Bet Slip Basics: How to Fill in a Betting Slip Online

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Bet Slip Basics: How to Fill in a Betting Slip Online
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Is there a better way to ramp up the thrill you experience whilst watching the action unfold in a horse race or a big sporting event, other than betting?

Filling in your bet slip, however, can be a daunting process for newbies and if done wrong, it could easily cost you money. If you’re a newcomer to betting, this guide will explain exactly how to complete a betting slip like a seasoned punter, before you go on to place your wagers at the best betting sites.

Placing a Traditional Bet on Horse Racing

For anyone wondering how to write out a betting slip, a horse racing betting slip is a good example to start with.

Upon walking into a betting shop, you will typically find piles of white betting slips along the walls and on the shelves. Grab one and follow these simple steps:

  • Write the name of the racecourse and the time of the race at the top of the slip, such as “York 13:30 or “Royal Ascot 16:00”.
  • Jot down the name of the horse you want to bet on.
  • If you want to guarantee that you will be paid out at the odds currently on offer for that horse, write them down. Leave the odds off your slip to take the starting price (SP).
  • Decide the type of bet to be placed. The most popular options on a horse race are win and each-way.
  • Write your stake, along with the bet you are placing, such as a “A$20 win” or “A$10 each way”.

A win bet is rather straightforward since you are just betting on your horse to finish in first place.

With an each-way bet, half of your stake goes on the horse to win the race, and the other half goes on it finishing in the top two, three, four or five places, depending on how many runners are in the race, at a fraction of the odds. After placing the bet, you will be given a receipt and if it proves successful, you can take it over to the cashier to be paid out.

For big races like the Grand National and the Grade 1 contests at the Cheltenham Festival, you will find coupons that simplify the whole process. You will see the names of the various runners, and you can mark a white box next to the horses you want to bet on.

You can then mark the stake and the type of bet you wish to place. You will be given a receipt after handing it over, informing you of your potential payout.

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Placing an Online Bet on Horse Racing

Online betting has made the process of wagering on a horse race much easier for punters. You start by visiting one of the best horse racing betting sites and searching for the race you wish to bet on.

Click on the horse racing section and you will see all the races taking place that day, plus a number of ante-post races due to run at a later date.

  • Click on the race you are interested in, and you will be presented with a list of the runners, along with relevant information about them.
  • Click on the odds displayed next to the horse you like the look of, and you will trigger a digital betting slip. This typically appears to the right of the screen, featuring your selection and the race it is running in.
  • You can then type the amount of money you wish to wager on that horse into a white box, mark whether you want to go each-way or to take the starting price (SP), and then click on the button that says “Place Bet”.
  • Apart from a simple ‘Single’ bet, you will also be able to place different types of combination bets such as doubles, trebles, fourfolds, Yankees and others, simply by adding more horses (from different races, or even the same race) to your digital betting slip. After doing so, select the combination(s) of your choice from the bottom of the mentioned betting slip.
  • You can remove a selection from your digital betting slip at any time if a mistake is made.
  • Claim an online receipt that tells you the name of your horse, the race and the potential payout you stand to receive will be given.

Both new betting sites and established online bookmakers have seamlessly integrated the traditional betting slip into their online offerings, making it far neater and simpler. It is a lot easier to fill in a betting slip online. Why? It’s simply because there are no ambiguities and the chances of making a mistake are greatly diminished.

You also have all the information at your disposal before making a selection. That is one reason why online betting has become a lot more popular than betting in a physical shop. You can place wagers from the comfort of your home or while on the go, and all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. Plus, lots of online bookies give you perks like free bets when you sign up, which is another advantage to betting online.

Placing a Traditional Sports Bet

For many people wondering how to fill out a betting slip, football is the sport of choice. If this is the case, write:

  1. The match you want to bet on at the top of the slip, such as “Liverpool vs Chelsea”.
  2. The type of bet you want to place. It could be “Firmino to score first” or “Both teams to score”. If you want to bet on the winner, you could simply write “Liverpool to beat Chelsea”.

If you want to lock in the current odds, write them down. The cashier will check they are correct and circle them if so. Then write down your stake.

You will find football coupons in most betting shops, and they make this process easier. Mark the box next to the selection you like, mark another box for your stake and then hand the coupon over to the cashier.

Placing an Online Sports Bet

It is far easier to place a sports bet online than in person. When visiting the best football betting sites, simply search for the match or tournament you are interested in and you will be presented with a wide range of betting options, laid out in a neat, easily-accessible format. A physical coupon in-store will only offer a limited number of markets, whereas you can often find hundreds of intriguing bets on a single match at leading online bookmakers and betting apps.

You simply click on a bet that appeals to you and it automatically opens up a betting slip to the right-hand side of the screen. You can enter the amount of money you wish to wager in a box next to your selection, and it will tell you how much profit you stand to earn.

Keep adding as many bets as you like to the slip, and remove any you are not happy with, before clicking “Place Bet”. It will then give you a receipt and tell you what your potential return is. It is a really simple, efficient process and you will quickly get to grips with it, as the best sites are extremely intuitive and user-friendly.

How to Place a Multi Bet

A multi bet is a perfect way to maximise the entertainment value of your bets and gain a higher return from a smaller stake. It involves combining multiple selections into one wager to earn higher cumulative odds, with the caveat that they must all win for you to be paid out. You might not know how to write out a betting slip, multi or otherwise, but it is actually pretty simple.

  1. Write down all your selections on the slip. For example: “Chelsea to beat West Ham, Juventus to beat Napoli, Barcelona to beat Espanyol, Celtic to beat Motherwell”.
  2. Then write “multi”, “accumulator” or “four-fold”.
  3. Write the odds if you want to take the current price on each leg, and then write down the amount of money you wish to stake.

However, you rarely have to follow this process, as most betting shops have dedicated coupons for multiples. In such cases, just mark the box next to the teams you wish to include, then mark the box for the bet you wish to place. If you choose two teams, it is a double, three is a treble, four is a four-fold, five is a five-fold and so on. Then fill in your stake.

How to Place a Multi Bet Online

It is even easier to place a multi online. Simply search for a sporting event that you are interested in, find a bet that appeals to you and tap on it. That selection will be added to the betting slip that appears to the right of the screen.

Find another bet you like the look of, tap on it, and it will appear underneath your initial selection. Keep doing this as many times as you like. At the bottom of your slip, there will be the option for a multi bet. If you have chosen five selections, it will read “Fivefold Multi” or “5-Fold” or something similar. You add your stake in a white box in that section of the betting slip and then click “Place Bet”.

It’s as simple as that. Once again, you will be presented with a receipt that tells you the payout you stand to receive if all of your selections prove correct.

Before placing your bet, it's a good idea to check whether or not your chosen online bookie offers Acca insurance.

Finding the Bookie for Your Bet

It is now time for you to start enjoying the excitement of sports betting, but choosing the right bookie can be a minefield in itself.

It is an extremely competitive industry, and it is important to wade through a sea of unscrupulous sites in order to find trustworthy bookmakers that have a strong reputation for fairness, transparency and security.

We have been covering the industry for many years and we can help you find the best betting sites on the market. This will ensure you benefit from leading odds, promotions and bonuses, and stand the best chance of earning a profit.

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