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PayPal rose to prominence thanks to its close ties with eBay, and now it's one of the world's largest Internet payment companies, with almost 200 million users worldwide signed up. With a user-base that astronomical, it's no surprise PayPal is also one of the most popular payment options used at online casinos and bookmakers. With so many players looking for casinos to deposit via PayPal, we've put together this complete guide to online gambling with PayPal!

What to Know About PayPal

The US-based online payments system originated in 1998 as Confinity before some behind-the-scene shake ups resulted in a rebrand as PayPal in 2001. The company then went public in 2002 only to be acquired by close partner - and largest adopter of PayPal - eBay for $1.5 billion later that year. In 2015, eBay announced PayPal would be spun-off into a separately traded company.

By 2014, PayPal was moving well over $200 billion annually in over 30 different countries. PayPal's established brand presence, extensive security measures and overall accessibility has turned this once eBay feature into one of the most prominent eWallets to ever hit the web. There are few online casinos and bookmakers anywhere in the world that do not accept deposits via PayPal.

Why You Should Gamble Online with PayPal

Privacy seems to be the main draw to PayPal as a primary depositing and withdrawing option at online casinos. When using PayPal, players' personal bank account and card information is never transmitted across the web or even to the casino site itself. Thanks to the PayPal account all users sign up for, personal banking information is never passed along to a third party.

On top of the added security and safety of PayPal, online casino goers love the speed of PayPal depositing. A player who chooses to deposit via a PayPal account will instantly see their funds added to their casino account; no need to wait for processing or anything time consuming like that. Players are instantly given access to their deposit so they can start playing right away.

Advantages to PayPal Services

The advantages to PayPal as a whole are generally whittled down to two main features: security and speed. But PayPal is conprised of a few different services including PayPal Access Card and PayPal.Me to name a few. These more unique services of PayPal carry their own advantages, which are laid out below:

PayPal eWallet

  • Unite credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts in a single, online space.
  • Pay online with just your username and password.
  • Receive payments from individuals and businesses, which can be used to make purchases or transferred to your cards/bank accounts.

PayPal App

  • Send and receive payments using a mobile number and PIN.
  • Pay in-store at selected outlets.

PayPal Access Card

  • A physical MasterCard debit card linked to the PayPal e-wallet.
  • Make payments like a normal debit card.
  • Withdraw PayPal funds from ATMs.
  • Touch payment with PayPass.

Business Solutions

  • Receive payments in-store.
  • Receive payments via online stores.
  • PayPal Here card reader accepts card payments anywhere.
  • Receive money transfers.


  • Peer-to-peer payment available.
  • Permits players to send a request for funds via text, email, or other platforms.
  • Launched in 18+ countries.

Finding the Top Rated PayPal Casinos

eBay is directly linked to PayPal, but thousands of shops, both online and on the high street also accept PayPal. A full list is available on the PayPal website, and includes all major online gambling sites. The PayPal Access Mastercard is accepted everywhere that accepts MasterCard, and PayPass can be used for travel on London's TFL network.

How Do I Sign Up with PayPal?

The online sign-up form is free, quick and easy, you'll just need to supply your: Name, Email Address, Chosen Password, Physical Address, Bank or Credit/Debit Card Details and Date of Birth. Verification will be necessary for certain services, which means you'll need to supply PayPal with: Proof of Identity (a scanned copy of your passport or driving licence) and Proof of Address. At the time of writing, the PayPal Access Card is available by invitation only in the UK.

Does PayPal Cost Anything?

Owning an online account, including the e-wallet and PayPal app, and making payments is free. However, some services are charged. These include:

  • Currency Conversion | Paying in a currency different from that of your PayPal account will incur a conversion charge of between 0.4% and 7.4% of the transaction, depending on the currencies and whether the money comes from a bank account, debit or credit card.
  • Transferring Money Abroad | A cross border fee of 0.3% and 7.4% of the total transaction is applied to money being sent abroad, depending on whether you fund the transfer with a bank account, credit or debit card, and where the money is sent.
  • Receiving Payments | Money transfers are free if funded by PayPal balance, bank account or debit cards, but credit card transfers carry a 3.4% + 20p fee, and the sender chooses who pays.
  • Seller Fees | If you're selling, whether via eBay, virtual store or real store, fees range from 1.4% + 20p to 5% + 5p per transaction.

The Safety and Security of PayPal

PayPal offer all users Buyer Protection, so if a purchased item fails to arrive, or doesn't match the seller's description, PayPal will reimburse you. Transactions never involve sharing personal or banking details, reducing the risk of fraud; and PayPal encrypts and monitors every transaction, 24/7, to prevent against fraud and identity theft. PayPal also have a dedicated Resolution Centre to deal with customer problems and payment disputes.

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