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Licensed by the Gibraltar Gaming Commission, Unibet Poker is one of the longest established brands in online poker. With software provided by Relax Gaming, Unibet Poker is a site focused on recreational players, with anonymous play features and low tournament fees.

Unibet Poker at a Glance

📅 Online Since: 2004
🎁 Welcome bonus £20 worth of poker tickets & Up to £500 play through bonus (UK players)
⚖️ Gambling Authority Gibraltar Gaming Commission/Malta Gaming Authority
💻 Poker Software: Relax Gaming

Unibet Poker Overview 

Licensed by the Gibraltar Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, Unibet Poker is designed for casual players with an emphasis on fun gameplay, community and learning.  There are low-raked tournaments and cash games to suit all player types and protection features that keep most of the sharks away.

Unibet Poker is a part of the Kindred Group and launched its initial poker offering in 2004 as a skin on the Microgaming poker network. However, in 2014 they decided to go their way and now operate a standalone poker room with software supplied by Relax Gaming. It's now a poker network in its own right, as some of Kindred Group’s other gaming brands also run skins into the same liquidity pool, using the same software.

Low rake and tournament fees
Recreational player-focused tournament schedule
Anonymity features
HUDs and trackers cannot be used
No fast-fold poker format
Low tournament guarantees

Unibet Poker Welcome Bonus

UK players receive £20 worth of poker tickets and a £500 playthrough bonus after signing up and making their first deposit. The currency used on Unibet Poker is Euros, so the tickets have a value of €28, which at the current exchange rate, is worth more than £20. The tickets include

  • 1 x €8 cash game ticket
  • 4 x €5 tournament tickets.

 New players also receive 4 x tickets to €500 welcome freerolls.

  • Available to all new UK players age 18+
  • Minimum deposit of £10 required
  • Tournament tickets expire after 7 days, freeroll tickets after 45 days
  • Cash game tickets can be used on 2c/4c NLH tables only
  • Cash game tickets have playthrough requirement of 500 flops seen before winnings are released.

Unibet Poker £500 Playthrough Bonus

Instead of offering matched deposit bonuses, as many other sites do, Unibet gives a  playthrough bonus to new players, automatically activated when the first deposit is made. For UK players the value of this bonus is a generous £500 and is released in incremental amounts when rake targets are achieved. Unless you’re a seasoned grinder, you’re unlikely to be able to unlock all of it, but as the bonus is released in increments, all players should be able to release some of it.

  • Players have 60 days to complete the playthrough bonus.
  • Visit Unibet Poker for the full terms and conditions of both these offers.
  • Always gamble responsibly.

More Unibet Poker Offers

Further offers, available to both new and existing players tend to change every couple of months, but there are usually at least two short-term offers running at any time. 

A recent example of one of these is the HexaPro Daily Races. These are leaderboards, with three tiers (low stakes, mid stakes and high stakes), awarding a total of €1,000 per day in prizes to the top-performing players. Players earn leaderboard points for playing (regardless of the result). It's also worth noting that you’re not up against everyone on the site, as players from Sweden, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands aren’t allowed to participate in leaderboard promotions.

Unibet Poker Daily Specials

In addition there are daily specials, with each day focusing on a different game format. 

Mondays: Short Stack Master

A short stacked PLO cash game special which runs every Monday from 4 pm-midnight. The player who builds the biggest stack during the session wins a €50 PLO cash game ticket.

Tuesdays: Bubble Burster

On Tuesdays several special bubble burster tournaments take place. These have fast blinds, until the prize money kicks in, at which point they slow down. Players win extra prizes for winning more than one such tournament on the same day.

Wednesdays: Wild Wednesday

Wednesday is rebuy tournament day, but with a difference, as the rebuys cost a quarter of the price of the original buy-in. All tournaments are micro-stakes with €1 and €2 buy-ins, ensuring a lot of fast-paced all-in action.

