French Open Odds 2024

Find the best French Open odds on offer at licensed betting sites. This page allows you to quickly discover the bookmakers with the top French Open betting odds for any player you fancy.

How to Take Advantage of Roland Garros Odds

It is important to consider the surface when studying Roland Garros odds. This is the only Grand Slam that takes place on clay, which is a slower surface than grass and hardcourts. It slows down the ball and generates a higher bounce than the other surfaces. Clay negates many of the advantages enjoyed by big servers on hardcourts and grass.

The surface suits baseline players that can produce a lot of spin, and it is not particularly well suited to anyone that relies on a serve-and-volley approach. Athletes in peak physical condition also tend to perform well at Roland Garros, as the clay courts often result in long, draining rallies that require mental strength and defensive prowess along with physical endurance. You may want to avoid players carrying knocks, as anyone with a niggling injury will find conditions increasingly challenging as the rounds progress.

Clay courts are most prevalent in Europe and Latin America, and Spanish players have a particularly strong record on the surface. By contrast, hardcourts dominate in North America and Australia, whereas grass is favoured in the UK, so players from countries such as Spain, France, Greece, Argentina and Brazil may have an advantage. That has certainly been the case in the men’s draw, with the likes of Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz dominating in the modern era.

When you have identified clay court specialists in excellent physical condition, you can find the tennis betting sites offering the best French Open winner odds on your chosen player.

You will often find opportunities to hedge your bets in the latter stages of the tournament. For example, let’s say you bet $20 on a player to win the tournament at 8/1 and he reaches the final. By that point, he is the 3/4 favourite, and his opponent is priced at 13/10. You could then bet $70 on the opponent and lock in a profit of around $70, regardless of who wins.


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