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What was once considered a niche subsect of a growing but still relatively small industry has transcended to become one of the most lucrative markets in the video game industry. With eSports growing at an unprecedented rate, expecting to be valued at $12.9 billion by the end of next year, there are new opportunities for fans to engage with their favourite eSport and bet on it at leading online bookmakers.

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eSports Betting

eSports events have outgrown hotel conference halls and now sell out not only massive arenas but stadiums hosting thousands of eSports fans to some of the most exciting competitive play available. From millions of hours watched through live stream events on Twitch and YouTube to an eSports audience of over 380 million people, major brands have joined to build up this burgeoning industry. There's no better time for eSports fan or curious bettors to jump in on eSports betting markets.

There are many betting sites that offer eSports betting as well as dedicated sites that solely offer odds and markets on dozens of eSports titles. eSports betting is very similar to "traditional" sports betting with similar markets and rules to many of its genres but knowing the latest updates that change major aspects of the competitive game (patch) in each eSports title is one crucial difference.

Finding eSports Free Bets & Offers

The more the game is played and watched, the more likely users are to bet on it. Therefore, when some of the biggest games like Fortnite and League of Legends have a major tournament running, any bookmaker offering an eSports betting market is likely to provide offers for bettors for these eSports contests.

Can you trust eSports betting? Check out Episode 4 of the Knowledge Podcast where took a deep dive into the world of eSports Gambling.

As the industry grows and is exposed to mainstream channels, expect more traditional offers and bets to become available as well as special offers that can only be found in the eSports market. As tournaments and leagues get closer to the finals, bookmakers are more likely to use that opportunity to offer some free bets and nice incentives. It’s good to know where to look to for the best eSports betting sites and we cover everything you need to know.

Some of the most popular eSports events to keep an eye out for are:

How to Claim Free eSports Bets & Offers

There is no doubt that eSports Gambling is now a popular betting market at almost every online sportsbook. While eSports covers a wide range of games, genres, structures, and participants, most of them run on a yearly or seasonal basis meaning fans can easily know when to expect the major events to take place. There are some factors to consider before placing a wager at a betting site.

It definitely adds excitement to watching your favourite eSports game and jumping on that initial gut instinct - especially when it's a winning bet. Don't forget that the sites listed above feature free bets. Pick one and jump in


Naturally, some bookmakers will offer a greater variety of betting markets for eSports than others, so it's important to do your research before signing up. Thankfully, we've done all the hard graft for you and each of the sites listed on our top eSports bookies page are the cream of the crop for this market.

Most online bookmakers will offer eSports betting markets, but some are better than others in this category.

There are some similarities between regular online sports betting and eSports betting. For instance, you are still wagering on the element of skill between two or more human beings. Just like in any other sport, there will be favourites and underdogs, with the main difference being eSports is played on a screen in a virtual setting.

Bookmakers will offer eSports betting depending on events taking place around the globe. For the most part, this will be year round but there does tend to be some breaks in play.

Betting on eSports is fully legal. All of the websites we recommend are fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority, so you know you're in safe hands.

All major eSports competitions exist on LANs - local area networks - that can be highly protected and easily policed. The eSports Integrity Commission, launched in 2016, also combats any emerging threats of fraud in the sport.



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