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Walk into any casino today and you'll find regiments of video poker Machines. Its popularity has grown at an incredible rate, creating a huge demand in the online world. Video poker was actually created by Si Redd, the famed software designer.

Redd patented his famous Draw Poker Machine and went on to run International Game Technology (IGT). Draw Poker was originally a simple machine, which looked a bit like a 1970’s television in a tall wooden frame. The lowest hand you could play was two pairs.

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Needless to say, video poker games have come a long way since then. Now with bright displays and flashing lights, these machines proposition prospective players with payout percentages of 95 – 100%. But that’s not all. Players have a vast array of games to pick from, ranging from the elementary Deuces Wild all the way up to 100 hand games.

Each game has the pay table displayed clearly on the screen, and with a straightforward format to these games. Newbies to video poker will be able to pick it up really fast. If you’re still not convinced, the majority of video poker providers offer free plays for you to acquaint yourself with the game.

This allows you to try out every game, decide which one suits you, and then play at your own pace with none of the pressure of traditional poker. Video poker truly is the siren of online casinos.

Traditional Poker vs Video Poker

Much like traditional poker, the player needs to be aware of regular hand rankings and actions. You can choose to bet, call, or fold your hand, giving you complete control of the game. Unlike slot machines, poker requires strategy and insight to be a success, and is just as nail biting as its land based counterpart. The majority of all games will also offer players a double up bonus.

Now, whilst this may sound like an excellent addition, our advice would be to consider the odds of winning the game before betting all or half of your winnings. These bonus games often include high or low card, matching suits, or colours and require no strategy.


Right now you are probably thinking that with all this useful information on video poker, surely we must have some tips out there for you, so here you go:

So, enjoy yourself. Video poker really is a fast and exciting game. You can enjoy the game on your own without the worry of looking like a fool in front of a table full of your mates or strangers. So give it a go, you will be glad you did!

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