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EuroJackpot was founded in March 2012 and quickly became a popular alternative to the EuroMillions brand. 16 nations now participate in the lottery, making it one of the region's biggest gambling events. Draws are located in Finland's capital Helsinki and take place every Friday night at 8pm Central European Time.

How It Works

EuroJackpot players select five main numbers from between one and 50, then choose two bonus digits between one and 10. This is only slightly different to the EuroMillions format of picking two bonus numbers from between one and 11, and in fact, the lottery's rules are extremely similar to its biggest competitor across the board. Punters shouldn't dismiss EuroJackpot as a clone, however – by having one fewer bonus number, the odds are one in 95,344,200 for winning the jackpot, compared to a much less favourable one in 116,531,800 for EuroMillions.

Jackpot Info

The lottery guarantees that its jackpots will start at a minimum of €10 million, but rollovers can push this figure up to a €90 million cap if no-one manages to match the right numbers. Although seasoned punters may point out that this figure is small in comparison to €190 million limit on EuroMillions, it all comes down to probability of actually winning: EuroJackpot's organisers designed the lottery to be a lower-value version of EuroMillions with more frequent payouts for punters.

The ultimate goal of the lottery is to match all five main numbers plus two bonus digits to claim the entire pot. This isn't the only way to cash in on EuroJackpot, however: there are actually 12 ways to win cash. Players can:

Prize amounts for each of these combinations aren't fixed, and fluctuate based on the value of each new week's jackpot.

How to Play

Players can enter EuroJackpot by purchasing tickets from licensed retailers in participating countries. Entrants can also buy directly through the lottery’s website, and punters who live outside participating states may participate by purchasing through a middleman concierge service such as TheLotter.

Punters can select their own draw numbers or opt to use an official random number generator. Interestingly, EuroJackpot's main site features lists of statistics relating to the outcomes of previous draws for players who want to approach the selection process strategically.

The lottery's organisers catalogue previous weeks' results on a dedicated page. The most recent numbers are uploaded quickly after every new draw, making the .org homepage one of the handiest places to check results. The page is mobile-compatible and should work with both Android and Apple iOS smartphones or tablets. It's also possible to check results via dedicated mobile apps for each of the aforementioned operating systems.

Gamblers who’re thinking of buying a few EuroJackpot lines for the first time should take care to familiarise themselves with specific payout conditions for their country. Winning tickets are valid for different periods in each gambling jurisdiction, as players are subject to terms negotiated in conjunction with national providers rather than EuroJackpot as a whole. It's worth noting that players who buy tickets online avoid this hassle, as the lottery automatically credits winnings to player accounts. Many lottery concierge services operate this way too, but it's always best to check before you buy.

As with all lottery draws, gamblers are also advised to check the minimum legal gambling age in their respective countries before taking part. Most states set 18 years old as the minimum age, but this can be as high as 21 for other areas; winnings are automatically forfeited if claimed by an underage player, so it really can pay to do a little research. Finally, given that EuroJackpot isn't as firmly established as some larger providers, it's important to look out for fraudulent ticket sellers.