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Originally launched in July 2011, Jumpman Gaming is a relative newcomer to the world of online bingo, but its bright, easy-to-use style and growing network has quickly established the brand as a quality bingo game software provider. The combination of simple, effective software and fun, vibrant games has quickly made Jumpman a firm favourite both among newbies looking for an easy introduction and bingo veterans looking to focus on their game and avoid online gimmickry.


Jumpman has clearly thought hard about how its '15 Network’ group of bingo sites can be customised to deliver genuine variety to online bingo players, however they want to play. Sites like Bingo Port and Oh My Bingo allow players to register and play for free, without providing any payment details, while the range of additional B2B and B2C sites have a range of tailored perks ranging from cashback on losses to charity donations for every cash deposit. The integration of these unique features is seamless, and adds an extra dimension to every site running Jumpman software.

On every Jumpman site, signup options are immediately visible on the homepage, and the forms are easy-to-understand. Terms and conditions are clearly flagged and there are no sneaky attempts to sign you up for anything you don’t want to be a part of. Where bonus points and features are available to spend at selected partner sites, such as other major bingo providers, the link through to where players can spend them is clearly integrated.

User Experience

The core of Jumpman’s approach to online bingo is simplicity and clarity. Every page has a bold, clear menu that labels every section you need on their sites. There’s no flashy interactive areas or showy special events like you might get at rival Cozy Games, just a selection of well-organised sites, each with their own unique selling point and strong range of bingo, slot and instant-win games.

The only additional feature in this vein is the software’s chat function, which serves its function well. Positioned neatly beside each of their bingo games, the chat windows allow players to engage with everyone else in the room and with dedicated hosts for each of the major games. These windows can be simply shut down, however, should you wish to focus on the game.

A simple console allows users to instantly see how to purchase tickets, make their decision, and quickly transition into the live bingo environments. It’s a welcome change from the trend toward producing complex, gimmicky online bingo spaces crowded with special features, options and add-ons. To prevent the simplicity becoming visually dull, Jumpman tends to deliver bright, bold environments with playful imagery and bubbly sound effects to ensure that, even if the software is clean and simple, the experience is still full of energy. The online chat spaces play a big part too. The pared-down consoles are inviting for all players, regardless of age or skill level, and that makes for a fun, friendly environment.

Game Options

The selection of games available isn’t as wide as major rivals like Dragonfish who have much bigger economic firepower behind them, but what Jumpman lacks in volume, it more than makes up for in playability and fun. Jumpman software includes both 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo, allowing players to link online for huge games with lots of big prizes. Also on offer is video bingo, which allows players to indulge in a game of bingo alone, against a virtual bingo hall in a slot-like environment. It might not sound like an exciting option, but it’s great for those periods when the 90-ball and 75-ball games are quiet, or when you fancy fighting the odds rather than facing off against online rivals. In all instances, users have the option to turn the ‘auto dabber’ on or off, so you can try to keep up with the quick calls yourself, or, if you’re playing multiple tickets for maximum effect, have the software do the marking for you.

As well as bingo games, Jumpman offers a variety of slot and instant win games. Always available via a separate tab, rather than cluttering its sleek and simple bingo offerings with ‘side games’, these offer another outlet when the halls go quiet or players want a change. Progressive jackpots are a central feature to many of Jumpman’s games, with bingo games and instant wins alike climbing to impressive figures during busy periods. This is largely due to pooling across the 15 Network. At the time of writing, recent big wins had risen as high as £18,600.


Jumpman Gaming clearly understands the value of a quality promotional campaign as evidenced by their plethora of generous promotions offered throughout the day, week, month, and year depending on where and what game you are playing. If you like to play games with the best deals, Jumpman has you covered. If you enjoy promotions centered on specific events and dates, Jumpman has you covered. If you prefer random generated promotions that apply generally to online-gambling as to motivate players to expand their online-gambling horizons, Jumpman has you covered. When it comes to promotions, Jumpman has you covered.

Support and Security

If you investigate Jumpman through their online website, you'll see under their 'Our Services" tab, there is a Fraud Prevention icon. Underneath the icon reads "Our single-customer view and strict KYC checks keep fraud and abuse at bay." Jumpman understands that inorder to fully enjoy your onling-bingo experience, security must never be a concern. If players fear they might be at any risk of fraud or unfair play, their fun goes out the window along with their deposit, so its easy to see why security is so important to Jumpman.

Jumpman Gaming's support staff isn't the most noteworthy among online-bingo software providers but certainly holds their own. A useful Contact Us section is used to help smooth out communication regarding concerns. Support can also be reached via post.

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