Best Bets to Make on the NHL as Regular Season Winds Up

Best Bets to Make on the NHL as Regular Season Winds Up
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The NHL schedule cranks out a 15-game slate for tonight in the NHL. With just one makeup game on Sunday, this is it for the regular season. 

So, let us take a quick look and get ready for your NHL betting today.

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All Seven Canadian Teams In Action Friday

The only thing left to be decided tonight is some spots when it comes to seeding. For example, Calgary plays in Vancouver not knowing who it will face in Round 1, starting early next week. 

Does it wind up facing Nashville or Dallas? The answer appears to be Nashville, but Arizona has won consecutive games and the Coyotes are home. 

Again, Calgary does not appear phased by who it will play come the Western Conference Final. The Flames will rest anyone they need to at this juncture. It is why Calgary is a team to stay away from. Winnipeg, at 2.50 on the

moneyline, gains some traction at home. They are a team focused on finishing the regular season strong. 

Let’s look at Vancouver and Edmonton differently. Does a Canadian sports bettor consider a JT Miller goal and/or point prop? He is just three points away from 100 on the season. Miller would be just the sixth Vancouver Canuck to pull off such a feat. The last one was Daniel Sedin. Consider that the goal prop is at 3.05 and the point prop (Over 1.5 points) is at 2.65, those are not bad numbers.   

Now, this is where the games get crazy. Take a look while you can at a team like the Montreal Canadiens. Montreal plays the Florida Panthers tonight. 

Montreal has clinched the 32nd spot while Florida has won the President’s Trophy. Montreal will be at home playing for pride while Florida focuses on resting players. The Canadians are 3.30 underdogs at Bell Centre. This is worth a small wager. 

Stay cool and enjoy the best odds in Canada

A Quick Look On The Ontario Side

Some asked on Twitter about a team like the Ottawa Senators at 2.05. For Ontario sports betting players, this is a bridge not to cross on Friday night. The bigger question is the Toronto Maple Leafs. A win over Boston in regulation means they avoid Boston. The Bruins have won four straight games but are unrested. 

A loss of any kind opens the door. If Tampa Bay wins their game in any fashion, then all bets are off. However, the possibility is there. The problem is Auston Matthews is already confirmed out (rest). That makes Boston a more attractive wager and Toronto less of one.


Some Live Betting Scenarios

This is where it pays to have a keen eye when it comes to betting. Pay attention to late shifts in lineups and then wait to see how games start on Friday night. There may be one or two openings at plus-money to pounce on. 

Are we going to see something crazy like 25 again like on Wednesday night for Arizona? That is a no. However, value is there. Be observant and sensible when tossing a few dollars on these Friday night tilts.

Finally, the NHL Playoffs start Monday night! Good luck tonight!