NHL Picks: Preseason Odds as Training Camp Opens

NHL Picks: Preseason Odds as Training Camp Opens
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Hello Canadian wagerers, welcome to the start of 2022-23 NHL training camps. 

Preseason starts over the weekend with the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs playing split-squad games. The Global Series, which kicks off the regular season, is a little over two weeks away. 

It is hard to believe that just three short months ago, the Colorado Avalanche defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games to win the Stanley Cup. This was another challenging year for Canadian teams as the Edmonton Oilers were one of the last teams standing before getting swept by Colorado. 

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Stanley Cup Future Odds From Canada

It has been 29 years since a team north of the 49th parallel won the Stanley Cup. The first thing asked is, what are some of the odds for the Canadian teams? Here they are below. 

Toronto Maple Leafs9.14
Calgary Flames15.81
Edmonton Oilers16.48
Vancouver Canucks43.81
Ottawa Senators48.1
Winnipeg Jets52.3
Montreal Canadiens129

Deciphering the numbers seems easy enough. There is one almost favourite in the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers are very much in the contenders’ seat. Despite quite a few moves, especially by the Flames, the two teams have interchanged spots all summer.

The one thing to keep an eye on is the player props for points, especially when it comes to teams like Calgary and Edmonton. Now, Edmonton has Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. Who gets those points from the blueline or the right side? 

Then, there is Calgary. What will that first line look like? These are some of the things to keep an eye on. Do not worry. Here at Gambling.com, we will set the table for you with previews, picks, and much more. There will be wall-to-wall coverage. 

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Digging Into Canadian Picks From The Table

Every Canadian Sports Bettor wants to know, is this the year the drought finally ends? That answer is open-ended at this time. One thing that is increasingly sure is this: The Maple Leafs being in single digits almost guarantees little or no value. Honestly, not even Florida, Tampa Bay, or Carolina were below 10. They are close, but no cigar. 

Every year for what feels like the past 20, Toronto has been overvalued only to come up well short in the second season. It does not matter how or why. The results are like “the song remains the same”. Someone asked a group of “experts”: Where should Toronto be?

The honest answer shocked some. Among Canadian teams, they should be third behind Calgary and Edmonton at this juncture. Ironically, that 15 to 17 range is probably where the Maple Leafs should be. It is the adage. Win a round, make a run, and do something one of these years. 

Other than that, the order of the odds is right on the money when it comes to the Canadian teams. Ontario sports bettors will have a pretty easy time on this one. It is simple if one takes a plunge on a Canadian team, taking Edmonton or Calgary is a wise wager. 

Stay cool and enjoy the best odds in Canada

Some Other Canada Hockey Observations

If the Vancouver Canucks or Ottawa Senators can get it together defensively enough, one or both teams could sneak into the playoffs. 

Most forget that Vancouver, under Bruce Boudreau, was on a playoff pace. Then, there is Ottawa. It acquired Alex DeBrincat and made some quality moves to get closer. The Senators will be a team to watch. 

Finally, our best bets here from the Canadian side for Lord Stanley’s Cup. 

  • Edmonton Oilers at 16.48 and a long shot with the Vancouver Canucks at 43.67.

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Welcome From The American Side NHL Fans

When most people start to read this, the fall season will be upon us. By now, in parts of the Northern Tier, one can feel the crisp Autumn air setting in. 

For the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning, the break was just a bit over three months. The Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in six games over Tampa Bay. 

The inevitable question will come for the favorites who are expected to repeat. How do you combat the dreaded Stanley Cup hangover? 

Colorado stands around 5.00 to 5.50 to win again and their division odds are in the 1.80 to 1.67 range. As for their playoff odds, they are about as much of a lock as possible. 

It does look like Florida and Tampa Bay will battle for the Atlantic Division, with Toronto trying to nose its way in. The appearance of things suggests the Panthers and Lightning should be the bigger favorites. However, the Maple Leafs are, for now, after Colorado. 

What does that table look like for the contenders? OK, here we go. 

Colorado Avalanche5.25
Toronto Maple Leafs9.00
Florida Panthers10.00
Carolina Hurricanes11.00
Tampa Bay Lightning13.00
Edmonton Oilers15.00
Calgary Flames19.00
Minnesota Wild19.00
New York Rangers19.00
Pittsburgh Penguins19.00
Vegas Golden Knights19.00