Best Darts Betting Sites

Date IconLast Updated: 2022 Dec 13
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What to consider when choosing a darts betting site.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Darts Betting Site

Before you bet on darts for the first time you should scour all the darts betting sites for the best possible prices about your selections. Even the smallest price enhancement represents a marginal increase in potential returns and this is vital to successful long-term profitability.

Darts Betting Markets

The vast majority of top online sportsbooks offer match and tournament winner markets on all major darts competitions, but exploring a wider range of markets at sites which specialise in darts can open up new opportunities for profit.

There’s several ways of approaching competitions to implement into your darts betting strategy.

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Value in Darts Betting

Here are a few tips to ensure you give yourself the best possible chance when combing through darts betting markets.

Important Stats for Darts Bets

There is a wealth of statistics that can help you choose what bet to place. The most important is probably recent form and percentages – it will not take you long to realise the average scoring (three-dart averages) and checkout percentages a player has been recording is more important than their actual results.

Recent and lifetime head-to-head stats against the player they are about to meet is also a key factor in the potential outcome. In darts, with so much of the game dependant on mental strength, historical losses often do leave scars and you will find countless darts players who have bogey players who they rarely beat regardless of their superior form.

Where to Bet on Darts in Canada

The vast majority of betting sites in Canada will offer markets on Darts. The sites you can sign up with depends on your location as each province will have its own laws governing online sports betting. Right now, there are a whole host of new Ontario Betting Apps available as betting has been legalised in the province. In some cases your only option may be to sign up with an offshore operator so be sure to check what your options are in advance of signing up with any operator.