What players would you feature in Amazon Prime's BTS NHL series?

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What players would you feature in Amazon Prime's BTS NHL series?

Amazon Prime is working on a new NHL series that will take viewers behind the scenes, featuring 10-12 players. NHL reporter Chris Johnston reported this in March, adding the series is due for a fall release.

That brings up the question: Which players will be featured? Who would you feature?

The template for behind-the-scenes (BTS) series covering other major sports has grown to be a popular one. 

Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” hit series that takes viewers behind the scenes of F1, is the template, and has been a huge marketing plus for the sport, which was going through ratings decline when Liberty Media (the American media company that had purchased controlling interest in F1) took the idea to Netflix in 2017.

The NHL is in tight with Amazon Prime. There was even a story in The Hockey News earlier this month that Rogers Communications, still with two years left on their billion-dollar TV rights deal with the NHL, might be interested in selling off some games, including playoff games, to the streaming giant. 

FanDuel is even offering a sports betting market around what NHL players the new series will feature. Smart move by them. The way to differentiate oneself in a busy Ontario market is to offer creative, sports-related markets like this one.

Odds there this morning:

  • Sidney Crosby 1.08
  • Auston Matthews 1.09
  • Connor McDavid 1.11
  • Nathan MacKinnon 1.18
  • Alexander Ovechkin 1.22
  • Connor Bedard 1.24
  • David Pastrnak 1.24
  • Matthew Tkachuk 1.24
  • Artemi Panarin 1.57
  • Jordan Binnington 1.69
  • Cole Caufield 2.00
  • Steven Stamkos 2.00

Who Would We Like to See Featured? 

Or more like, who are they obliged to feature versus who will make for good TV?

You must go with McDavid, since he’s the best player in the game. The challenge you have is he’s typically been too dry in terms of his public persona - humble and reserved. However, the generational superstar made comments to NHL.com recently about wanting to open up more. This can be a launch pad for that.

Auston Matthews’ chase for 70 goals this season has made for great theatre in the league’s biggest market. Proline+ this morning has the odds at him hitting 70 goals at 2.75. 

Matthew Tkachuk is one of the more colourful, “saleable” faces in the game, and comes from an intriguing family – his father is Winnipeg Jets legend Keith Tkachuk and his brother is Brady, who captains the Ottawa Senators.

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And of course, there’s Connor Bedard, the No. 1 overall pick last summer, who’s had a strong rookie campaign (22-37-59, in 63 games), trying to lead an Original 6 team (Chicago Blackhawks) out of the competitive wilderness. The Blackhawks are currently second last in the NHL.

Ryan Reaves of the hated Maple Leafs would also be great – but would the NHL go that far, and allow for the promotion of a fighter? Reaves has the personality, that’s for sure. He’d be hilarious. 

I know where I come down on that – a resounding “yes”. Are you interested in eyeballs or are you more concerned about scoring political correction points and appeasing a few?  

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