Foxwoods Resort Casino Introduces New Live Mobile Roulette

Date IconLast Updated: 28 Sep 2022
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Foxwoods Resort Casino Introduces New Live Mobile Roulette

Foxwoods Resort Casino has been serving the gambling needs of the New England region of the United States at the highest level since 1986. This week, the legendary casino unveiled an exciting new feature that’s been months in the making.

Authentic Gaming Partnership Key

Thanks to the revolutionary mobile gambling technology of Authentic Gaming, Foxwoods will soon officially offer the thrill of live roulette to gamers from their own home. Yes, you heard that right.

Gamers and roulette enthusiasts in Connecticut will no longer have to travel to the United States’ largest casino to take in a live game. They'll have a virtual seat at the table even from the comfort of bed as the recently released promotional video displays:

Authentic Gaming, a Maltese-based software provider, has become synonymous with top-of-the-line innovative gambling technology. The feat accomplished in America with Foxwoods is at a new level, however, as the brand continues to expand westward into the rapidly growing US gambling market.

The provider brought its Live Roulette to Swedish bookmaker and online casino Mr Green last September to much fanfare. As a specialist in live casino services, Authentic Gaming displays a deft touch that’s unmatched by competitors when immersing gamers in the action no matter where they are.

Match Made in Heaven

The two companies announced their partnership back in January, and its proven no better way to ring in the new year for both sides. As much as Foxwoods has allowed Authentic Gaming to continue building its US brand, the casino resort has benefited just as much.

The software provider has just allowed the Connecticut casino to offer a game-changing live casino application that puts it head-and-shoulders above some of the competition, after all. Foxwoods Director of Online Gaming Seth Young said as much when addressing the landmark partnership all those months ago:

“We are thrilled to be the first US casino to stream live to online players in Europe and around the world. This is a fantastic opportunity for Foxwoods to extend its brand internationally, and to show the world what it means to experience Foxwoods hospitality.”

Authentic Gaming CEO Jonas Delin was equally as excited to become on of the first casino streaming company to make serious headway in the United States, and furthermore do it in a state other than Las Vegas.

“This is a breakthrough deal for us and the wider online gambling industry. It marks the very first time any live casino game has been streamed from the floor of a US casino to European players. Foxwoods Resort Casino is the largest casino complex in the US, offering thousands of slots and several hundred table games in addition to world renowned restaurants and nightclubs. I’m sure players will be drawn to games streamed from Foxwoods, porting them right to the heart of the action.”

Connecticut Gambling Looking Up

This news only further signifies the positive and forward-thinking attitude towards expansion that is held by the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan Native American Tribes. These tribes hold dual control over the Connecticut gambling and casino scene and Foxwoods is their stronghold.

Earlier this year, in late March, tribal leaders expressed their great interest in allowing sports betting eventually at the casino and others throughout the state, provided of course they will maintain control over the endeavor.

“We estimate that the entire sports gambling market opportunity in Connecticut is worth between $75M to $105M per year, split between all operators, before any operating costs or taxes are contemplated,” Young said on behalf of the Tribes in March. “Based on our market estimates coupled with a pragmatic tax rate, we estimate Connecticut can collect $6.5M in tax revenue after Year One of operation, escalating to $9.1M by Year Five of operation, for a total of $40M in new tax revenue over the course of five years.”

Those major figures are certainly appealing to the leaders, but they also were and still are critical of the American pro sports leagues’ requests for integrity fees. They don’t intend to cater to them by any means should the state move to allow sports betting.