Toronto Starts Playoffs Against Defending Champs, How Should You Bet?

Toronto Starts Playoffs Against Defending Champs, How Should You Bet?
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With the playoffs on the doorstep, this is a bit unique because of the history. Here is the first and last time in this space that no Canadian NHL team has won the Stanley Cup since 1993. It is a topic that has been covered a million different ways.

Instead, we quickly focus on the teams that have made it to the second season to get you ready for your NHL betting. The Toronto Maple Leafs were the only Canadian team in the Eastern Conference to make the playoffs. In the West, Canada is represented by the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers – both out of the Pacific Division. 

It is rare to see all three teams as the higher seed heading into their first-round matchups.  Toronto is the two seed going against Tampa Bay, the three seed in the Atlantic Division. Calgary is playing the crossover or WC1 in the Dallas Stars. Edmonton, the two seed in the Pacific, goes up against the Los Angeles Kings (the three seed). 

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Naturally, both Calgary and Edmonton are favourites. Calgary is a big one in their series against the Stars given how Dallas backed into the playoffs. Some pundits believe the Flames can get out of the Western Conference and challenge for the Stanley Cup. If anyone can pull this off, it may be the Darryl Sutter coached team. After all, he did win the silver chalice twice in Los Angeles. 

Canadian sports wagerers will be happy to know that even Toronto is a slight favourite over the Tampa Bay Lightning. That number has spanned from 1.75 to 1.85. Series odds often can swing significantly from game to game. They often do take on a life of their own. That is what makes them fun and sometimes a little dangerous. 

Thankfully, all three teams do not start on the same night. Edmonton opens their series on Monday night while Toronto and Calgary start on Tuesday night. That will at least keep the viewing and the wagering going on a nightly basis for hopefully the next couple of weeks. 

Toronto’s and Edmonton’s postseason failure last year was well documented as the offenses ran cold at the worst possible time. Could it happen again? Yes. However, if there is a year to advance for these two, this might be it. Tampa is the defending champion but has struggled some. Los Angeles is a team maybe a bit ahead of expectations. Again, neither road will be easy. 

Calgary appears to have the easiest road but Dallas is two years removed from going on an epic run that came two games short of the Stanley Cup. They know what it takes but Calgary appears to have “it”. Sports betting in Ontario is going to have a fun time. The best is yet to come.

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Bets I Like Tonight

It is fun to take a few more shots on some prop bets and more this Monday night. Here we go Canadian sports bettors.
For a few Canadian dollars, er wagers, more:

  • Auston Matthews (Over 4.5 shots) – 1.95
  • Connor McDavid (Over 3.5 shots) – 1.95
  • Connor McDavid (Over 1.5 points) – 1.95
  • Edmonton Oilers and Both Teams Score – 1.92
  • Edmonton Over 3.5 goals – 1.87

OK, OK, now here are a few more fun ones to take in a contrarian way from these games.

Some other Hockey Wagering Bets

  • Adrian Kempe (Anytime Goal) – 3.15
  • First Period Goals (Over 1.5) – 1.67
  • Victor Hedman (Over 2.5 shots) – 1.95
  • Steven Stamkos (Anytime Goal) – 2.65

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A Quick Look At Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Winnipeg

The Montreal Canadiens ended their season with the worst record in the NHL and will have an 18.5% chance of drafting the No. 1 pick at the draft. This year, the NHL Draft is being held in … Montreal. 

Now, there is some debate about this but since teams 12-16 cannot win the lottery to get the No. 1 pick, the Canadiens’ odds go up. In theory, they have a one in four chance of winning the lottery.

Ottawa has a 6.5% chance of snagging the top pick while Winnipeg and Vancouver have a 1.5 and 0.5% chance, respectively. If Winnipeg and Vancouver win the lottery, the most they can move up is 10 spots. Winnipeg might have deeper concerns. It appears Mark Scheifele all but wants out of Manitoba. This will be interesting, but it looks like there will be a meeting between the front office, Schiefele, and his agent. Scheifele seemed like he had one foot out the door already. It is a story that will play out quickly. 

Ottawa was not expected to offer contracts to Victor Mete and Chris Tierney. That was expected. The bigger offseason questions for Ottawa involve Matt Murray and if the Senators should try to get out from under that deal. 

Finally, the Vancouver Canucks have Brock Boeser and his upcoming qualifier to be concerned about. That is it though. Unless they decided to make more moves in the summer, Vancouver will have limited resources to sign players and free agents as well. All this has an impact on what is to come in 2022-23.

For now, the next stop is the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let’s see how things are next Monday hockey bettors!