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Best odds guaranteed (BOG) promotions ensure you get the very best price possible for your bet. 

Winning BOG bets are paid out at the odds given by the bookie at the time you place your bet or at the odds listed when the event you're betting on starts. The price that is biggest is the one that will apply to your bet, giving you the best possible returns.

If you're serious about generating profit as a punter, then consider the betting sites featured on this page for their best odds guaranteed promotions.

Which Bookies Offer Best Odds Guaranteed?

At, we want you to get the most money back from your winning bets. You might be a master at picking winners, but if you place your bets at the wrong sites, you’ll leave money on the table every single time.

We've combed through the top bookmakers and new betting sites offering best odds guaranteed and highlighted them below to make your betting life a little easier.

How We Rank Best Odds Guaranteed Bookies

When any bookmaker comes under the microscope for its BOG promo, we look at the terms and conditions of this promotion, while also getting a holistic picture of what each betting site is all about. Here are some of the factors we consider when ranking best odds guaranteed bookies:

  • Markets With Best Odds Guaranteed: As we've already explained, the majority of best odds guaranteed offers cover horse races and greyhound races in the UK and Ireland. We check for BOG offers that extend beyond those sports into other mainstream and niche markets.
  • Promotions & Bonuses: All bookmakers in the UK and Ireland offer promotions and bonuses and the best online betting sites offer fair and square promotions to both new and regular customers. We look through these sites to see what they're offering in terms of free bets and other bonus deals.
  • Safety & Security: Only sites with legitimate licences are ever recommended by's betting experts. We ensure every site we review is licensed and we also check their track record so that you can bet with confidence.
  • Features and site design: We believe that the best betting sites (and betting apps) should be extremely easy to use, with features such as in-play betting, live streaming and bet builders. We review the nuts and bolts of every site to make sure they're innovating and keeping up with the competition.

Reviewing The Top Best Odds Guaranteed Offers

Below you'll find details of the top best odds guaranteed promotions available to bettors in Ireland. Head to any of these sites to place your bets and you won’t be disappointed.

888sport Best Odds Guaranteed

888sport has a great best odds guaranteed offer that applies to UK and Irish horse racing. 

If you place a winning bet, then you are paid at the best odds of your chosen mount from the moment you place the bet until the race commences.

There are no time restrictions for when you can benefit from the BOG promotion, but you do need to make sure early prices are available for a particular race. You should also ensure you can see the best odds guaranteed icon next to the race in question.

William Hill Best Odds Guaranteed

This world-famous bookie also offers best odds guaranteed with horse races in the UK and Ireland.

The William Hill best odds guaranteed offer works in a similar way to the aforementioned 888sport offer, although bets only qualify for William Hill's best odds guaranteed promotion if they are placed after 10am on the day of the race. 

Enhanced odds deals are also regularly available with this much-loved bookmaker.

Ladbrokes Best Odds Guaranteed

The Ladbrokes BOG offer incorporates an early-bird price if you place your bet on the day of the race and even extends to racing accumulators.

Just be aware that bets need to be placed after 9am on the day of the race to qualify for best odds guaranteed - and you must be based in the UK or Ireland when placing these bets to qualify.

BetVictor Best Odds Guaranteed

BetVictor is a UK bookie that has established itself as a leading light in horse racing betting, so it should come as no surprise that it is also home to a great best odds guaranteed deal. 

BetVictor's BOG promotion is available after 9am on the day of a race. This promotion gives you the chance to land a cash benefit that is capped at 25,000.

bet365 Best Odds Guaranteed

As you'd expect from the world's biggest bookmaker, bet365 offers a great best odds guaranteed promotion. Their deal works in the usual way but allows punters to place BOG bets up to 24 hours before a race. 

Races in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong are excluded from this best odds guaranteed deal, which applies to Ireland and the UK only. 

What is Best Odds Guaranteed?

When you place a bet on any event at a bookmaker, your bet is placed with the specified price or odds available at the time.

For example, If you bet on Liverpool to beat Arsenal at 2/1 then if Liverpool win, you will be paid at the 2/1 price. The price on Liverpool beating Arsenal will fluctuate right up until the last few minutes before the final whistle, but if your bet wins then you'll be paid at 2/1 – the price at which you placed your bet.

With best odds guaranteed on horse racing, things work a little differently. You still get a price when you place your bet, but each horse also has a starting price (SP) - the odds of the horse winning the moment the race starts.

So, with bets on horse racing and greyhound racing you have the price at which you placed your bet and the starting price of the horse to consider.

Horse racing betting sites with best odds guaranteed pay you out at whichever price is highest, meaning bigger profits if you’re successful with your bet.

How Does Best Odds Guaranteed Work?

Consider the following scenario: It’s an hour before you head out of the house on a Friday. You won't have time to check your betting account when you leave as you have a busy day ahead, so you need to get any bets on early doors.

You see one of your favourite horses, Freme D’armes, is running in the 2.35 at Kempton, with odds of 4/1 (5.00).

