Evolution adds Free Bet Blackjack, 2 Hand Casino Hold’em

Evolution adds Free Bet Blackjack, 2 Hand Casino Hold’em

There will be some big time additions to Evolution Gaming, a company that calls itself the “world leader” in live dealer gaming.

Two new live games launched on Friday with Free Bet Blackjack and 2 Hand Casino Hold’em. These additions give Evolution Gaming a step up in its vast portfolio of Poker tables and Live Blackjack options.

Founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming first authorized mobile gaming, which included Live Casino Hold’em, in 2012. Locations include various spots in Europe, New Jersey and Canada.

Defining Free Bet Blackjack

What exactly is Free Bet Blackjack?

The new game is the latest to join Evolution Gaming’s “Infinite” family of live Blackjack games that are offered.

Free Bet Blackjack offers unlimited seats to its players at a single table while featuring automatic Free Bets on hand-picked Split and Double Down bets placed.

“Our Free Bet Blackjack is based on one of the most popular modern varieties of Blackjack played in land-based casinos, so we are confident it will be a big hit with players,” Evolution Gaming Chief Product Officer Todd Haushalter said in a press release on Friday.

Evolution Gaming sums the game up:

“As in Infinite Blackjack, a single hand is dealt to all players. This is achieved with advanced software that combines the live dealing of physical and virtual cards directly to each individual player, irrespective of how many players are at the table at any given time. Once the initial two cards have been dealt, each player is free to play their hand as they wish and make their own betting decisions.

“During each game round Free Double Down bets on two-card hard 9, 10, 11 totals and Free Split bets on all pairs except 10s are automatically offered to the player whenever their hand qualifies. The game also includes four optional side bets — Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It — and the Six Card Charlie rule.”

Defining 2 Hand Casino Hold’em

What exactly is 2 Hand Casino Hold’em? The press release explains:

“In 2 Hand Casino Hold’em, meanwhile, two hands for every player means a doubly entertaining experience with increased fun, betting options and chances to win,” Haushalter said. “If the player loses their hand in standard poker then the game is over. With two hands, however, the fun and the suspense keep on coming!”

Evolution breaks down the game like this:

“2 Hand Casino Hold’em is another unique poker variant from Evolution in which a virtually unlimited number of players play against the house and are dealt two separate hands. As well as giving players the choice of playing one or two hands, and an optional AA Bonus bet, 2 Hand Casino Hold’em also results in more game rounds for players to enjoy.

“Evolution says its game statistics show that the fast-paced two-hand game results in 70% more games in a typical gaming session compared with its standard Live Casino Hold’em game.”

What This Means For Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming has a unique portfolio that features unique multi-camera Immersive Roulette, Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Casino Hold'em, Live Three Card Poker and more options.

By adding Free Bet Blackjack and 2 Hand Casino Hold’em the company further secures its place in in terms of strong casino gaming options. These new games are a quietly solid move for Evolution Gaming. Look for the company to continue to develop options for its players of all different ages and backgrounds.