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Guide to Depositing with Payforit

Ever wanted to make an online casino deposit without getting your bank involved? Well, if you scroll through the current list of popular payment options in the gambling industry, eWallets are the main medium for depositing funds without drawing them directly from your bank account. Sure, you could use a prepaid card such as Paysafecard or Ukash, but the process of purchasing credits and completing a transaction isn’t exactly quick.

If you want to leave you bank account alone, you typically have to use an eWallet like Skrill. Remember, as much as these options mean you don’t have to make payment directly to/from your bank account, they still have a link to them in an indirect way. If that’s something you want to avoid, pay by phone is the method for you.

In simple terms, this method allows you to charge a deposit to your mobile phone bill. The end result is a transaction that doesn’t have a link back to your bank account or your financial details. One of the leading players in the market at the moment is Payforit and, in the following guide, we’re going to explain what it is and how you can use it for your online casino transactions.

What is Payforit?

Payforit is a mobile platform that allows you to pay for online products. From digital content such as videos, games and apps to charitable donations, the system allows you to pay for something by making a charge to your phone bill. OK, but what if I don’t have a monthly phone bill? Payforit knows whether you’re using a contract phone or a pay as you go contract thanks to your mobile number. Thanks to this, it knows exactly how to charge you:

  1. If you have a monthly contract, Payforit will add a charge to your monthly bill in the same way your phone network charges you for picture messages or content not covered by your contract.
  2. If you’re a pay as you go customer, the payment is processed instantly and debited from your available credit. You need to have the necessary credit on your phone to complete a transaction.

Basically, as long as you have a valid mobile phone number and some funds to cover the cost of your transaction, you can make a casino deposit using Payforit. Now you're probably wondering if your network is covered? That’s a good point, but not something you should worry about.

Payforit has made it possible for anyone with a valid UK mobile number to use its service. So, regardless of whether you use Vodafone, O2, EE or Three, you’re good to go. In fact, Payforit also allows users with a virtual operator like Lebara and Virgin to make mobile payments.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Deposit with Payforit

To make a casino deposit using Payforit, you first need to find a platform that accepts pay by phone transactions. The easiest way to do this is check out our guide to the best pay by phone casinos and go from there. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to complete the following steps in order to load up your account:

  1. Visit the cashier page inside your casino account and select the 'pay by phone' or 'SMS deposits' option. Here you should see Payforit listed as an option.
  2. Once you’ve selected Payforit, there are two ways you can pay: a) If you’re connected to the internet via a 3G/4G connection, the system will automatically detect your phone number. At this point, you’ll need to enter the amount you want to deposit (max limit is £10) in the box provided and wait. b) If you’re connected to the internet using a WIFI connection, you’ll have to input your phone number manually before moving on to confirm the amount you’d like to deposit.
  3. Within a few seconds, you’ll receive an SMS that details the pending transaction. After reviewing this, you can reply to the message by either confirming it’s correct or denying it. If you confirm the transaction, it will be processed instantly.
  4. Once everything has been finalised, you’ll receive a second notification that the transaction is complete and you’ll be able to head into the casino lobby and use your funds to play as you normally would.

How Safe is Payforit?

In a word: extremely. When you use Payforit, you’re essentially benefiting from two levels of protection. When you make a deposit using a traditional payment option such as a VISA card, you only have one layer of protection that you’re in control of i.e. you have a password to login to your account. Of course, the payment method itself has plenty of internal security provisions, but as far as things go on your end of the process, you’re only in control of your account password.

In contrast, when you use Payforit, you have the added benefit of your phone. Basically, if a criminal wanted to make a fraudulent deposit using Payforit, they’d need to know your account password and have access to your phone. If just one of these pieces of the puzzle aren’t in place, they can’t steal your cash. In fact, when you combine this with the fact that a criminal can’t obtain any personal/financial details from you via this method, it makes sense to pay via your phone.

Does Payforit Charge Any Transaction Fees?

No. In reality, Payforit is simply an intermediary between you and a seller. Because of this, Payforit doesn’t impose any fees on your transaction. However, the individual seller handling it might. The main way this happens is through premium rate SMS messages. Now, if you want to avoid these charges, you have to ensure you send the command STOP after you’ve made transaction. Doing this should stop any messages coming to your phone and adding more costs to you bill.

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