How Does A Patent Bet Work?

Date IconLast Updated: 21 Sep 2023
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How Does A Patent Bet Work?
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Aside from placing singles, doubles and trebles with betting sites there is also the option for customers to place a multiple system bet which incorporates all three wager types at the same time. 

This is called a patent and it’s ideal if you want to combine three particular selections and get a sliding scale of returns depending on how many of the trio end up winning.

A patent bet involves making three selections, these could be horses running in different races, football teams on the coupon or even golf players competing in different three-balls. 

As long as there are three selections competing in mutually exclusive heats, then you can strike this kind of wager.

A patent involves seven different bets and they are broken down as follows:

  • Three singles
  • Three doubles
  • One treble / accumulator

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How Do I Place a Patent Bet?

Once you log into one of your betting apps, you can then go ahead and add three different selections to your bet slip. 

These could be football teams, horses or picks relating to another sport. Once you have added these three selections, you should then have the option to select a patent from the multiple betting options.

You will notice that you need to enter a stake size for the patent. Please note that the stake size will be multiplied by seven. 

Therefore, if you are placing a $1 patent, it will cost you $7 in order to cover the seven different bets that are under the patent umbrella.

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How Does a Patent Bet Work?

Let’s give you an example of how a patent would work. Imagine picking the following horses and their accompanying odds:

  • Lucky Bronze 2/1
  • Big John Silver 3/1
  • Going For Gold 4/1

You might then decide to place a $1 patent on these selections. Remember this is seven bets which would cost you $7 and they are broken down as follows:


  • $1 on Lucky Bronze 2/1
  • $1 on Big John Silver 3/1
  • $1 on Going For Gold 4/1


  • $1 on Lucky Bronze 2/1 AND Big John Silver 3/1
  • $1 on Lucky Bronze 2/1 AND Going For Gold 4/1
  • $1 on Big John Silver 3/1 AND Going For Gold 4/1


  • $1 on Lucky Bronze 2/1 AND Big John Silver 3/1 AND Going For Gold 4/1

Here are the possible scenarios with a patent bet:

  • All three selections win: congratulations, all the singles, doubles and treble win
  • Two selections win: you get paid out on two singles and one double
  • One selection wins: you get paid out on one single
  • No selections win: you lose your stake

Therefore, a patent can involve making a profit even if you don’t predict all three winning selections. 

Indeed, sometimes a customer wins with just one winning selection in their patent although this relies on the odds being bigger than 6/1 with this pick.

What Are the Main Reasons to Place a Patent?

We would advise a patent bet when you fancy some bigger-priced selections and want to combine them together for a large potential payout. 

If you are wanting to bet on an odds-on favourites to win their races with horse racing betting sites, then there doesn’t seem as much point going for a patent as the single bet element isn’t going to yield a particularly big return.

It’s a fun type of bet when it comes to a horse racing meeting and getting two out of three selections usually lands a profit, with the double involving the odds multiplying together. 

Having the three singles as part of the bet can offer some insurance if only one selection wins and there’s usually a way of calculating the sort of returns that you can expect.