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Jackpot.com is owned and operated by British company Lottomatrix Ltd and was launched in 2016 to tap into the growing popularity of online lottery betting. Despite being a young player in the market, Jackpot.com is already making its mark and offers a nice, easy-to-use website and mobile app with a growing number of lottery games.


Jackpot.com does run ad-hoc promotions and offers as well as seasonal competitions on social media, so it is worth following them on Facebook and Twitter to hear about their latest promotions. Current promotions at the time of writing include a special discount for the first-month lotto subscription. The monthly subscription discount is available on these lotteries: EuroMillions, Powerball, MegaMillions, Irish Lotto, JackpotLotto, Jackpot Millions, Luzzu Lotto. Apart from lottery subscription discounts, we also have new offers almost every week – available at Jackpot.com homepage.

Jackpot.com does offer a unique deal for lotto-lovers, a €9.99 monthly subscription on Powerball, Mega Millions, Irish Lotto and EuroMillions, which is almost 60% discount compared to other sites. There are also new promotions at Jackpot.com every week and some constant offers as well.

What Lotteries are Offered at Jackpot.com?

When Jackpot.com first launched in 2016 it only offered a handful of lottery games but it has since expanded its selection and there are now upwards of 20 to pick from. The four main UK-based lottery games – namely Euromillions, Lotto, Thunderball and Health Lottery.

All are available at Jackpot.com, along with international games like MegaMillions, SuperEnalotto and Irish Lotto. With the four UK games, players take part by joining a syndicate, whereas with the non-UK games, you are betting on the results of the draw. This distinction is due to legislation, so which game you play will depend partly on whether you want to bet or join.

How Does Jackpot.com Work?

Jackpot.com enables its users to either bet individually on the outcome of different lotteries, also known as lottery betting, or join an online lottery syndicate. Online lottery sites such as Jackpot.com give players the chance to take part in the world’s biggest lottery games without having to visit the country of origin or even buy a ticket.

And what’s great about Jackpot.com is that both the odds of winning and the prize money are exactly the same as if you were playing directly, so you have the same chances of success. To join a syndicate, simply select the lottery game you would like to play from the list and then choose how many shares you want.

The website will display how many shares are available and at what price. Naturally, the more shares you buy, the bigger slice of any winnings you’ll receive. According to statistics, one in five of the top prizes in the UK National Lottery games is won by a syndicate, and with Jackpot.com you don’t need to find a group of people to join in.

Jackpot.com organises syndicates for almost 20 different lottery games. Some of these will play random numbers, some will guarantee to match at least one main number, while others will guarantee to match any bonus numbers. The tickets are purchased by the company’s agents and players are contacted if they have won anything.

Jackpot.com also offers a subscription-based service for players to automatically play certain lotteries without having to join each time. Customers can change numbers and cancel subscription whenever they want. Multidraws are also available at Jackpot.com for players to take advantage.

Support & Banking

Winners will be notified by email and prizes will be deposited into their account “at the earliest possible time”. If you're part of a syndicate, it may take a little longer than if you are betting individually as the site needs to calculate your share of the winnings.

Jackpot.com does not take any commission from your winnings so what you win is what you get, but players should check whether their winnings are taxable depending on where they live. Jackpot.com accepts deposits and withdrawals from a huge range of e-wallet services.

Deposits are instant but withdrawals can take up to three days depending on which method you used to make your intitial deposit. The minimum amount for withdrawals is only £1/€1 while withdrawals over £1,000/€1,000 must be arranged with the company’s customer support team.

Jackpot.com doesn’t currently accept bank transfers but it is planning to add this banking method in the near future. Their customers can contact Support via Whatsapp and Facebook messengers now, which is somewhat unique to this offering as most other lotto sites do not offer these modes of communication.

Payment Method
Deposit Amount
Withdrawal Amount
Withdraw Time
10 Min
£1,000 Max
1-3 Days
10 Min
£1,000 Max
1-3 Days
10 Min
£1,000 Max
1-3 Days
10 Min
£1,000 Max
1-3 Days

How Do Prices Match Up with Competitors?

Prices vary depending on the lottery game that you’re entering. For example, one line in the MegaMillions draw is £3/€3 but an entry for the German Lotto, which has a far lower jackpot, is only £1/€1. Syndicate share prices are displayed on the Games page of the website for players to easily access. Other leading lottery sites, in comparison, charge less for the MegaMillions but more for the German Lotto, but there’s a minimum number of lines that you have to play, which there isn’t at Jackpot.com.

Available Hours: 7:00 GMT and 19:00 GMT
Phone: +44 113 280 5827
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