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Ana Dimitrijevic

Ana Dimitrijevic - GDC North America (NA) Manager - Slots, Bingo and Software Expert

Ana has dedicated over eight years to the European gambling industry, collaborating with an established affiliate brand that boasts a legacy of over 15 years. In tandem, she has spent the past five years deeply involved in the US market, navigating its unique challenges and opportunities.

Role at

Ana plays an essential role for in our expansive coverage for the newly regulated US market, contributing to key content and educational information we provide across all newly regulated states. Her approach is always meticulous, working alongside an expert team to stay abreast of legislative and regulatory shifts, ensuring product compliance at every turn. As new states legalise online gambling, or other discuss the possibility Ana ensures is at the forefront of news, offers and brand insight so players in the US can make smart informed decisions. With an extensive background in software development specifically for the gaming industry and prior work across Bingo and Slots projects Ana is instrumental with our teams across many locales inputting knowledge and guidance to ensure best in class content and information. 

Previous experiences... 

One of Ana's previous most notable projects was the successful launch and management of a global slots website. This project, born from collaboration with slot experts and avid players, showcased over 5,000 slot games. Ana's involvement didn't stop at ideation; she was hands-on in market research, design, and product development, both for casino and sports betting platforms. Her previous collaborations with software providers have been instrumental in ensuring that players receive quality offers, that are easily understood and communicated. Her emphasis on user experience and a regulated gaming environment truly stands out. For Ana, the player's safety and enjoyment go hand in hand. Responsible gambling isn't just a buzzword; it's a priority she's deeply committed to.

"In the gaming industry, each product has its own unique appeal. Whether it's the excitement of a slot machine, the thought behind a casino game, or the intricacies of software, I strive to make each experience stand out." - Ana Dimitrijevic

Away from the desk...

Ana speaks three languages Serbian, Italian and of course English and enjoys travelling for business and pleasure from her home in Malta. Her time spent with and working on the ever developing American iGaming landscape means she is growing to love American sports and the razzmatazz of a big game. The aim is to go to one in the near future and see what all the fuss is about in person.

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