  • You place a €2 bet and head out.
  • During the day, the odds on Freme D’armes drift.
  • At one stage they drift to 6/1 (7.00) but when the race starts, Freme D’armes is 5/1 (6.00).
  • You come home, check the results, and are delighted to find out that Freme D’armes won the race!
  • Your bet was placed at 4/1 (5.00), so you would have won €8 and had your €2 stake returned for €10 overall, but...
  • This is where best odds guaranteed kicks in! So, your bet is returned at 5/1 since that was the starting price.
  • In the end, you win €10 and your €2 is returned, so you get €12 back into your betting account.

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Best Odds Guaranteed Times in Ireland

You don't get best odds guaranteed all the time in Ireland.

For example: If you place your bet three days before a race, even at a best odds guaranteed site, you usually will not have the best odds guaranteed. The cut-off points of popular best odds guaranteed bookmakers are as follows:

  • bet365: 24 hours before the race
  • Ladbrokes: Before 9am on the day of the race
  • BetVictor: After 9am on the day of the race
  • 888sport: After 9am on the day of the race
  • William Hill: After 10am on the day of the race

Comparing Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers

Next, let's give you the full picture by comparing the key aspects of the leading best odds guaranteed promotions below:

SiteCut-OffMax WinAccasHorsesGreyhounds
Bet36524 hrs beforeNo limit
LadbrokesAfter 9am€50,000 per day
BetVictorAfter 9am€25,000 per day
888sportAfter 9amNo limit
William HillAfter 10am€25,000 per day

What Sports Does Best Odds Guaranteed Apply To?

Typically, best odds guaranteed only applies to horse racing and greyhound racing. Football betting sites are yet to offer this feature but it would be great to see it aded at some stage in the future. We'd also love to see the best F1 betting sites adding this promo to their offerings.

Horse Racing Best Odds Guaranteed

Horse racing is the most popular sport for best odds guaranteed.

It's applied to all UK and Irish horse racing meets, so popular meetings such as the Cheltenham festival and famous races like the Grand National and the Epsom Derby are all covered.

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Greyhound Racing Best Odds Guaranteed

Greyhound racing is number two on the list of best odds guaranteed sports. Usually, sites offer best odds guaranteed on UK and Ireland greyhound races only.

Greyhound races are also run in Australia, New Zealand, the US and a few in Mexico and Vietnam, but typically such races are not covered by best odds guaranteed.

Does Best Odds Guarantee Apply to Accumulators?

Some sites insist that best odds guaranteed offers only apply to single bets, but the majority allow them to apply to accumulator betting.

Each leg of an acca is typically a single bet, so individual legs are covered by best odds guaranteed. You can even mix up other events not covered by best odds guaranteed within your acca and you'll still qualify for BOG on the events that feature this promotion.

Best Odds Guaranteed Betting Strategy

The only real strategy when it comes to best odds guaranteed is to always take up the offer if you can.

There's always the chance of price drifting before the event you're betting on starts, so it makes sense to make sure you get the best possible odds available.

Make sure to check any cut-off times your chosen betting site enforces. If you place your bets too late or too early (depending on the site’s T&Cs) then your bet will not be covered by the best odds guaranteed feature.

Key T&Cs For Best Odds Guaranteed Offers

Here are a few key terms for common best odds guaranteed offers explained.

  • Coverage: The range of events covered, i.e. UK and Ireland horse races and greyhound races.
  • Cut-off time: The time at which best odds guaranteed offers are applied. If you place your bet too early, it won’t be covered by best odds guaranteed.
  • Eligibility: Which bet types are covered by best odds guaranteed. Could be just singles, or doubles, trebles, accas, system bets and so on.
  • Maximum Winnings: The maximum amount you can win from such offers, per day. Note that this is in excess of the money won at your bet place price, not overall.
  • Rule 4: Payouts are only calculated after rule 4 is applied. Rule 4 is applied to odds on winners and places if a horse is withdrawn from a race.

Best Odds Guaranteed - Key Takeaways

To make the most money from your winning bets, you need to access the best odds possible. Best odds guaranteed allows you to do just that.

To guarantee yourself the best odds on UK/Irish horse/greyhound races, sign up to one of the sites on our best odds guaranteed bookmakers list. Don't forget to claim a welcome bonus while you're at it!


In a nutshell, best odds guaranteed (BOG) promotions ensure you get the very best price possible for your bet. Winning best odds guaranteed bets are paid out at the odds given by the bookie at the time of the bet or at those offered at the start of the race/match/event you're betting on - whichever is bigger.

This very much depends upon the terms and conditions of the best odds guaranteed offer. Some best odds guaranteed offers allow betting on doubles, and some restrict the offer to singles only. It's always a good idea to research the offer you're presented with.

There are around 20 top bookmakers that offer best odds guaranteed. After detailed research into these leading betting sites we reckon that Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill, BetVictor and 888sport have the very best best odds guaranteed promotions on offer for punters.

The best way to nab a BOG offer is by placing your bets at one of our recommended best odds guaranteed bookmakers. Note that BOG offers are only available typically on the day of the race and beyond a specified cut-off time.

Yes they do, William Hill is one of the best known sports betting names in the world. They offer some great best odds guaranteed promotions and offers on nearly all UK and Irish horse racing and greyhound races.

bet365 is one of the biggest online bookmakers in operation today so naturally they have great BOG offers. Best odds guaranteed is available on all global horse races at bet365 except those in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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