What NHL Players Are the Most Likely to Be Traded?

What NHL Players Are the Most Likely to Be Traded?
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As NHL betting players know, the league's trade deadline is a week away. At 3 p.m. ET on Friday, March 3, general managers will put their phones down and step away from their computers and laptops. Meanwhile, more than one player is on a toasty seat. 

With coaches getting tired of us criticizing them every week, we decided to give them the week off. Some have enough problems as it is. The fun part is briefly touching on whether a player may or may not go somewhere. After that, it becomes a question of which team?

Let's begin. 

Timo Meier – San Jose Sharks

This moneyline swung hard to the “Yes” column. 

At 1.16, it is a no-brainer that Timo Meier will be in another uniform come March 3. The question becomes where. New Jersey, Carolina, Vegas, St. Louis, and Winnipeg have allegedly made compelling claims. Projections suggest Carolina (4.25) and New Jersey (3.01) make some sense. Those other teams have a few more obstacles. 

The Golden Knights still have to juggle a bit more for Vegas, which is doable. However, does Mike Grier honestly want to trade within his division? Expect some numbers to project out as Vegas (4.55) being the third team, with St. Louis (3.98) fourth and Winnipeg in fifth (9.00). St. Louis has many moves to make and a bunch of players with No-Trade Clauses (including five defensemen). As for Winnipeg, would Meier honestly want to play there? It’s a good question.

Dallas might figure into this sweepstakes. Could Jim Nill pull that off? Carolina and New Jersey have the pieces to make a package work. Logic dictates that Grier slow plays this but may be overly aggressive. Stay tuned. 

Erik Karlsson - San Jose Sharks

When do the San Jose Sharks move Erik Karlsson? Does this happen now or over the summer? He is on pace for 100+ points. 

Grier is fielding offers from more than half the league, probably on Karlsson. Despite all the talk and rumors, the Swedish defenseman is favored to stay in San Jose after March 3. This number was shortened to 1.47, but Karlsson gets traded and still is in the plus territory (2.49). It mildly surprises some, but not most experts. 

No one thought the blueliner would have a season like this. At almost 33, Karlsson is enjoying a season for the ages that would impress Bobby Orr. It’s not like San Jose is offensively prolific, either. Granted, they have players like Thomas Hertl, Timo Meier, etc., but this is not the 1980’s Edmonton Oilers. 

The feeling is he gets moved sometime around the NHL Draft in June. Things may get very close before mid-afternoon next Friday, though.

Jakob Chychrun - Arizona Coyotes

It feels inevitable that Jakob Chychrun will move. OK, where does he go? The Arizona Coyotes’ defenseman has been in limbo for about two weeks. At some point, enough becomes enough. Half-jokingly, there should be numbers on him moving in the summer, too. However, we go where the odds and rumors tell us to. 

Arizona wants to maximize its package. We understand that here at gambling.com. However, are the best offers already on the table? After all, it was thought a trade would occur early last week. Los Angeles, the team many thought, would be that team, still stands as a 1.94 favorite. Look out for Edmonton at 3.98. Boston is eyeing other talents but cannot be dismissed entirely, either. 

However, the Oilers are fascinating only because they need a defenseman who can finally quarterback the greatest power play on the ice and play some defense. 

Luke Schenn - Vancouver Canucks

We left off several players by design, including Patrick Kane and Brock Boeser. The rationale for that is simple. Honestly, some dominoes have to fall or become clearer for such moves. Funny enough, Luke Schenn deserves a ton of credit for reinventing his game to become viable during this trade deadline. It looked like he might have to retire. Instead, teams want his services actively.

This has become a coin flip between the Toronto Maple Leafs (4.24) and Tampa Bay Lightning (4.00). Schenn makes sense with both, as he has played for the two teams. After that, he is likely a Plan B, C, or D for contending teams looking for defensive depth. 

Rumors are heating up, and nothing is certain, even with Schenn.

That is all for now! Next week, we will update the column with a Twas The Night Before The Deadline version. Thanks again to Sports Interaction for the quick numbers. 

NHL Odds
May 24th 6:00pmPuck LineOver/UnderMoneyline
Carolina Hurricanes CAR
1.5 1.37 William Hill U 5.5 1.83 Betway 1.95 Betway
Florida Panthers FLA
-1.5 3.35 William Hill O 5.5 2.00 Unibet 1.88 Unibet
May 25th 6:00pmPuck LineOver/UnderMoneyline
Vegas Golden Knights VGK
1.5 1.44 Unibet U 5.5 1.88 Unibet 2.10 Unibet
Dallas Stars DAL
-1.5 3.15 William Hill O 5.5 1.95 Betway 1.80 William Hill
May 29th 6:00pmPuck LineOver/UnderMoneyline
Vegas Golden Knights VGK
-- -- --
Dallas Stars DAL
-- -- --