The Most Tattooed Sports Team Logos In The World

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The Most Tattooed Sports Team Logos In The World

It’s no secret that die-hard sports fans go to extreme lengths to show their devotion to their teams. So of course, it’s no surprise to learn that sports team logos are some of the most popular tattoo searches.

The team at recently delved into the world of sports fans to find out which sports club logos have been used the most as tattoos, identifying which team has the most loyal support base in terms of ink.

In order to determine the sports fans who use their favorite sports teams’ logo for tattoo inspiration, analyzed the Instagram hashtag data of some of the world’s most popular sports teams.

By also analyzing worldwide search volume for sports club names and “tattoo”, the study found the most in-demand team logos for tattoos.

The tattoo industry is big business and is currently raking in billions of dollars every year worldwide. With ink enthusiasts constantly on the lookout for new inspiration, this study discovers which sports team logos come out on top.

The Most Popular Sports Team Logos As Tattoos


Canadians are recognized for their love and dedication to ice hockey, so it's no wonder the study found that NHL team Toronto Maple Leafs are the most popular sports team tattoo to have. Second to appear on the list is the Denver Broncos, a popular NFL franchise.

Alongside the Toronto Maple Leafs and representing Canada, the Ottawa Senators, and Montreal Canadiens appear in the list of most popular sports team tattoos to have. Not only that, but out of the seven Canadian sports teams on the list, five were ice hockey teams.

Could this mean that Canadian ice hockey fans are the most dedicated?

The Most Searched For Sports Team Logos For Tattoos


By analyzing both location-specific and international search volumes of sports team inspired tattoos, the study uncovered that the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys were the most searched for sports tattoo. Interestingly, out of the top 15 sports teams to appear on the list, nine are NFL teams, including the likes of the Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Not only are the Toronto Maple Leafs the most popular tattoo among sports fans, but the Maple Leafs also appear sixth on the list of most in-demand sports tattoos based on the increase in search data. However, the Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t the only Canadian ice hockey team featured. Coming in at 39th is the Edmonton Oilers, while shortly behind is the Vancouver Canucks, appearing at 46th on the list.

The Toronto Raptors also appear in the top 15, reinforcing the notion that Canadian sports team logos are some of the most desired tattoos in the world.

The Most In-Demand Canadian Sports Team Tattoos

Rank Team Sport
6 Toronto Maple Leafs Ice Hockey - NHL
14 Toronto Raptors Basketball - NBA
39 Edmonton Oilers Ice Hockey - NHL
46 Vancouver Canucks Ice Hockey - NHL
50 Winnipeg Jets Ice Hockey - NHL
95 Calgary Flames Ice Hockey - NHL

Athletes With The Most Tattoos All Over The World


Sports fans are not the only ones getting inked! A similar study also reveals which of the world’s athletes are the most tattooed.

Coming in on top is Justin Miller, a baseball player from Torrance, California. Just behind Miller is former French soccer star, Djibril Cissé. And appearing third on the list is Chris Andersen, a basketball player from Long Beach, California.

Representing New Zealand as the only sports star to appear in the data is Digby Ioane, a rugby player from Wellington.

So Which Sports Team Has The Most Dedicated Fans?

The study found that Toronto Maple Leafs has some of the world’s most dedicated fans who have devoted themselves to their team by getting the franchise permanently marked on their bodies, proving that not only do Canadians love their ice hockey, but they also love their ink!

However, this could all change, depending on which teams become championship winners over the next calendar year, which could see a rise in new tattoos on both athletes and fans alike.


In order to determine the most tattooed sports team logos of North America and New Zealand based teams, this study utilized global hashtag data from Instagram to reveal the sports team logos that fans were getting tattooed the most. This data was sourced from Instagram in April 2021, counting the number of hashtags used by “team name + tattoo”.

In addition to the data from Instagram, the study also utilized country-specific search data from Google Trends to determine the most in-demand tattoos based on search volume for that particular sports team and associated tattoos. This search volume data was pulled the week of April 1st, 2021 using the search volume tool from SEMrush.

The 30 athletes with the most tattoos overall come from sourcing information about athletes’ tattoos through google, fact-checking with images of the sports stars included by Bleacher Report throughout the years.


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  • Search volumes via SEMRush
  • Bleacher Report

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