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If the name rings a bell, then it’s likely you’ll have come across Jackpot Joy Bingo at some point on the television or in the press, with TV star Paddy McGuinness fronting its latest advertising campaign. In terms of current media presence, Jackpot Joy is arguably at the head of the pack – so has it got the website to back it up?

  • Generous bonuses consistently offered
  • Quality support staff
  • Lackluster site design


Like the best online casino or gambling sites out there, Jackpot Joy Bingo offers a loyalty scheme that rewards players that regularly return to play. Alongside the usual privileged access to promotions and bonuses, there’s also Birthday Bonuses, offers on luxury treats such as 5-star weekend breaks and the occasional invite to Royal Ascot if players are lucky.

One very impressive feature that’s almost unrivalled elsewhere is the Joy Points scheme, where players earn points as they play that can later be spent in the Shop of Joy. Prize draw tickets for anything from a widescreen TV to a gas barbeque can be bought with the Joy Points, giving players even more chances to get lucky and win big.

Game Options and Features

There are a number of different types of bingo on offer here; the usual 75 ball and 90 ball formats are here in various guises, while the flagship title is Bingo Royale. This features Super Jackpots of between £1,000-£25,000 and a caricature of Ms Windsor herself issuing a ‘royal pardon’, which calls for five more balls and creates even more winners.

Although it’s first and foremost a bingo site, there’s also an array of games that cover more or less everything from card games to slots. You can try your hand at blackjack and video poker, or have a few goes on some well-known and much-loved progressive slot machines.


Jackpot Joy Bingo uses its own proprietary software to power the site and its games. All in all, it’s a very impressive piece of kit, running a vast number of games with apparent ease and a fluidity that even large software providers struggle to provide. All games are available for instant play online, so there’s no need to find any memory space for software downloads. Access to most games is limited to registered users and, although there are a number of demos available, these are non-bingo related.

Support and Banking

A comprehensive, searchable help page is really useful and answers more or less everything you’d need to ask. However, if you do need extra assistance, the site offers a helpline, an email address and even an option to speak to someone via live chat.

Online transactions are regulated by all the codes and official bodies that you’d expect, while several payment and withdrawal options are supported, including PayPal.

Payment Method Deposit Amount Withdrawal Amount Withdraw Time
VISA 5 Min - 20000 Max £10 Min - £25000 Max 2-3 Days
MasterCard 10 min £10 min 1-3 Days
Apple Pay 10 min £10 min Instant
Maestro 10 min - 1-3 Days


Perhaps one of the best things about Jackpot Joy Bingo is its Social Club, which invites members to join the site for specially-organised days (or nights) out in their local city or town. There is some limited criteria under the terms and conditions for each event, but members can even bring guests along that aren’t members. Trips are organised further afield too, with one recent event involving a package trip to Benidorm.

The chat rooms on the site are very active too, mirroring the social nature of traditional bingo. There’s a team of 12 chat room hosts – each with their own individual bio to read – that keep things well-moderated and friendly. There’s even a page dedicated to bingo-specific chat lingo to help familiarise new players quickly and make them feel at home.

User Experience

The presentation of the site was once slightly convoluted but is now streamlined and perfectly simple, giving players an ease of use that’s hard to rival. Menu headers are limited to the essentials and, whilst banners and offers are there, they never get in the way of finding the game or information you’re looking for.

Available Hours: 24/7

Our Verdict

Jackpot Joy Bingo fits right in along side all the other elite bingo offerings. They provide a vibrant community, quality game selection and wealth of information for new-comers to the timeless game. Don't miss out on their generous bonuses going on right now!