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The MLS is the top tier of the American football system, and has come to prominence recently after being overshadowed by their European counterparts for the early 2000’s. The name power might not be equal to the Premier League or La Liga, but the league has become more competitive in recent memory and begun producing players that are seen on the international stage.

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MLS Betting Tips

Football Betting Strategy: Accumulators
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Football Betting Strategy: Accumulators
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MLS Betting Lines and Odds

Reading American odds can be tricky for those new to sports betting. American odds are typically presented in the format of -150, +150, or EVEN (which is equal to +100). A negative number means that you’ll win less money than you’re wagering, while a positive number will net you more than your wager. The favorite in a game is signified by a lower number.

Betting on EVEN odds mean you’ll win exactly the amount of money you wager. Betting positive odds like +150 means wagering A$100 will win you A$150. Betting negative odds like -150 means you’d have to bet A$150 to make A$100. If you’re in doubt about the payout of a set of odds, definitely refer to an odds calculator.

The most frequent bets made on MLS games are spread betting, over/under, and “money line” betting:

Best MLS Bets

Every week during the MLS season there are plenty of games to bet on, and some of the top MLS bets are available during jammed-packed weekends of action.

Bettors can wager on many of the same results in Major League Soccer as they can in other international leagues, including totals, Asian Handicap, 3-way spreads, game props, cards and more.

American sportsbooks continue to add markets and odds as betting on the MLS gets more popular. Some games will feature more than 200 different betting options. Indeed, something for just about everyone.

Guides to Betting on Major League Soccer

MLS Predictions

Preseason predictions are always a popular way to make money betting on favorites. Due to the length of the season and number of things that could happen, one can usually make more money than they wager even when betting on the favorites. Some predictions to consider:

MLS Cup Winner

The MLS, unlike the major European leagues, has an end of year tournament. This means picking the outright winner for the league means picking the winner of the MLS Cup at the end of the year. This adds an extra wrinkle of being able to pick a team that will be able to win in.

Golden Boot

The Golden Boot is the name for the award given to the league’s top scorer during the season. It can take some screwed guesswork to figure out Also unlike European leagues, it’s much more likely a new striker can have an instant impact in the MLS and challenge for the Golden Boot in their first season.

Popular MLS Betting Markets

Beyond simply betting on the overall result of a game, specific prop bets also tend to be popular among bettors.

MLS Betting Tips

Like many other sports, the “any given gameday” mentality applies. Given the length of each season and uncontrollable factors like injuries or multiple games in a week, there’s plenty of opportunity for upsets. A few extra things to consider before betting on a game.

The Home Venue

The MLS might not have any stadiums with the same staggering presence of the Premier League’s Anfield, but home field advantage can count for a lot in the right places. Portland, Seattle, and Kansas City are three cities in the MLS that known for their home field advantage over the rest of the league. Betting on the right home game could yield some good results as the fans can provide a significant advantage in the right stadiums.

Weather and Climate

This consideration of weather should go beyond just rain and shine, though wet games will favor faster, more athletic teams. Because the US is such a big country, the climate can change considerably based on where a team is play. Minnesota traveling to Orlando late in the season could result in a very disoriented Minnesota team playing in what amounts to summer heat, while Orlando will be used to the heat and humidity.

MLS Standings

Simply seeing where the teams stand on the table can help. Can a cellar dweller take down the top team in the league? Sure. Is it likely? Not really. Something to check in the standings as well is the number of goals scores/allowed by a team. A team in the middle of the table that gives up a lot of goals might not fare well against a free-scoring team.

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