The Most Handsome James Bond Actors

Date IconLast Updated : 18 Sep 2023
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The Most Handsome James Bond Actors
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In accordance with research conducted by, it has been revealed that Welshman Timothy Dalton is the most handsome of the actors to have played James Bond on the silver screen.

Using the vastly-popular beauty measurement app Golden Face, it was determined that Dalton is top of the pile (from an aesthetic perspective at least) when it comes to those who have donned 007’s tuxedo in the celluloid world.

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Inspired by the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi – a measure of physical perfection according to ancient Greeks – the app allows users to upload portraits before being presented with ‘Face Beauty Analysis’.

Although the real Golden Ratio is approximately 1.618, the app simplifies matters by giving a basic score out of 10 based on facial symmetries. 

We ran every James Bond actor’s portrait through the app and came up with some interesting results.

Most Handsome James Bond Actors

Rank Actor Score App Verdict
1 Timothy Dalton 9.0 Pretty
2 Pierce Brosnan 7.96 Normal
3 Daniel Craig 7.59 Normal
4 Sean Connery 7.53 Normal
5 George Lazenby 7.24 Normal
6 David Niven 6.56 Normal
7 Roger Moore 6.36 Normal

The fifth of our candidates to take on the role, Dalton comes in with a rating of 9 and a Golden Face App verdict of ‘Pretty’. 

Despite only making two appearances in the franchise (1987’s The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill two years later), Dalton is ranked ahead of more seasoned Bond veterans.

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan assumed the Bond mantle for 1995’s Goldeneye, before playing the iconic secret agent on three further occasions. 

He is ranked behind Dalton with a score of a 7.96, though he - and the remaining Bonds - have been given a Golden Face App verdict of ‘Normal’.

Although it is unsurprising that Brosnan is rated so highly given the suave style he delivered on screen, the grittier Daniel Craig is only slightly adrift of him with a score of 7.59. 


The Liverpool native recently ended his five-film stint as Bond and it is expected his film career will continue to blossom for years to come.

He might be regarded by many as the best on-screen Bond, but Connery is only ranked fourth on our list of best-looking James Bond actors with a score of 7.53. 

The Scotsman passed away at the age of 90 in October 2020 and did some work as an artist’s model in his youth.

During Connery’s hiatus as Bond in the late 60s, Australia’s George Lazenby was the actor of choice for the much-loved On Her Majesty's Secret Service. 

His accolade for Top Model of the Year in 1966 suggests looks played some part in him securing the role, but he has to make do with a score of 7.24 from the Golden Face App.

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While he played Bond in a parody of the franchise rather than an official entry, the late David Niven was included in this list for his role in 1967’s chaotic Casino Royale. 

Author Ian Fleming’s preferred choice for Bond’s debut in Dr No (1962), Niven received a rating of 6.56.

With seven appearances in the span of just 12 years, Roger Moore enjoyed remarkable longevity as James Bond. 

However, the Londoner (who sadly passed away in 2017) comes in at the foot of the handsome table with a rating of 6.36.


Portraits from the official James Bond website were used in conjunction with the Golden Ratio Face app. In some cases, decimals were rounded up or down to ensure consistency in the digits.