Could Elon Musk and Tesla Help To Promote Poker in China?

Could Elon Musk and Tesla Help To Promote Poker in China?
Users of Elon Musk's Tesla vehicles in China will soon be able to play online poker in their parked cars (© PA Images)

Elon Musk could be an unlikely catalyst in the international popularity of poker courtesy of a software update, which will be live in early 2020, in his Tesla cars being sold in China.

The electric car manufacturer has announced it will offer internet-connected games in its vehicles for the very first time and Chinese owners will be able to entertain themselves with the massively popular mahjong and two poker versions.

The Silicon Valley automaker is widely seen as a leader in in-car infotainment and offers a range of games in its vehicles for the U.S. and European markets but they are not internet-connected.

However, it is noteworthy Chinese Tesla owners can only play these new games when their Tesla cars are sufficiently parked.

Big Time Poker Kicks Off 2020

There is an abundance of live poker in this modern era and 2020 kicks off with two ‘biggies’ just days into the New Year.

The Aussie Millions, which gets underway on January 4, dates back to 1998 and its main even features some familiar names.

The 2006 winner Lee Nelson penned the book ‘Kill Phil’ and 2007 winner Gus Hanson used this event as the backdrop to his book ‘ever hand revealed’.

2004’s winner, Tony Bloom, is now chairman of Brighton FC while last year’s victor, Bryn Kenney, is the current No. 1 player on the all-time winning list with $56 million in lifetime winnings listed.

A $5 Million Nottingham Party

But on the other side of the world in middle England – Nottingham to be precise – the Dusk ‘til Dawn card room could outdo the Australians with its Partypoker UK MILLIONS.

A guaranteed $1 million prize-pool is on the line for a ‘mini event’ which demands a $1,100 entry fee and also starts on January 4.

But it’s the gigantic $10,300 entry main event which will see many of the world’s best roll into town all in the hope that its $5 million guaranteed prize-pool fails to make its numbers. The Hold’em tournament is set to run between January 9-12.

In other parts of Europe there is a French Poker Open in Paris (January 2-13) with a €540 main event, a ‘Merit Poker Western’ in Cyprus (January 8-20) with a $2,000 main event and a Casinos Austria Poker Tour leg in Seefeld, the beautiful ski resort near Innsbruck, running between January 8-19 (€1,000 main event).