Best In-Play Betting Strategies for Golf

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Best In-Play Betting Strategies for Golf

The leisurely pace of professional tournament golf makes it ideal for in-play golf betting at the best betting sites.

In this guide, we'll cover the top tips and strategies you need to know about this popular betting style. We'll also explain how you can use solid research on playing conditions and player form to make informed in-play golf bets for a better chance of success.

What Is In-Play Golf Betting? 

In-play golf betting allows punters to bet on tournaments and events as the action unfolds moment by moment. In most games, bettors need to react with lightning speed to maximize potential value bets. But in-play golf betting is different. 

Golf is played at a much slower pace than other sports, with players taking several minutes to travel to their ball and line up their next shot. This gives punters much more time to consider their options on an in-play bet. Successful in-play golf betting requires solid knowledge of the course and a player’s history on the layout. 

Entering a stretch of the statistically most difficult holes on the course? It might be time to wait. Coming up on a hole where the player has gone under par in previous rounds? It might be time to strike.  And as always, weather conditions are worth considering, as they can have a substantial impact on every shot.

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How to Bet In-Play on Golf

The live golf betting process with golf betting sites is much the same as pre-tournament betting. But the big difference is that in-play golf odds are constantly changing in response to a player's position on the leaderboard.

The odds can change drastically if a golfer drops a few shots or if a competitor starts to surge ahead. Top online bookmakers will alert you to changes in golf betting odds as you're placing your bet, so you know exactly what price you're backing.

Betting sites and betting apps will likely feature in-play betting as one of the main options on their homepages. If you don't see golf betting odds in the in-play section, just visit the golf section of the site and you should find all of the in-play odds there.

Bookies have live golf betting markets for all the big PGA Tour and European Tour events, as well as the four majors and the Ryder Cup. Just keep in mind that a major championship or Ryder Cup will tend to come with more in-play markets than regular tournaments.

Watch the Odds

In-play golf betting allows punters to take advantage of the natural ebbs and flows of a tournament by backing players at a point when the odds are most favourable.

Consider the following example: 

Justin Rose entered the 2021 Masters at odds of 100/1 to win the tournament. These odds dropped to 11/2 after a strong opening round which saw him take a commanding lead. Meanwhile, Augusta specialist Jordan Spieth's first-round struggles saw him six strokes behind Rose and he was handed revised odds of 7/1.

Spieth rallied to finish T3 in the tournament while Rose finished seventh. Punters who backed Spieth for an each-way win at the moment his price dropped were rewarded with a decent payout. Meanwhile, punters who backed Justin Rose after his strong opening round were left high and dry. 

In many tournaments like the Masters, the early leader rarely wins, so value can often be found further back in the field. Some players are known as strong closers and are worth considering even if their early rounds aren’t up there with the leaders.

Homework and knowing individual player trends are always important: Does the course favour left-handers? Strong putters? Does it feature small greens that place a premium on iron play? All of these factors and more will influence final positions on the leaderboard.

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Watch the Weather

Keeping a close eye on the action is hugely important when betting in-play on golf. Bookmakers don't tend to offer live streaming of golf tournaments, but you can catch all the major tournaments on TV.  

When you are planning an in-play golf bet, it's important to factor in the weather, as it will dictate how the golf course is playing on any given week.

One of the top golf betting tips is to learn which golfers excel in tough conditions. In windy, wet weather - often found at the Open Championship - you might favour players who have the most experience playing in that kind of environment.

A player who grew up playing golf in a country with harsh weather may relish the challenge posed by wind or rain. Betting in-play allows you to see how the course is playing and who it is suited to before placing a golf bet.

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Hole-by-Hole Golf Betting

Statistics on how holes are playing during tournaments are readily available, and can really help you place successful in-play golf bets.

Many tournaments are played on the same courses year after year, providing a treasure trove of data that bettors can use to establish a player’s strongest and weakest holes.

At the Masters, for instance, the par-5s on the back nine are always among the most-birdied holes on the golf course, while the three finishing holes are typically among the stingiest relative to par.

Player interviews in the days before a tournament may also provide insight into where they believe they’re strongest and weakest on the course.

The tour’s biggest hitters, like Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy, will always typically be strong bets on par-5s no matter where the event is taking place.

At the same time, top putters like Jordan Spieth may be worth considering at courses - like Augusta National - that are infamous for their slick greens.

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Why Choose In-Play Golf Betting?

In-play betting sites are hugely popular across a host of sports because bettors can make informed decisions based on what they are watching.

Consistency is a challenge for most golf stars, with even some of the game's greats missing the cut from time to time, so it makes sense to assess how they're playing before placing a bet. Taking a player's history into account while also factoring in their live performance is a solid betting strategy to go with when watching a golf tournament.

Cash out betting is an option for customers as well, with the best cash out bookmakers adding another element to the experience.

It's possible to win a number of in-play bets on one golf tournament, but just remember when placing a live bet with the bookmaker to only stake what you can afford.

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