Toronto Raptors Postseason Odds: How Do they Look for the Play-In Tournament?

Toronto Raptors Postseason Odds: How Do they Look for the Play-In Tournament?
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BetMGM currently has the Raptors going from 26.0 opening odds to 67.0 as of today to win the Eastern Conference, and the team has earned every bit of that scepticism.

With the Miami Heat into Scotiabank Arena two nights ago, a game the Raptors would win 106-92, decisively, it was hard not to focus on the fact that these were two teams on similar disappointing tracks. Much more was expected of both this season. The Heat went from 7.0 opening odds to 41.0 on BetMGM’s chart.

For the Raptors, sitting ninth in the Eastern Conference this morning (tied with the Atlanta Hawks), four games up on 11th place Washington, they are well-positioned to take a spot in the NBA’s Play-In Tournament April 11-14, where teams with the seventh through 10th winning percentage in each conference take part, to see who moves on to the NBA playoffs. The playoffs get started on April 15.

NorthStar Bets has the Raptors at 1.68 not to reach the playoffs, 2.14 to make it in, as of this morning. The team reached the .500 mark the other night by beating Miami, who sits in the seventh spot, at 40-37. The Raptors are 38-38. That’s the first time since Dec. 9 that the Raptors are .500.

But here’s the crux – the Raptors have six games left, and five of those are on the road, including two back-to-back games in Boston against the second-place Celtics. They have the third-place 76ers on the schedule for tomorrow night, in Philadelphia. And the Raptors haven’t exactly been road warriors this season – 12-24 overall. 

The good news is there are no injuries to report on, and their key players seemed dialed in, and are in playoff mode if that win over the Heat was any indication. All three of starting wings really stood out. Scottie Barnes, seemingly over that wrist injury, was a difference-maker – 22 points, 12 assists, and seven rebounds, playing 41 minutes. Pascal Siakam is over a recent stall in his production, and had a team-high 26 points, shooting 10-20, 6-6 from free throws, chipping in nine rebounds and five assists. O.G. Anunoby had 22 points (9-14 FG, 4-9 3PT), adding three rebounds and five assists.

Outside of Tyler Herro, who was 6-10 3PT, it was a rough night for the Heat, especially former Raptor Kyle Lowry, minimizing minutes while nursing a bum knee, finishing with three points over 20 minutes.

DraftKings betting splits for the 76ers game has the Raptors +6.5, and Philly -6.5 on the spread, which is getting 60% of the handle. Moneyline is Toronto 3.2 (getting 87% of the handle so far), Philadelphia 1.38. 

If the Play-In Tournament were to start today, the ninth-seed Raptors would take on the 10th-seed Chicago Bulls, since they are 1-2 on the season against Atlanta. The Raptors are just two games up on the Bulls, who have six games left, three at home, and three of those against teams currently .500 and up. The Bulls are 20-18 at home, and 16-22 away.