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PayPal Casinos

We’ve compiled a list of the best onlines casinos that accept PayPal below so that you can just the best one for you.

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PayPal Deposit & Withdrawal at US Online Casinos

There’s usually an array of payment methods available at U.S. casino and online sports betting sites. In fact, many of the newest casinos launching online in the U.S. offer PayPal for deposits and withdrawals because it is a proven way to add funds to your account and access your winnings.

PayPal Deposit Limits

When depositing funds to your casino account there are some limits applied by a majority of casinos. Expect to find limits to your PayPal deposits similar to the following:

PayPal Withdrawal Limits

The withdrawal limits applied are a lot simpler. With PayPal, you can withdraw as much as $40,000 per transaction between the casino and your e-wallet account. Expect about 48 hours of processing time for the withdrawal, and you can access your money instantly upon approval.

Are PayPal Deposits & Withdrawals at Online Casinos Secure?

PayPal has a great reputation for secure online payments between its users and online betting sites. Each online casino that accepts payments with PayPal ensures the process is safe for its players.

Are There Fees For Online Casino Deposits or Withdrawals With PayPal?

No, don’t expect to pay any fees for making a PayPal deposit or withdrawal. Because of the payment provider’s simplicity, it doesn’t cost anything to facilitate these transactions. PayPal and any casino that accepts the e-wallet will never charge you a fee.

Does PayPal Make Deposits and Withdrawals with Online Casinos Faster?

Unlike the wait time you can expect from other payment options, PayPal makes all your transactions faster, meaning you can dive into online slots, live dealer and other casino games, or sports betting that much quicker. This internet payment provider is able to quickly send and accept funds online without the same barriers faced by many financial institutions, making a good deposit and withdrawal method.

Credit and debit cards only work about 50% of the time because of a misapplied federal law from 2006 that was meant to curtail illegal gambling, not legal gambling, as well as financial institutions’ concerns over how the U.S. Department of Justice will apply the Wire Act. The problem in those cases is not with the operator but rather the bank, but it is a huge reason why so many who bet online or with betting apps prefer using third parties such as PayPal.

What Other Options Are Offered Where PayPal Is Accepted?

While PayPal might be one of the best and most-reliable payment methods offered at online casinos and sportsbooks, there are often other payment options for casino players and sports bettors to choose from. Check out our breakdown of some of the most common options for paying to play below:

Now that you know all about the benefits of using PayPal over other payment methods, we recommend going to the top of the page and adding your state to see the top PayPal casinos available to you. Then register, fund your account and play!


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Many online casinos accept and actually prefer PayPal, but be sure to check before registering. That information is often at the bottom of the casino site’s home page or on its payment page.

There is no minimum deposit amount for PayPal, though online casinos can set their own minimum.

PayPal only allows users to deposit up to $500 every day and $4,000 every month.

PayPal casinos are totally secure, as is PayPal as a payment method. It’s one of the more secure ways to deposit money into your online casino account, as PayPal is protected by firewalls and 128-bit SSL encryption.

If you are playing at a licensed, legal and regulated online casino in your state, there’s no reason to fret when using PayPal. That’s because PayPal will shield all of your banking and finance information, as well as your personal PayPal information.

It’s perhaps even more secure to use PayPal with mobile casinos than on desktop versions. This is due to the specific mobile security key that PayPal enacts to secure your PayPal account information.

When going from your account to the online casino, yes. When depositing to your PayPal account, it depends on the method, but for the most part credit card and debit card deposits will show up in your account within a few minutes. Bank transfers can take a few days, as the transaction must be cleared by the bank. For a small fee, you can use PayPal’s Instant Transfer option for these types of transactions.

PayPal chronicles all of your transactions under the “Summary” section. It’s as simple as scrolling through the listed transactions to find out if and when a payment, deposit or withdrawal has gone through. There are also filters available that will allow you to sort through your history.

If you make a payment with insufficient funds on PayPal, your account will either not process the transaction or show a negative figure reflecting the amount the payment was deficient. PayPal will then send a request to your attached bank account within 24 hours.

Yes, you will receive rewards for using PayPal to make payments at casino sites, just as you would receive awards for any payment method to that casino.

The greatest benefits to using PayPal for casino sites is the level of security protecting your personal information, the speed with which funds go between PayPal and your account, and the lack of issues with payments being accepted. Simply put, it works extremely well. Sme online casinos will offer exclusive bonus offers available only to those who choose PayPal to incentivize its use.

Customers with any number of questions, problems or other issues can contact PayPal’s customer support department through a variety of methods. The customer service hotline is 1 (888) 221-1161, but users can also ask representatives questions via a live web chat feature, as the PayPal community via message boards, send an email or visit PayPal’s online Resolution Center.



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