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A day at the dogs might not carry the same glamour as the big horse racing events, but there's plenty to be said for this unique sport. If you know what to look out for, you can make a pretty penny too.

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Top Greyhound Racing Betting Markets?

Greyhound racing betting has many different markets to play, and 100s of different bets. Listed below are the most popular greyhound racing betting markets, but there are plenty more, especially linked to bigger races.

  1. Win Bet

    The standard dog racing bet is a Win Bet; to place a win bet, you pick a dog you think will win, and place a stake on it to win. If it wins, you win a multiple of your stake, based on the odds you were given by the bookmaker - your stake is the second number in the odds, so if they were 2/1, your stake is 1 and your winnings are 2 x 1.

  2. Each-Way Bet

    An each-way bet is actually two bets: When you place an each-way bet on a greyhound in a dog race, you place half your stake on the horse to win, and the other half on the dog to be placed. What a ‘place’ is depends on the size of the field, but generally a ‘place’ is considered either the first two or three to finish. In eight-dog races in Australia, place terms can be different.

  3. Forecast Bet

    A Forecast Bet is a wager placed on two dogs you believe will be placed first and second in a race. If they finish in the order you predict, then you win. A variation of the Forecast Bet is the Reverse Forecast, which is like an each-way bet; Choose two greyhounds, and as long as they both finish in the first two, in any order, you win.

  4. Tricast Bet

    A Tricast Bet goes one step further than a Forecast Bet, bringing in the third placing. Pick three dogs you think will finish in the first three in the race, predict the order they will come home, and if that happens, you win. The variation is a Combination Tricast, which allows you to win as long as your three horses finish in the first three, in any order.

  5. Inside v Outside

    Greyhound races start from traps - or boxes - to give all dogs a level start. It's handy for fairness, but also for betting as it gives us a variety of markets related to those trap numbers. Inside v Outside is a bet where you either back the three/four outside traps as one, or the three/four inside traps. If any dog from your three/four numbers wins, you win the bet.

  6. Odds v Evens

    Similar to the Inside v Outside bet, this greyhound betting market focusses on the trap numbers. You either bet on the dogs starting from traps with even numbers, or with odd numbers. If any dog from your even or odd-numbered traps wins, you win the bet.

  7. Top, Middle, or Bottom

    In the UK and Ireland, where there are only six-dog races, there is another trap-related bet giving you the option to bet on two greyhounds starting next to each other. You either bet on the two dogs starting in the top two draws (closest to the rail), the middle, or the bottom, and if either of those two dogs wins, your bet comes in.

  8. Winning Distance

    The Winning Distance bet in greyhound betting asks you to decide how far you think the winning greyhound will win by. There will usually be odds for three different distances, or distance ranges. For example: Under 1 length, 1-2 lengths, further than 2 lengths. Whatever greyhound wins, if they win by the distance you have selected, your bet wins. This can be good value when there is a very short-priced favourite.

What Affects Greyhound Racing Betting Strategy?

Greyhound racing betting strategy is affected by a variety of factors. The most casual dog racing bettors choose bets based on a dog's trap number, or the colour jacket they are wearing, or simply their name. But for those that bet on greyhound racing based on knowledge, the following is taken into account:

Best Greyhound Races To Bet On

Betting on greyhound racing is most popular in the UK, Ireland, and Australia, but there is also dog racing in the US and New Zealand, and in South Africa, where it is an amatuer sport. Here are some of the richest greyhound races to bet on:

English Greyhound Derby

The English Greyhound Derby was first run in 1927, and moved to its present venue, Nottingham Greyhound Stadium in only 2019. The six-week competition runs from May to the end of June, the Grand Final being held at Nottingham over a distance of 500m (547 yards). The winner takes home £100,000.

Irish Greyhound Derby

Ireland's national derby was founded in 1932 and found its present home, Shelbourne Park in Dublin, in 1970. Hets begin in August, with the September final of the Irish Greyhound Derby run over 550 yards. The winner earns €140,000 for connections.

Million Dollar Chase

The Million Dollar Chase is the richest dog race in the world, with a total prize fund of $2million, several weeks of regional heats and finals, and a first prize of 1million in the Grand Final at Wentworth Park, Sydney. It is run over a distance of 520m (569 yards) and was inaugurated in October 2018 to champion New South Wales's Greyhounds As Pets intitiative.

New Zealand Cup

The NZ Cup at Addington Raceway in Christchurch is run over 520m (569 yards) for a $125,000 purse. It is the pinnacle of the New Zealand greyhound racing season, with dogs competing in heats, semi-finals and then the final in November. It was first run in November 2007.


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