Eurovision Final 2023 odds: Who is favoured to win this year's contest on Saturday?

Date IconLast Updated : 2023 May 12
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Eurovision Final 2023 odds: Who is favoured to win this year's contest on Saturday? 

As we approach the highly anticipated evening for Eurovision enthusiasts, all eyes Saturday will be on Liverpool. Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina, Alesha Dixon, and Hannah Waddingham, alongside Graham Norton, will host this year's Eurovision Grand Final. Bookies and bookmakers have been keeping a close eye on the competition, analyzing trends from the semi-finals and adjusting their odds for this special TV betting event accordingly.

While rock bands have attempted to reproduce Måneskin's impressive display from 2021, and dance breaks have been influenced by last year's Spanish competitor, Chanel, the standard has yet to be equaled. The second semi-final lacked some energy, but Belgium's performance and the Austrian duo Teya & Salena lifted the night.

Albania and Poland surprisingly made it to the final, while other countries such as Georgia and Iceland did not. The question remains whether the Grand Final will also produce an unexpected winner. Let's dive together into the latest Eurovision odds and predictions as we gear up for a Eurovision Saturday Night Fever!

What are the chances of the Big Five and Ukraine winning the Eurovision song contest Final? 

The "Big Five" countries, which automatically qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest final because of their large financial contributions to the European Broadcasting Union, have won the competition five times. Since the introduction of the "Big Five" rule, the United Kingdom and France each have five wins, while Germany, Spain, and Italy have two wins each. However, other countries have won more times than the "Big Five" combined, such as Sweden and Ireland.

In this year's Eurovision song contest, the chance of seeing Ukraine (winner of Eurovision 2022) or one of the Big Five countries winning the contest seems quite low. However, history shows that the running order of the final is usually to the advantage of the last contender. Mae Muller closing the show in Eurovision with "I Wrote a Song" is noteworthy. Will this be enough to get the trophy? Winning depends on factors beyond the closing spot. The song lacks vocal originality, which may affect its chances in the competition. France could reach the Top 5 but winning the contest seems unlikely.

Eurovision betting enthusiasts can nevertheless bet on which Big-5 country will get the best result.


1.🇫🇷 FranceLa ZarraEvidemmet2.5
2.🇪🇸 SpainBlanca PalomaEaea2.5
3.🇮🇹 ItalyMarco MengoniDue Vite3.5
4.🇬🇧 United KingdomMae MullerI wrote a song34
5.🇩🇪 GermanyLord of the LostBlood & Glitter51

*Odds from May 12.

Eurovision Betting Odds and Predictions for the Top 5 Countries

In the history of the Eurovision song contest, the running order usually influences the votes. In the past two decades, we have seen that the winner's position tends to be between 15th and 25th. Additionally, countries in the "dead slot", meaning the first two countries performing, have statistically never won the Eurovision. But who knows — the fan favourite, Austria's Who the Hell Is Edgar? might prevail and go on to win Eurovision 2023.

Meanwhile, Finland's entry is gaining traction on Spotify's Viral Global playlist, and Croatia's entry is also gaining overall momentum. Finland remains one of the bookies' favourites to finish the contest in the top 5 (1.12) and 22% chance to win the contest (1.53). Israel (1.67), France (2.25) and Ukraine (1.85) are expected to battle for the first five positions.

Israel Has Had Success at Eurovision 

Israel first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973 and has since won the competition four times. Australia was invited as a one-time guest in 2015 and has since become a regular participant, making a total of six appearances in the contest as of 2023.

In this year's competition, it is unlikely Australia will reach even the top 10 ( 21% | 4). Its highest placement was in 2016, with a second place.

What country is most likely to win Eurovision 2023? 

Since the start of the competition, the latest odds have placed Sweden as the clear favourite to win Eurovision 2023, with Loreen's stunning performance during the first semi-final representing Sweden in a promising light. If the predictions hold true, it would mark the second time that Loreen brings the Eurovision trophy back home for Sweden, and further solidify their reputation as a Eurovision powerhouse.


1.🇸🇪 SwedenLoreenTattoo1.531.451.441.47
2.🇫🇮 FinlandKäärijäCha Cha Cha3.
3. 🇺🇦 UkraineTvorchiHeart of Steel15.0015.0010.009.00
4.🇮🇱 IsraelNoa KirelUnicorn15.0029.0017.0015.00
5.🇪🇸 SpainBlanca PalomaEaea34.0041.0015.0017.00
6.🇫🇷 FranceLa ZarraÉvidemment34.0041.0015.0017.00
7.🇳🇴 NorwayAlessandraQueen of Kings18.0041.0019.0021.00
8.🇮🇹 ItalyMarco MengoniDue Vite51.0051.0041.0041.00
9. 🇬🇧 United KingdonMae MullerI Wrote A Song81.0051.0041.0041.00
10.🇦🇹 AustriaTeya & SalenaWho the Hell is Edgar?126.0081.0051.0051.00

*Odds from May 12.

Which countries will finish last in the Grand Final? 

The Eurovision odds market includes predicting the country with the lowest score, as juries and televoters from each participating nation award two sets of points from 1 to 8, 10, and 12. Points are totaled to determine the winner, and self-voting is not allowed. San Marino, Montenegro, and the Czechia have never received points in a final. In the Eurovision 2023 edition, non-participating countries' viewers can vote, which may affect the final results and change the Eurovision odds for certain performers to avoid receiving zero points.

How to vote for Eurovision 2023? 

To vote for Eurovision Song Contest, viewers must first watch the finalists' performances during the live show. After all the songs have been performed, the voting lines will open for a set period of time, typically around 10-15 minutes. 

Viewers can then vote for their favourite song via phone, SMS, or through the official Eurovision app. Each country has its own unique phone number or SMS code that viewers can use to vote for their favourite song. The votes are tallied, and the results are then announced during the live broadcast of the show.

How to watch Eurovision 2023 from Canada? 

Viewed by millions globally, the Eurovision Song Contest is a unique and well-known event. U.S. viewers can access the contest through the Eurovision official website, watch it live on YouTube or stream on Peacock. Furthermore, this year's edition enables the global audience to cast their votes and decide which contestant will pocket the victory.

So prepare yourself for a good time, keep up with the latest Eurovision odds, gather your friends, whether virtually or in person, and enjoy the exciting final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.