Updated: 26 Oct 2022

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Guide to Depositing with Payforit

This option allows you to pay using your mobile phone. In the smartphone era, many people no longer want to pay using bank or card details. If you get a lot of things done using your phone, then mobile payments might suit your lifestyle.

Mobile payment options are now a major addition to the list of popular payment options in the gambling industry. They rank alongside digital wallets and prepaid vouchers as a genuine alternative to traditional payment methods.

Paying by phone means you never link your online gambling activity to your bank or card accounts. Instead, you use the funds associated with your phone to make deposits i.e. your pay-as-you-go balance or your monthly bills.

Deposits to online casinos are taken directly from your mobile phone balance or added to your monthly bill. Payforit is a key player in this emerging market, let’s take a look at how you can use it for your online casino transactions.

What Is Payforit?

Payforit is a payment method that allows you to pay for online services using your phone. You pay in a just a few taps and the amount is charged to your phone bill:

  1. If you have a monthly contract: Payforit will add your online payment charge to your monthly bill in the same way it does for call or texts.
  2. If you’re a pay as you go customer: your online payment charge is taken directly from your available balance so you need to make sure you have enough balance to cover it or the transaction will fail.

So, if you have a mobile phone and enough balance, you can make a deposit to any casino that accepts Payforit.

Good news, Payforit have excellent network coverage, meaning a valid UK mobile number means you’re good to go as all the major network providers are covered.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Deposit with Payforit

To make a casino deposit using Payforit, you first need to find a platform that accepts pay by phone transactions. The easiest way to do this is to check out our guide to the best pay by phone casinos and go from there.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to complete the following steps in order to load up your account:

  1. Visit the cashier page, select the 'pay by phone' and look for Payforit
  2. Select Payforit, enter your phone number and deposit amount (max £10)
  3. You’ll get a text asking you to confirm.
  4. Confirm and the amount will be added to your online balance, then you’re ready to play.

How Safe Is Payforit?

Your financial information is never revealed to the website. Your phone number is entered, and you use your phone to confirm the deposit.

So, even if someone managed to get into your online casino account and make a deposit using your phone number, they wouldn't be able to confirm the transaction without having your phone in their hands.

Does Payforit Charge Any Transaction Fees?

Payforit does not charge you any fees. But remember, you are buying from a seller (i.e. an online casino), not Payforit and they cannot control any additional charges they seller might apply for allowing you to use Payforit.

As it is phone based, other charges may take the form of premium rate SMS messages sent to your phone, maybe advertising additional services the seller may have.

So, watch out for these and send the command STOP as soon as you get one. Most online casinos will not do this as they are happy to have you playing.



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