Thursdays: Deepstack Legend

A cash game promotion at the 5c/10c No Limit Hold’em tables, where players can buy in for 500-1000 big blinds. The player who builds the biggest stack during the session, which lasts from 4 pm-midnight wins a €100 cash game ticket.

Fridays: Banzai Bonanza

On Fridays a €50 table is added alongside the regular €1, €5 and €20 Banzai tables in Unibet Pokmer’s unique short stack cash game poker dojo! Between 4 pm-midnight players also receive points towards an extra Banzai leaderboard.

Saturdays: HexaPro Extreme

Unibet’s jackpot sit-and-go offering HexaPro is the focus of Saturday’s daily promotion, with the 100x jackpot multiplier increased to 125x.

Sundays: Stellar Sunday

Like most online poker sites, Sunday is the big day for tournaments, with bigger guarantees and higher participation than on any other day of the week. Special avatars are awarded to the winners of the key tournaments on the schedule.

The winners of several of these promotions also receive an exclusive avatar.

Online Cash Games at Unibet Poker

No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha are the games offered and as Unibet Poker is a recreationally focused poker site, you won’t find big buy-in games, with the largest regular tables available being those with €2/€4 blinds and a maximum buy-in of €400. The minimum buy-in at the tables with the smallest blinds (2c/4c) is just €2. Cash game tables are 6-handed.

Players can buy in for between 50-100  big blinds for all regular cash games, but look out for the Thursday evening Deepstack Legend tables where players can buy in for up to 1000 big blinds!

Entering cash games on Unibet Poker is easy, you simply select the stake level you wish to play at and the software automatically finds a seat for you. There is no way to select a specific table manually,   safeguarding against predatory behaviour, known as bumhunting.

The only notable cash game format missing on Unibet Poker is a fast fold variant. However, Unibet Poker makes up for this with its own unique cash game variant, Banzai! (see below).

Unibet Poker Multi-Table (MTT) Tournaments

Unibet Poker’s MTT offering is focused on the casual player rather than the pro grinder. Buy-ins for most daily tournaments range from €1 to €50, but the price to play does crank up on Sundays when the €100 Supernova, with a €20,000 guarantee takes place. The monthly Supermoon is the site’s biggest offering with a €250 buy-in and a €40,000 guarantee.

Tournament formats offered include slow, regular and turbo-paced games and like many sites nowadays, progressive knock-out (PKO) is one of the most popular formats, commanding a significant chunk of the schedule. Most tournaments are No Limit Hold’em but several Pot Limit Omaha is also included. 

The fees charged on Unibet Poker MTTs range from 4-8%. Tournament fees are lower than at most online poker sites and at 4.8% Unibet Poker’s PKO fees are the lowest in online poker for that format.

The current Unibet Poker MTT schedule was launched in late 2022 and is focused on the needs of recreational players. This includes ending tournaments at a reasonable hour so that players with jobs can still get a good night's sleep, even if they go deep in a tournament.  The site’s tournament team has also been inventive with names, with the most notable new MTT on the schedule proudly calling itself the Slobberknocker. 

The satellite system is also very flexible, with tickets being awarded to winners, rather than automatic registration into the target tournament. The tickets awarded are generic rather than being restricted to specific tournaments, so if you qualify for a €25 buy-in tournament you are not obliged to play in it and can choose to enter any other tournament with a €25 buy-in instead. They also have flip satellites, where you are all-in from the start and hope to get lucky. While there is no skill involved in this format, they are rake-free.

Unibet runs several online poker festivals every year, where guarantees are bigger than usual.

Unibet Poker HexaPro Tables (Jackpot Sit & Go)

HexaPro is Unibet Poker’s 3-handed jackpot sit & go offering, where the prize pool is randomised and the gameplay is fast and furious. Prizes can be as low as 1.5x or as high as 1000x the buy-in and level length vary, depending on how big a prize is being played for. HexaPro is available for €1, €2, €5, €10, €25, €50 and €100 buy-ins. You can’t choose your opponents, you simply buy into your preferred game size and the software seats you automatically once 3 players have registered. A random draw takes place before the first cards are dealt so you only know how much you’re playing for when the tournament begins. 

