Adjusted Super Bowl Futures After Week 11

Date IconLast Updated: 2023 Nov 22
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Adjusted Super Bowl Futures After Week 11

Where do the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl futures sit after their big 21-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the Monday Night Football matchup? The Eagles have seen the biggest line movement this week, according to BetMGM (6.5 to 5.5), as well as the 8-2 Detroit Lions (13.0 to 12.0) and the Cincinnati Bengals, heading in the wrong direction after the news about quarterback Joe Burrows’ season-ending injury (17.0 to 151.0).

What about the Buffalo Bills? No movement. The Bills opened at 10.0, then were at 23.0 last week. That’s where they are this week, generating 6.9 per cent of tickets, 9.6 per cent of handle.

Interesting analysis by CBS’s Tony Romo during the Bills’ 32-6 win over the New York Jets Sunday, on the pending return of tight end Dawson Knox to the lineup, and the positive impact that having two tight ends out there (rookie Dalton Kincaid, fast becoming a favourite target of quarterback Josh Allen being the other) will have on the Bills’ offence getting closer to the playoffs. 

The Bills have a huge game Sunday, 4:25 p.m. EST, against the Eagles. Against the Jets, the Bills’ defence held New York to 155 total yards, had six sacks, and forced four turnovers, and did not allow a third-down conversion.

Over at BetRivers, on the Super Bowl futures front, it’s a similar story: The Chiefs, Eagles and 49ers remain in the first tier (5.5 to 5.75). Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins (9.0 to 10.0) remain in the second tier, with the Cowboys, Lions, and Jaguars in the third tier (12.0 to 19.0). The Bills have dropped off a bit (23.0) and there's a huge gap after that.

The Bengals have bottomed out there as well – 15.0 pre-Burrows injury, 151.0 post. The Houston Texans are 51.0. They were 151.0 at the beginning of November and 251.0 to start the season. 

Top 5 Super Bowl futures at BetRivers by percentage of money: 

  • 49ers (5.75) 17.5 per cent; 
  • Eagles (5.5) 14.3 per cent; 
  • Chiefs (5.75) 11.9 per cent; 
  • Bills (23.0) 7.6 per cent; 
  • Bengals (151.0) 6.5 per cent.

Top 5 Super Bowl futures by percentage of tickets: 

  • 49ers 13.3 per cent; 
  • Chiefs 12.7 per cent; 
  • Eagles 11.2 per cent; 
  • Bills 9.3 per cent; 
  • Bengals 8.7 per cent.