things will need to go right for the Memphis Grizzlies, but it's not out of the realm of possibilities to win the division.

San Antonio Spurs (+2500)

Unfortunately, the San Antonio Spurs are far away from their Tony Parker and Tim Duncan days. The San Antonio Spurs still have Gregg Popovich, yes, but this is a team that would be happy to secure 30 wins.

The San Antonio Spurs are a pass here.

New Orleans Pelicans (+650)

The New Orleans Pelicans have had many changes this offseason with Lonzo Ball and Eric Bledsoe leaving town.

The New Orleans Pelicans still have Zion Williamson, though, and is a good candidate for the Play-In tournament.

Considering that, even at +650, the New Orleans Pelicans aren't a valid contender.

Houston Rockets (+10000)

Who knows, maybe Houston Rockets rookie Jalen Green can average 50/20/20 this season.

Nah, the Houston Rockets are tanking.

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2021-22 Atlantic Division Futures

While it may not be on the same level at the Pacific Division, the NBA Atlantic Division team makeup is poised to likely possess a chunk of the Eastern Conference playoff teams.

There are many storylines to watch for this season, headlined by the first two teams we'll talk about in the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets.

Last season, this division was won by the Philadelphia 76ers. Can they repeat and make you some money with NBA Division Futures?

Philadelphia 76ers (+300)

Whenever you have Joel Embiid on your side, you're already starting off on the right foot.

However, the elephant in the room is, of course, Ben Simmons.

Simmons was adamant about leaving the Philadelphia 76ers this offseason but is back in the fold.

Does he last the season? Does he get traded at the deadline?

At the end of the year, the 76ers will be a playoff team, but there could be enough distractions to cool them down for a division NBA championship run.

If Simmons turns it around, though, these +300 odds could look like the easiest money on the planet.

Brooklyn Nets (-220)

We discussed this at the top, but Kyrie Irving looks like he is going to be sitting out to start the season. This means that the Brooklyn Nets big three is down to two.

Fortunately, this “Big 2” features Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Sure, these guys are both beyond the 30 years old mark, but these are the best players in the division, arguably.

With a -220 price, there is obvious risk involved, but this is going to be a team that likely wins close to 60 wins.

If Irving returns, look out.

New York Knicks (+2700)

With Kemba Walker leading the way, the New York Knicks are a team that can play some excellent defence.

Even with that, the Knicks are likely more so a .500 team that will still make the postseason.

In order to win the division, the New York Knicks would need the distractions for the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers to be insurmountable and for the Boston Celtics' depth to crash and burn.

Boston Celtics (+1000)

The Boston Celtics may not have that player will worldwide name recognition, but they have the depth and talent to compete with anyone.

This team features players like Marcus Smart and Jayson Tatum. Beyond that, the rest of the team are all valuable depth pieces.

With so much depth, this will give head coach Ime Udoka plenty of different opportunities for matchups.

The +1000 odds already indicate it—the Boston Celtics have long odds. However, this is probably the best I'll feel about a +1000 team in the NBA to win the division.

Toronto Raptors (+15000)

The Toronto Raptors won for a long time with Kyle Lowry, but he has since left town and will be spending this season looking for that next face of the franchise.

While the Toronto Raptors are not a team to reasonably expect winning the division, they lowkey have a defence that could cause some teams fits.

Right now, Ontario sports betting only permits single-game wagers. However, when it comes to NBA Futures bet, though, involving the Toronto Raptors, it will be a hard pass.

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2021-22 Central Division Futures

The NBA Central Divison features the most recent Larry O'Brien trophy winner Milwaukee Bucks.

Last season, the Milwaukee Bucks won this division running away. It looks like that could be the case again this year, but some division rival transactions (see the Chicago Bulls) could potentially alter that.

Well, most likely not, but hey, whatever.

Milwaukee Bucks (-750)

Futures odds at -750 is ridiculous, but it shows how dominant the Milwaukee Bucks should be.

Giannis Antetokounmpo. Jrue Holiday. Khris Middleton.

It would take a serious injury to knock this team off.

Indiana Pacers (+1000)

Domantas Sabonis is an excellent player and Rick Carlisle will be a great coach, but Indiana Pacers are not taking down the Milwaukee Bucks for this division title.

Chicago Bulls (+900)

If you want to stray away from the Milwaukee Bucks, the Chicago Bulls are the team to bet on in this division.

The Chicago Bulls will have a “Big 4” of their own with Nikola Vucevic, Zach LaVine, the new addition of Lonzo Ball, and DeMar DeRozan.

Beneath these guys on the depth chart, though, are some injuries that could prove to be too costly when it comes to a division win, though.

Cleveland Cavaliers (+12000)

Evan Mobley is definitely a bright spot for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but a group with him, Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, and Kevin Love and not going to compete for the division.

Sadly, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still a lottery team but could push for 30 wins.

Detroit Pistons (+12500)

The Detroit Pistons took Cade Cunningham No. 1 overall this past NBA Draft.

You have a better shot of being struck by lightning twice than the Detroit Pistons do of winning this division.

Just to showcase how long these odds are, in fractional odds, this is 125/1.

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2021-22 Southeast Division Futures

The NBA Southeast Division is another division that will be competitive for the division crown.

With the exception of one team, none of the other teams are totally devoid of a chance to win it.

This division belonged to the Atlanta Hawks last season, but there are a few other teams that can compete with them.

Atlanta Hawks (+130)

The Atlanta Hawks roster stayed pretty much the same as last season, headlined by Trae Young.

However, this division saw the Miami Heat get better. At the end of the year, this division will likely be decided by just a couple of games, but do they have the pieces off the bench to become a 50-win team?

The answer is more than likely yes, but the Miami Heat are also in that category, too.

The Atlanta Hawks at +130 aren't a terrible wager, but I'll likely look to the favourite or another team here.

Miami Heat (-115)

The Miami Heat improved their team this offseason in a big way bringing in Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors.

Lowry will be a much-needed offensive boost as Jimmy Butler made up for his lack of efficiency by making it to the free-throw line.

Baked into these odds is the hopeful rebound of Tyler Herro, Markieff Morris, and Victor Oladipo.

Keeping in mind the Miami Heat also have Bam Adebayo, Duncan Robinson, P.J. Tucker, and more, I'll take the -115 price here easily.

Washington Wizards (+1800)

The Washington Wizards will be a fine team this season, but they're also a candidate to make a big trade involving their lead superstar Bradley Beal. If he is traded, the chances of a division win for the Washington Wizards sink even further than +1800.

Charlotte Hornets (+1500)

I'm a sucker for LaMelo Ball, I'll admit.

The Charlotte Hornets are the other team I'd bet on to win the division. Of course, this is highly unlikely when relying on such a young player, but the Hornets will be an exciting roster during this 2021-2022 NBA season.

Orlando Magic (+8000)

Jalen Suggs gives promise to the Orlando Magic's future, but it's just that—the future. A team with Cole Anthony and Markelle Fultz should help Suggs's chances at the NBA Rookie of the Year award.

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