Unibet Poker Sit N Go Tournaments

As per the cash games lobby, specific Sit & Go tables cannot be chosen, players simply select a buy-in amount and are automatically seated. The tournament starts when all seats have been taken, but until it does, the screen names of players waiting to play are not displayed, ensuring that weaker players can't be stalked and preyed upon. Not all sites provide such a layer of protection for the average joe recreational player. Poker can be fun, but it's less so when you’re being eaten alive by hungry piranhas and this feature helps to level the playing field for recreationals.

NLH sit & go tables on Unibet Poker are available in 5-handed and heads-up formats. There are however no PLO sit & go tables. Buy-ins range from €1 to €100.

Unibet Poker Banzai Tables (Short stack cash game)

Banzai is a cash game format that is unique to Unibet Poker. It is essentially a 5-handed cash game where you can only buy in with 10 big blinds. Additionally, there is an avatar-based promotion linked to the game that rewards players for going all-in or calling an all-in, with the ultimate goal of building the biggest stack of the day, for a cash prize. The game’s sound effects say “Banzai” every time someone goes all-in. Needless to say, you hear “Banzai” a lot, almost every other hand. Banzai is available at 3 different buy-in levels: €1, €5 and €25. 

Unibet Poker Live Events

Launched in 2007, the Unibet Open is a well-established live event brand with a €1,100 buy-in main event. Unibet Open events are about more than just poker, with parties and off-the-table activities playing a prominent role. There are usually 2-3 Unibet Opens each year, in locations such as Malta, Paris and Bucharest and they are live-streamed, so when you make the final table, your family and friends (if you have any) can tune in and watch you go for glory!

Unibet Poker runs exclusive online satellites to Unibet Opens, with winners receiving an entry to the main event, 4 nights of hotel accommodation, cash for travel expenses and they feed you. Not just breakfast, but dinner too! Online Qualifiers are treated well with high-quality goody bags that include hoodies, t-shirts and caps and there are often freerolls and last-longer competitions to participate in for extra prizes. 

Satellites to the lower buy-in Unibet Deepstack Open series also take place on Unibet Poker. When there are no Unibet Opens scheduled, Unibet Poker hosts online satellites to 3rd party live events instead, such as the Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge and The Festival series.

Unibet Poker Community and Ambassadors

As a site for recreational players, it’s no surprise that the community plays an important role at   Unibet Poker. The Unibet Community is an extensive forum in which players can discuss all things related to poker and is moderated by staff who run the poker site, so it also acts as a front line for feedback and suggestions.

Unibet Poker sponsors the Chip Race podcast, an award-winning show presented by David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney, who are also sponsored pros for the site. Their show airs about every two weeks, but this varies, depending on their busy schedule, as both are active players who play both live and online. Dara is also a published poker author, having co-written several books on topics such as satellite strategy, PKO strategy and the GTO (game theory optimal) approach to poker. These are widely regarded as some of the best poker books in print.

Unibet Poker Lobby and Gameplay Features

The lobby is dark and easy on the eye, with the different gameplay sections prominently displayed. There is easy access to all the additional info you need about how to play, promotions, community, live events and gameplay stats. Any available tickets you have for a game type are easily accessible within each section.

The tournament lobbies are busy with info, which can be daunting for new players, but it’s all essential data that you need when playing tournament poker and just takes a bit of getting used to.

The tables themselves are well designed, with several different skins available that change the appearance and colour schemes. There is no chat facility, however, there are several emojis and custom graphics that can be used to communicate in some way with other players at the tables.

A significant feature of Unibet Poker tables is that players can change their screen name, up to 3 times a day, so those that want to remain anonymous can. This prevents other players from mining data and figuring out any weaknesses in your game.

