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Several factors, including the complex nature of the sport and the length of each match, make snooker a particularly interesting prospect for betters. The site you choose to bet on is likely to be determined by how you want to bet.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Snooker Betting Site


Snooker is no longer considered to be a sport for older people. It now appeals to people of all ages and from all backgrounds. This period of renewed interest which the sport is currently enjoying can largely be attributed to Barry Hearn who made some major shake-ups when he took over at the helm of the sport as World Snooker Chairman.


The renowned promoter, now the majority shareholder owner of World Snooker Limited, has successfully globalised the game. Under Hearn, the number of tournaments on the calendar has increased dramatically. There are new events in India, China and across Continental Europe and there are some novel formats such as the exciting Shootout and Six Red competitions.


Walk-on music now greets players as they enter the auditoriums and the game has some great characters – such as Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump – plus emerging new talent particularly from China.


The best sports betting sites, buoyed by a surge in snooker betting, have reacted to this rebirth and snooker betting now features prominently on the homepages of every major online sportsbook. But the renewed emphasis on snooker betting is closely related to the biggest advancement in bookmaking since the turn of the century: In-play betting and the ability to cash-out.


Ways to Bet


In snooker betting the site you choose to bet on is likely to be determined by how you want to bet. But the very best places to bet on snooker have two key ingredients: Competitive odds on all outcomes and a plethora of betting markets way beyond the traditional win and popular handicap markets.


Unsurprisingly, the most common snooker betting market remains the outright match or tournament winner. But there are many more ways to bet on snooker such as correct frame scores, match centuries, total number of match frames, race to 4 frames, total points scored in an individual frame and many more.


In-Play Betting Markets


In-play betting markets are a great fit for snooker. Like tennis, a massively popular betting sport, snooker is an individual sport in which the momentum can suddenly shift from one player to the other. Seemingly outrageous comebacks are actually common in snooker. So snooker betting can be very volatile and lucrative as an in-play medium. As an added bonus Eurosport and the BBC broadcast a number competitions live and betting sites offer live streaming alongside their constantly updated markets.


Snooker Specials


For those who like obscure and specialist snooker betting markets, there are plenty to choose from. You can place wagers on which player will pot the first ball of a particular frame, or the colour of the first coloured ball which is downed. Similarly, there are live snooker betting options on ‘yes/no’ scenarios such as ‘will there be a 50+ break during the frame’ and will there be 100 or more total points scored during a specified frame. Bet365 and William Hill snooker betting sites are a great place to find these kind of markets.


Of course with so many opening round matches featuring long odds-on shots, a popular way to bet on snooker is by placing accumulators on a string of established big-name players. In the modern era, the glory of these bets is the ability to trade in play and cash-out your bet when things are looking bleak or if/when you want to save your stake money on a snooker accumulator which is looking healthy.


Once a competition is underway and games start to become more competitive be sure to look at the special markets on outright world snooker betting feasts such as the Masters and UK Championship. You will find some great specialist markets here, such as the ‘nationality of the winner’, and all of these individual markets can be used to your advantage if used in tandem with more traditional competition outrights in your snooker betting strategy.