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Best Geneity Betting Sites

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Geneity is now owned by Playtech, but was originally an independent company founded by a team of professional software engineers in 2006. Although Geneity hasn't won a string of awards for its work, the company's products have much to recommend them: when Playtech bought the London-based firm in early 2012, the industry giant immediately replaced its 'sportsbook' platform with Geneity's, indicating the extent to which its products are respected by those in the know.


Although Geneity produces a wide variety of betting software, including telephone betting, retail and games products, its core offering is built for the sports betting sector. Geneity's sportsbook platform, GenBet, is multi-channel, which means that it functions well across different operating systems and can be accessed via several devices. All of the company's software is fully compatible with a range of languages and currencies, making it perfect for operators with a strong international focus. In terms of coverage, it's worth noting that GenBet features over 100 automated football markets – given that football is just one of the sports on the platform, it seems that end users are spoilt for choice.

Geneity has been able to work with some of the industry's biggest brands since being bought by Playtech, and has struck software deals with betting giants such as Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfair. The company's lottery offering is even used by the Health Lottery, demonstrating that Geneity products have made it to the far corners of the web in recent years.

User Experience

Geneity's software is extremely user-friendly. The studio's sports betting platform is designed to allow operators to manage all their live content from a single screen, which dramatically reduces operator workload during in-play situations. The GenBet system is supplied by several different data providers, so operators have a choice of supplier for each sport or competition they're managing. The system also grants clients a great deal of control over prices and data streams, making it highly customisable and efficient.

Geneity's 'betting shop' software is totally hardware independent, which means that it can be run cheaply even by smaller outlets. This in-shop platform facilitates centralised management of retail gambling, and can be used to configure both EPOS (Electric Point of Sale) and kiosk systems.

In addition to the above, Geneity's products have several neat features that allow them to be synchronised with content on operators' existing sports betting platforms. This 'modularity' is a key selling point of the entire Geneity range: operators can pick and choose which aspects of the firm's software they want, and can add pieces to their current offering without causing software conflicts and having to re-code their entire system. A good example of this 'modularity' can be seen in the design underpinning the 'Geneity Wallet', which can be added alongside GenBet or discarded and replaced by in-house or third-party e-wallets.


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Security and Support

Geneity is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, one of the world's most well-respected gambling regulation bodies. Given that the company is owned by Playtech, an extremely high-profile multinational whose success is based on a reputation for fair play, it's highly unlikely that Geneity is engaged in any dishonest or fraudulent practice.

Moreover, some of Geneity's designers specialise in information security, which means that the firm has considerable in-house expertise when it comes to data protection – while a predominantly B2B based business model means that the company can't be responsible for security across the entire supply chain, punters can feel confident that Geneity products started life in a reputable studio.

Geneity offers a range of consultancy services in addition to providing clients with product-based assistance. While this support isn't free, the company does offer an impressively wide range of options; customers can get technical help with running large events, and can also take advantage of the team's expertise by requesting advice on the suitability of their existing systems. In effect, this means that one prong of the Geneity's business is all about support, and that the studio is developing a budding software consultancy alongside its main production line.

Where to Find Sites to Use Geneity

The sites that you can sign up to will depend on your location as each province has its own set of laws surrounding sports betting. In some cases your only option may be to sign up with an offshore operator. Some provinces are beginning to change their laws. For example, Ontario Sports betting has now been legalised and there are a whole host of new operators available to sign up with. So, be sure to check what your options are in advance of signing up with any betting site.

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