One notable missing feature is the ability to make notes on your opponents, but this is a practical omission due to the anonymous nature of the site, as such a feature has little value when players can change their screen name regularly.

Tracking software and HUDs do not work on Unibet Poker and this is a significant player protection feature, as most recreational players do not even know what a HUD is, but pro players widely use them (when permitted) to increase their win rate over less knowledgeable opponents. 

Unibet Poker Traffic

At peak times there are over 1000 concurrent cash game players on Unibet Poker with an average of around 600 players. MTT participation is lower than on many other sites, with most tournaments hosting under 100 runners, however, there is plenty of choices and there are usually several available to enter at any one time. Like most sites, Sunday is the busiest day.

Unibet Poker Rake and Fees

Unibet Poker have the lowest fees for MTTs in the industry. Regular tournaments have fees that are a maximum of 8% of the buy-in, while the fee is just 4.8% for the most popular format, PKO tournaments. Flip satellites have no fee at all.

For sit & go games the fee for 5-handed tables is 5% while 3% is charged for the heads-up version.

Rake in cash games varies depending on the buy-in of the game:

  • The smallest micro stakes games with 2c/4c blinds deduct  2% from the pot, with a 50c cap per hand
  • Games with 5c/10c blinds take 3.5% with a cap of €1 per hand
  • Games with 15c/25c blinds take 4.5% with a cap of €2 per hand
  • Games with 25c/50c blinds take 5.5% with a cap of €2 per hand
  • Games with 0.5c/€1 blinds and higher deduct 6%, with a cap of €3 per hand
  • There’s a 50% reduction in rake taken if fewer than 4 players are starting a hand
  • No flop no drop - no rake when a hand ends before the flop

Unibet Poker Online Poker User Experience

Available via mobile, tablet or desktop, Unibet Poker looks the same and has the same functionality, whether you’re using the browser version, download version or the app. Games are optimised for each platform, with the same look, feel and product range. There are only a few very small differences when using Unibet Poker on different platforms, for example when using it on a mobile or tablet, the bet slider is positioned vertically, as opposed to horizontally when using a desktop.  Overall there are very few differences, it's the same functionality and Unibet Poker brand experience on all platforms.

Mac users may encounter issues when installing the download client, but there’s an easy fix and plenty of advice on how to do it within the Unibet Community forum.

Unibet Poker Mobile Poker

The Unibet Poker Mobile app is available for iOS and Android. It also has a similar look and feels to the download and browser versions, with the same navigation and layout. The bet slider is perhaps a little smoother and easier to use than on the browser version.

Payment Method
Deposit Amount
Withdrawal Amount
Withdraw Time
£10 Min - £10000 Max
Visa Electron
Visa Electron
£5 Min - £10,000 Max
£10 min
3-5 Days
£5 Min - £10,000 Max
£5 Min - £10,000 Max
£5 Min - £10,000 Max
£10 min
3-5 Days
Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer
£10 min
£10 min
1-5 Days
£10 min
£10 min
1-3 Days

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at Unibet Poker

UK players are not allowed to use credit cards, but several other payment methods are available, including debit cards, Apple Pay, Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, Revolut, Paypal, Trustly, Starling and bank transfers. Cryptocurrencies are not accepted. The minimum deposit is £5, but some payment methods have £10 minimums. You can deposit in several different currencies, but the gameplay in the Unibet Poker client is in euros.

The payout time varies depending on the method used, with some options completing payment within the same (working) day, and others taking up to 3 days to be fully processed. Bank transfers are available and other methods can only be used to withdraw if they have already been used to make a deposit.

Unibet Poker Sign-Up Process

The signup process at Unibet Poker is quick and easy. 

  1. Visit Unibet and click on the prominent yellow ‘REGISTER’ button
  2. Select the UK from the country list and choose your preferred language
  3. Choose your welcome offer (sportsbook and casino offers are included, but if you’re joining to play poker, we suggest you select the “get £20 extra to play with and £500 playthrough bonus” option).
  4. Enter your details, including name, email address, and date of birth and choose a password.
  5. Enter your address and contact phone number.
  6. Give your permission (or not) to receive promotional marketing messages and your preferred method of receiving them.
  7. You will be given the option to set deposit limits at this point and activate reality check warnings.
  8. A code is sent to your email address and is used to confirm your account upon first login.

