Top 5 Canadian Soccer Players to Play in the Premier League

Top 5 Canadian Soccer Players to Play in the Premier League
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Despite losing every game at the 2022 World Cup in what was only Canada's second-ever time at the finals, it still managed to achieve its highest FIFA World Ranking in 2022. 

This comes off of a huge influx of professional soccer players from the country and the majority of those who play for the Canada soccer national team play in Europe or the MLS and not for CPL teams.

Canada's best soccer player right now is Alphonso Davies, but some will argue Canada's best soccer player is Jonathan David. In 2023, no player for the national team currently plays for CPL clubs, despite the growth of the eight CPL teams: Vancouver FC, Forge FC, Valour FC, Pacific FC, Cavalry FC, York United, Atlético Ottawa and HFX Wanderers FC.

Although not many have played in England's top-flight football league, we take a look at the best Canadian Premier League players over the years.

Craig Forrest


For almost 20 years, Craig Forrest was the face of the EPL for Canada.

Although he never established himself at a top club, Forrest played for Ipswich Town for three years in the Premier League and 12 seasons. 

Forrest also made six appearances for Chelsea and 30 for West Ham United.

In total, he made 107 Premier League appearances and kept 24 clean sheets, and he is easily No. 1 on the best Canadian players in the Premier League history list.

Junior Hoilett


Probably the most well-known face to the Canadian press in England is Junior Hoilett. The Canadian plays for Reading and has not been in the Premier League since 2019.

However, he has made 161 appearances in England's top flight across three different clubs, scoring 16 goals and registering eight assists. His best season was in 2011-12, when he scored some sensational goals.

He is arguably Canada's best soccer player to play outfield in the Premier League.

Tomasz Radzinski


Out of all the Canadian-born soccer players in Premier League history, Tomasz Radzinski is not one of them, as he was born in Poland. He moved to Canada as a teenager.

He played for Everton and Fulham and made 194 appearances in the Premier League, and registered 35 goals and 21 assists. Radzinski's best season came with Everton in 2002-03, where he scored 11 times.

The debate will continue between him and Hoilett regarding Canada's best soccer player to play in the Premier League as an outfielder. Still, after Radzinski's impressive season with Everton in 2002-03, he was pretty ineffective thereafter.

Frank Yallop


Keeping away from the trend of Canadian-born players in the Premier League history, Frank Yallop is another not born in Canada. But, he moved there as a child before being scouted as a player at age 14. 

He spent 13 years in England, including three seasons in the Premier League with Ipswich Town.

Yallop brought in three goals, but given Ipswich's terrible record in the Premier League, he won just 10 games and lost 33 of the 54 he played.

Nevertheless, he is a superstar in his own right.

Scott Arfield


Most Canadian-born soccer players in Premier League history have gone on to represent Canada's professional soccer players for the national team. However, Scott Arfield played for Canada after playing for three of Scotland's national youth teams.

In his debut season in the Premier League, he missed just one game and scored two goals, despite getting relegated with Burnley. 

Arfield earned promotion with it the following year and went on to play 49 more times in the Premier League, scoring three more goals.

How many Canadians play in the Premier League?

As of 2023, there are no Canadian soccer players in the Premier League.

There have been 11 Canadian soccer players in the Premier League over the years, with the most recent being Theo Corbeanu. He is still part of Premier League team, Wolverhampton Wanderers, but he has been loaned out to Blackpool for the 2022-23 season.

There has also never been a head coach from Canada in the Premier League.


Yes, Canadian Premier League players get paid.With player association in mind, PFA Canada has brought in a stronger relationship with its employees by bringing CPL players a salary cap. CPL teams are required to spend between $750,000 and $1,125,000 on player compensation, with a minimum salary of $30,000 per player.

Professional football in Canada is run by the Professional Footballers Association of Canada (PFA Canada), who also represent professional soccer players in the country. Over the years, the Canadian women's team established itself too, and PFA Canada also represents the CPL teams playing in the league and all CPL players.Mark Noonan, was announced as CPL commissioner in August, 2022.

Vancouver FC, Atlético Ottawa, Cavalry FC, Forge FC, HFX Wanderers FC, Pacific FC, York United FC and Valour FC. FC Edmonton is now a recognized CPL team, having left in 2022.All sides get to compete in the Canadian Championship games too, and there is also a chance to qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League by winning the CPL title.

The Canadian press has suggested that professional soccer in Canada is a viable career choice. A CPL player's move is a common feat to try and earn the big bucks in the MLS or Europe.CPL players can earn anywhere from around $800 up to $4,000 per week, with some earning more. The highest reported yearly salary is $211,680.91.