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Guide to UK Free Spins Bonuses for November 2017

Looking to find the latest, biggest and best free spins bonuses on the internet? Well you’ve come to the perfect place for all things casino bonuses, Gambling.com! This ultimate guide to free spins casino bonuses will not only tell you everything you need to know about the sought-after bonuses but will also help you discover all the best places to find the most generous free spins on the web!

Answering all the typical questions about finding, obtaining and using these helpful casino bonuses, this guide will provide everything a curious player needs to know when it comes to spinning on your favorite games at no cost. Whether it’s 20, 50, 100 or even 500 free spins you’re looking for, Gambling.com has got you covered with dozens of the top offers and promotions available to the world.

Players will find a wealth of information explaining what these useful bonuses mean, how they work and how to earn them. As the old mantra goes, “the best things in life are free”, especially when it comes to free casino spins. Whether you're signing up to join a brand new casino or simply looking for some spins from you're favourite casino site at no cost to you, Gambling.com's guide to free spins is the ultimate resource for you!

What are Free Spins?

A free spin is a single spin played on an online slot game at no cost to the player spinning. Meaning, free spins are clusters of spins given to players for free to provide a chance to check out the latest casinos or play the newest slot games without risking any of their own cash. When free spins are received, the player chooses a slot game to enjoy (unless the promotion is for spins on a specific slot, but that’s covered more in a later section).

Once an online slot has been selected, players use the free spin as if it were a typical go on the reels. The only differences between a ‘free’ spin and a ‘non-free’ spin revolve around player risks and slot jackpots. With free spins, players risk none of their own money on the wagers at all, the main draw of these coveted bonuses.

Regarding the second difference, the bets aren’t counted towards any progressive jackpot games, the one negative of free spins some player find. It would seem to make sense, though, as progressively built jackpots are based on the collective input of everyone's bets; wouldn't seem fair to let half those chances be 'free' to some. But, for the most part, a free spins works the same as any other spin with an online slot... accept it’s FREE!

Finding Casino Free Spins

Now that you’re a little more familiar with free spins in general, it’s time to discover where to find all these casino spins bonuses available all over the internet. Fortunately, Gambling.com has collected all the biggest and most generous offers and put them together for easy access. Now, most of these bonuses are tied to Welcome Bonuses, a promotional tool used to draw in new players to sign up with a casino site, but not all of them are.

Promotions and offers featuring free spins for returning players happen every day across a myriad of the top online slots casinos; these consist of contests, giveaways and raffles offering tons of spinning for free to any player eligible. With that being said, most all casino websites offer spins for free in some capacity but it’s the newest casinos, those looking to draw in a ton of new players as quick as possible, that offer the most lucrative free spins bonuses available on the web.

Unfortunately, it’s the bonuses offered to players visiting the site for the first time that tend to offer the mind-blowing amount of free spins when compared to the more modest 25 and 50 spin bonuses traditionally offered to returning players. Some new casinos, and even some more veteran casinos looking to build up their existing player base, offer hundreds of free spins when players sign up.

The huge bonuses do tend to come with a nagging wagering requirement but that’s common with almost all casino bonuses so players shouldn’t find this too off-putting. Meeting wagering requirements can certainly be daunting but unfortunately seem to be an unavoidable part of the industry. In general, it’s going to be the casino sites vying for attention the most that are ripe for the taking when it comes to gathering free spins.

Aside from those few suggestions on how to find the always coveted bonuses, promotions and offers, sticking to the list of stellar free spins bonuses put together by Gambling.com's team of online casino veterans is always a great way to ensure you are playing with the best online casinos, the most trusted gambling brands the world over and are getting the latest, most exclusive bonuses available in 2017!

Are Free Spins Really Free?

Let’s tackle the age-old question, is free really free? Well in the past, people have used a popular phrase: "Nothing in life is ever free." Some would agree free spins fall under this category of "free" gifts coming at a cost but in the right setting, free spins can certainly be completely free and come at no cost to the player. The first scenario discussed that has some players claiming free spins aren’t really "free" pertains to wagering requirements.

A wagering requirement forces players to bet the amount they wagered times a certain amount before the bonus is actually awarded. If a £/€/$20 first deposit earned 100 free fpins but holds a 35 times wagering requirement, players must wager £/€/$700 before the 100 free spins are released. This means the spins don’t cost anything up front but do come with stipulations. But this scenario is not the only "cost" some players consider.

The fact that players must register all their personal information and create an account prior to even considering the promotion is the “cost” some players dislike but this is hardly a monetary burden like the wagering requirements tend to be. The final scenario covers what every player seems to be looking for, the truly "free" spins, better known as no deposit free spins, which are tough to find.

Online Slots Featuring Free Spins

A pretty large majority of free spins are tied to a particular slot game offered at the site promoting the bonuses. Sometimes these are brand new online slots created by the top providers in the world and the casino site is looking to promote it with free gameplay. Other times, the free spins are connected to a classic slot game everyone is sure to love, that way players of all interests and levels of experience can benefit from the bonuses.

The newest slots featured with free spin promotions are constantly changing throughout the year but the classic slot machines featured all around the web with online casino welcome bonuses tend to consist only of a few of the most popular titles. An example of one of these slots consistently connected to free spins is Starburst, the NetEnt video slot designed around child-like graphics and captivating audio.

A wealth of the top online casinos will offer free spins promotions built around Starburst, with some even offering hundreds of free spins on the popular game. Gonzo’s Quest, another NetEnt powerhouse title, and Twin Spin are extremely popular titles also used regularly in connection with free spins bonuses. These aren't these only video slots to attract their own promotional campaigns but are by the most popular.

Some observant spinners will immediately notice popular slot titles like Mega Moolah or Everybody’s Jackpot never find themselves featured with free spins offered. This would be due to their status as a progressive jackpot slot. As mentioned earlier, free spins do not count towards progressive jackpot pools so promoting a jackpot slot with free spins would be somewhat counter-productive!

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