You can deposit straight away, but you will be asked to verify your account to confirm your identity, which is also a straightforward process. It can take up to 48 hours to complete but is usually done within an hour or two. Before making your first withdrawal you may also be asked to verify the payment method used. This may seem like a hassle but it's there for the protection of the players. It would be worrying if checks like this did not take place.

Unibet Poker Loyalty Program

Game Lab is Unibet Poker’s unique learning academy plus a stats and achievements centre. Its purpose is to help players learn more about the game, about tournament and cash game strategy and to analyse playing stats and improve poker skills. Game Lab is also linked to Unibet Poker’s loyalty scheme, as some of the features and content can only be accessed by reaching specific levels on the program.

So how does the loyalty scheme work? For every 1c of rake/fees, you pay you are awarded experience points (XP). Keep reading, the dungeon master will explain. As you collect XP you gradually move up through a series of levels, collecting awards each time you reach the next stage. 

Awards include bonus points, tournament tickets, freeroll access, cash, bonus point multipliers and access to content within Game Lab. Bonus Points have a redemption value and can be exchanged within the Bonus Shop on the client for a cash game, HexaPro, Sit & Go or MTT tickets. 

Initially, the targets are quite small and it doesn't take too much play to move up a few levels, but the target number of XP required to move up gradually increases and it becomes much harder to progress. Most recreational players won’t get anywhere near the top levels, but they still get a bunch of rewards, even at the lower ranks of the program.

Unibet Poker also has monthly missions, which are a series of challenges that need to be completed to receive additional awards. The challenges within these missions are varied and can be as simple as visiting a specific section of the lobby, or more difficult to achieve, such as winning two hands in a row, or being dealt a specific starting hand. There is also a sign-up mission which further rewards new players with even more challenges to complete. It’s a good way to get to know the site and sample the different poker games on offer.

Unibet Poker Customer Support

Although Unibet does not provide telephone support, they do provide support via live chat and email, but most of the time you won't need to contact them at all, as the online help centre has the answers to most of the questions that you might need to ask. If you send an email you receive an automated reply first and then you get an actual reply sometime later. If you have an urgent enquiry, live chat is recommended as the quickest way to get in touch with Unibet support.

Available Hours: 24/7
Phone: +00 207 257 8701

Responsible Gambling Features at Unibet Poker

In 2022 Unibet won the Social Responsibility of the Year award at the Global Gaming Awards, for the third year in a row, and for good reason. 

Unibet has a range of responsible gambling features to help you stay in control. These include a reality check pop-up that appears every 30, 60 or 90 minutes to warn players how long they have been online and how much they have staked, won or lost. Deposit and loss limitations can also be set and in fact, a suggestion to do so is included during the sign-up process. 

Our Verdict

Unibet Poker is a great site for casual players looking for fun games with relatively easy opponents. It's also good for people who are new to the game and are considering playing poker for the first time. The software is easy to use and presents the same look, feel and functionality on all platforms. With a browser version available, there’s actually very little need to use the download version. 

The product range may not be as extensive as many other sites, but it ticks all the most important boxes. Tournaments are optimised for the recreational player, so there’s no need to stay awake until the wee hours if you run deep and there’s plenty to choose from in a variety of different formats.

There’s a good range of deposit options and with £20 of free poker tickets and a £500 playthrough bonus for UK players, Unibet Poker is a good choice for poker players of all levels.

However, it may not be suited to all poker pros as there is no traditional rakeback and tracking software/HUDs do not work. Even though these features are not available, the softness of the games and frequent overlays in tournaments make it a good option for those pros who aren’t reliant on a HUD to make a profit. 

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