Guide to ODI Cricket Betting in 2023

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Guide to ODI Cricket Betting in 2023

The One Day International (ODI) format has been a staple in the cricketing world since its inception in 1971. With its unique blend of strategy and pace, it has captured the attention of fans and bettors alike. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of ODI betting while also highlighting the best betting sites in India in 2023. 

ODI Cricket: A Quick Primer 

The ODI cricket format was created in 1971 after rain disrupted the Ashes series at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The original five-day test was replaced with a 40-over match, which drew an impressive 46,000 spectators. The format's success was evident as Australia chased England's 190-run target in a thrilling match, garnering praise from many quarters in the game. 

Over the next few years, more and more ODI matches were held. Embracing the format, the first ODI Cricket World Cup was held in 1975, with West Indies emerging victoriously. 1977 World Series Cricket introduced night matches, coloured shirts, and field restrictions, enriching ODI. By 1987, matches were standardised to 50 overs. The Cricket World Cup has since flourished, boasting nearly 100 million daily viewers on India's Hotstar during the 2019 edition.

What Sets ODI Apart? 

One Day International (ODI) cricket offers a unique blend of aggression and strategy, balancing the rapid-fire nature of T20 games and the methodical play of traditional Test matches. While T20 matches are a whirlwind of attacking play, ODI requires a nuanced approach, allowing teams to build momentum. 

The rise of cricket bettors using online betting apps and the popularity of betting sites in India further underscore the format's excitement, with many bets placed on the action while games are taking place. The best cricket betting sites in India offer insights and odds tailored explicitly for the strategic depth and unpredictability of ODI matches, enhancing the viewing and online gambling experience.

The Best Betting Sites for ODI Cricket Betting in 2023 

Cricket fans have ample choice when it comes to Indian betting sites, with many operators offering every market you can think of! However, having examined and vigorously tested various platforms to find the top betting sites in India, we believe that five operators stand out. 

Parimatch offers a great range of markets for ODI cricket matches, including domestic and international competitions. When you sign up, you can claim a 200% deposit match of ₹10,000 and 150% up to ₹20,000.

When you register with another one of the best cricket betting sites in India, Leon Bet, and deposit at least ₹500, the site will match 100% of your first deposit up to ₹20,000. Your bonus funds can then be spent on its cricket markets, which cover all the top ODI competitions. 

Another excellent operator is Betway, the experienced betting site from Europe and sponsor of the SA20 T20 competition in South Africa. The site has outstanding international and domestic ODI cricket coverage and offers a welcome bonus of ₹4,000 in matched free bets if your first bet loses. 

Zetbet is another betting site in India that offers a great welcome bonus of €100 in free bets when you register and place a qualifying wager. It’s worth noting that at ZetBet, you can only play with €. Similarly, MrPlay only accepts € deposits, rather than ₹, and offers a €100 welcome bonus when registering. 

A Glimpse into Betting Markets 

Some of the most popular cricket betting markets include match betting, where you are predicting the winner, and race to 10 runs, involving predicting which side will reach 10 runs in the lowest number of balls. You can also place bets on individual players like top batsman and bowler markets, where you must predict the top-performing batter and bowler. You can even predict the outcome of the first ball bowled.

Below is a list of markets you’ll find at the best cricket betting sites in India on ODI matches.

  • Match winner
  • Toss winner
  • Over 0.5 runs on the first delivery
  • First ball outcome
  • Total runs
  • First to 10 runs
  • Top Batsman
  • Top Bowler
  • Half Century/Century Markets
  • Total fours/sixes
  • Tied match

Why Betting on ODI is Unique 

ODI matches are known for their volatility and unpredictability, which should please players who already enjoy betting on T20 competitions. Meanwhile, enough balls are bowled that batters and bowlers aren’t just going all out, which brings more nuance into the game, like Test cricket. 

It’s a perfect middle ground that will appeal to players wanting to bet on the outcome of the next ball as much as it will to fans concerned with teams winning competitions. 

For those diving into cricket betting, it's crucial to know the rules specific to ODIs. Understanding nuances like the Powerplay restrictions or rain-rule adjustments can be game-changers for your betting strategy. Informed bettors who understand the game’s regulations have a better chance of picking up wins when betting on ODIs. 

How many overs in ODI 

Originally, ODI matches began with a 40-over format, but it evolved to the standard 50 overs by 1987. This 50-over framework balances the long haul of Test cricket and the excitement of T20 matches. While Tests provide a drawn-out game of patience, and T20s demand immediate aggression, ODIs blend strategy with pacing, allowing teams to build momentum steadily before an explosive finish. 

Occasionally, tournaments might deviate from the 50-over norm due to special circumstances, like weather disruptions or tournament-specific rules, ensuring games finish within a certain period. 

Tips and Strategies for ODI Betting 

When betting on ODI games, it’s crucial to do your research before you bet. Firstly, it’s always good to know a team’s recent form, as teams on a winning run will have more confidence and are more likely to win. Secondly, individual player performance is vital. A key player in top form can change a game’s outcome. 

Historical data, such as past head-to-head results or performance under specific conditions, can also offer insights. By combining information on team form, player performance, and historical trends, bettors can increase their chances of winning ODI bets.


The world of ODI cricket betting remains as compelling as ever in 2023, offering fans a range of markets for every game. If you’re betting at India’s best cricket sites, keeping updated with cricket news is vital. Team news, player injuries, and other unforeseen developments can drastically sway the odds. The uncertainty is part of the appeal of placing ODI bets, as you can jump on sudden changes and net big wins. 

While the rapid pace and unpredictability of ODI cricket make it a thrilling spectacle, the well-informed and updated bettor stands the best chance to reap the rewards.

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