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KAX Media acquired Gambling.com in April of 2011 from Media Corp plc. KAX is a group of online gambling veterans who like to make sure that consumers are getting two things: #1) proper treatment by online gaming websites and #2) the best welcome bonuses available. We have redeveloped Gambling.com as a "safe harbor" where you can be assured that the gaming web sites listed on Gambling.com are reputable, financially strong and honest organizations. From working in the online gaming industry since 2003 and having attended an innumerable number of industry conferences and trade shows, we can provide you with these product recommendations based on real world, on the ground experience dealing with these companies at the front line.

In many cases we personally know the owners and investors behind the sites listed on Gambling.com. On occasion we have intervened on a player's behalf to help resolve disputes with the gaming operator. By using Gambling.com, you have taken the most important step toward avoiding problems by sticking to the legal gaming businesses with only the best reputations.

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