PointsBet Invitational Preview, Picks and Betting Advice

PointsBet Invitational Preview, Picks and Betting Advice
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Imagine a “March Madness” style tournament for curling. That is right. From Sept. 21-25, curlers from all over Canada will compete in teams for the PointsBet Invitational. The women’s opening round matches start on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The men get underway Wednesday and Thursday night. All the action comes from Fredericton at Willie O’Ree Place.

Four matches will take place during each session. During the “Sweep 16”, teams get $3,000 for a win and $5,000 just for appearing in the tournament (to cover travel and expenses). After that, money is determined as such. 

  • $6,000 for an Elite Eight win
  • $12,000 for a Final Four win
  • $24,000 for the Championship

The triumphant curling teams could win $50,000 from this tournament. Talent in this tournament is probably the highest among Canadians. There is an array of Olympic, World, Tim Horton Briers Champions, and more. 

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Where Can One Watch, Fun Stuff, And Some Particulars

OK, curling fans, where can one watch this fine Invitational? That is simple. TSN/RDS will televise all tournament rounds, including the Celebrity Invitational Game. The Celebrity event will have two four-end games. That will take place on Friday night after the Women’s Elite Eight. These games will feature Canadians from hockey, singing, Olympians, and other Canadian Champions. 

The tournament has 19 minutes of thinking time in each half (five ends). If there is a tie, there will be a single throw-off. One member of each four-person team is chosen as they essentially have “the hammer.” 

The most fun tournament of the Canadian Curling Season starts today. There is no round-robin and no second chances. A team wins, or they go home. 

Even better for the fans is this. PointsBet Canada is offering $1,000,000 for anyone who can conjure up a perfect bracket. There is also a slew of prizes to be given away in the free Sweep 16 Bracket Challenge

So, those are just a few ways Canadian sports fans can make a little money or win prizes. Now, the real question might be this: Who are some possible contending teams to win this tournament?


Women's Schedule

WednesdayTime (ET)
1 Team Kerri Einarson vs. 16 Team Tracy Larocque1 p.m.
8 Team Kelsey Rocque vs. 9 Team Christina Black1 p.m.
5 Team Jennifer Jones vs. 12 Team Andrea Kelly1 p.m.
4 Team Chelsea Carey vs. 13 Team Selena Stormy1 p.m.
ThursdayTime (ET)
6 Team Casey Scheidegger vs. 11 Team Kerry Galusha1 p.m.
3 Team Tracey Fleury vs. 14 Team Suzanne Birt1 p.m.
7 Team Hollie Duncan vs. 10 Team Penny Barker1 p.m.
2 Team Kaitlyn Lawes vs. 15 Team Emily Deschenes1 p.m.

Men's Schedule

WednesdayTime (ET)
6 Team Glenn Howard vs. 11 Team Felix Asselin6 p.m.
3 Team Matt Dunstrone vs. 14 Team Greg Smith6 p.m.
7 Team Colton Flash vs. 10 Team Karsten Sturmay6 p.m.
2 Team Brendan Bottcher vs. 15 Team Landan Rooney6 p.m.
ThursdayTime (ET)
1 Team Brad Gushie vs. 16 Team Nick Deagle6 p.m.
8 Team John Epping vs. 9 Team Mike McEwen6 p.m.
5 Team Reid Carruthers vs. 12 Team Braden Calvert6 p.m.
4 Team Kevin Koe vs. 13 Team Jack Smeltzer6 p.m.

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Women’s Contenders And Picks For This Tournament

Like the men, the 16 teams consist of the Top 12 ranked teams off the “World Ranking System.” Then, there is one team from the fan vote, one host committee selection, the junior champion, and finally, the reigning Canadian club champions. 

It is challenging to sort out the contenders. A few bad ends can derail a match. No one gets a second chance in a tournament like this. One has to embrace the madness of this invitational.

How safe are the top four seeds? Kerri Einarson and Tracy Fleury’s teams stand at 2.50 and 3.50, respectively. After that, five more contenders range from 7.00 to 11.00. The reigning Canadian champions could face their biggest challenge from Jennifer Jones at 11.00.

Our picks to win the Women’s PointsBet Invitational are Team Jennifer Jones (11.00) and Team Einarson (2.50).


Odds to Win Women Outright

PlayerPointsBet Odds
Kerri Einarson2.50
Tracy Fleury3.50
Kaitlyn Lawes7.00
Jennifer Jones9.00
Casey Scheidegger9.00
Andrea Kelly9.00
Chelsea Carey11.00
Hollie Duncan16.00
Kelly Rocque16.00
Penny Barker16.00
Kerry Galusha16.00
Emily Deschenes16.00
Christina Black21.00
Suzanne Birt26.00
Selena Sturmay31.00
Tracy Larocque101.00

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Men’s Contenders And Picks For This Tournament 

All right, the men’s portion of the tournament, err invitational, may feature a slightly better chance for long shots to thrive. Time will tell on this, however. Team Gushue and Team Bottcher are both on minus money at 1.66 and 1.80. That makes them a coin flip. In terms of talent, Gushue’s team has a slight edge and a few more trophies. 

Brendan Bottcher’s team stands at 1.80 but remains our favourite against all odds. Team Gushue is capable of winning, but Bottcher in a knockout format is a slightly better bet among the two top teams. Among the somewhat longer shot, Glenn Howard’s team stands at 8.00 and could sneak past a couple of rounds, putting them in a position to win. 

Finally, Team Carruthers is our other long shot at 8.00. Again, the single knockout format involves taking more risks and looking for teams that can simply win four straight matches. It is why the typical top contenders do not always pan out here. 

Good luck, everyone, as the PointsBet Invitational expects to be a fun five-day tournament.


Odds to Win Men Outright

PlayerPointsBet Odds
Brad Gushue1.66
Brendan Bottcher1.80
Kevin Koe2.50
Matt Dunstone3.00
Reid Carruthers8.00
Glenn Howard8.00
Colton Flasch9.00
John Epping11.00
Mike McEwen13.00
Karsten Sturman16.00
Felix Asselin26.00
Braden Calvert36.00
Jack Smeltzer36.00
Greg Smith51.00
Landan Rooney51.00
Nick Deagle76.00