NHL Picks: Busy Week Ahead of All-Star Break

NHL Picks: Busy Week Ahead of All-Star Break
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The NHL gets back to its version of normal. 

Next week will be altered by the All-Star break next weekend. Gambling.com will have coverage on that. Let’s get to work. 

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Schedule Breakdown

Simply, here are the number of hockey games by night. 

  • Monday - 4
  • Tuesday – 11
  • Wednesday – 5
  • Thursday – 9

Again, these slates all carry at least four games. The bad news is the weekend appears to be more balanced. 

Then, some teams play back-to-backs, and also below, we look at any three games in four-night scenarios. 

  • Buffalo (Monday, Tuesday)
  • Florida (Monday, Tuesday)
  • Vancouver (Tuesday, Wednesday)

Also, we kept the Monday-Tuesday scenario to keep bettors advised that Buffalo and Florida play two nights in a row, and Buffalo is on a three games in four nights scenario. 

New Jersey plays Thursday in Nashville and Friday in Dallas. Keep that in mind, too. Calgary plays at home on Thursday, then in Seattle on Friday. 

What To Look Forward To in the NHL Early This Week

The schedule starts to fan out. Next week is a mess with fewer games scheduled. Hey, that can wait. In the meantime, there are some big games to be played.

This will be a strange week because some teams, like the New York Islanders, are looking forward to All-Star week in the worst way. They start the week in Toronto, then Ottawa. A four-game losing streak has the Islanders falling fast in the Metropolitan gauntlet. They need wins, and Toronto will be one herculean test. 

Colorado has provided us with much joy of late. The Avalanche have won five straight games, even without playing their best. More importantly, they have featured attractive moneylines, spreads, and props. Colorado is home to Washington and Anaheim this week. Goals could again be on the horizon, along with many Nathan MacKinnon shots. 

Now, for offense, Buffalo and St. Louis could be a lot of fun on Tuesday. St. Louis gives up goals like an abacus, and the Sabres are on a back-to-back after playing Dallas. Florida and Pittsburgh could be a wild game. Of course, there is the circus that is Vancouver. Rick Tocchet takes over on Tuesday. For our Canadian friends, we may have more tomorrow on what to expect there. 

That Thursday Night Crazy

Thursday is weird in that there are only nine games. It feels like there should be more. The “John Hynes Bowl” takes place in Nashville as the Predators entertain New Jersey. It is no secret the Devils have trouble beating their former bench boss. Can they do it on the road, where they are a league-best 18-2-2? That poses an excellent question.

While Calgary and Chicago can provide comic relief, do not sleep on Boston and Tampa Bay. The Lightning dropped two straight over the weekend and want to get back on track. Boston is on a pace for more than 135 points this season. Can anyone slow down the Bruins? Maybe the Lightning can for one night. Perhaps?

We remembered St. Louis and Arizona for the uncertainty. The Coyotes did just beat Vegas on Sunday night. That was one pleasant cover to close the weekend on, along with the Under. Could Arizona pull off another surprise? That is possible.   

Some Quick Points For Your NHL Betting

  • Do Carolina or the Islanders get back on track?
  • Toronto against both New York teams will be a test for Auston Matthews.
  • Tampa Bay and Boston are arguably the game of the week.
  • Rinse, wash, and repeat with Erik Karlsson's props, Tage Thompson, and Nathan MacKinnon.
  • Watch out for injuries closer to the All-Star Break. That will affect some lines.

Good luck, and once again, thanks for reading! We will have a few more plays on social media as conditions warrant.

Thanks to BetMGM for the great early-week lines and TSN for the convenient schedule.