Updated: 19 May 2022

Best Online Pokie Sites

See our selection of the best pokie sites below and make sure to explore some of the great bonus offers available.

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Why Play Pokies Online When There Are Real Pokies and Casinos in New Zealand?

One of the key differences between top online casinos and brick and mortar casinos is the ability to play online pokie games from the comfort of your own home. Sure you could pop down to your local, but at the end of the day, that can be a pretty massive investment of time, especially if you just want a few pulls of the one arm bandit.

Being able to play online means all you have to do is open up a new tab on your computer, or whip your phone out of your pocket, and you’re good to go for a flutter.

No need to get in the car, no need to put on your number ones — in fact, there’s no need to do anything at all. You can be having a cuppa in your fluffy slippers if you want, there is no bouncer or dress code at an online casino.

What’s more, if you want to have a crack at a casino game on the go, being able to play mobile pokie games is a game-changer. We talk more about this later in the article, but there is no doubt that the mobile part of casino gaming has become just as popular as online.

Another thing that a lot of Kiwis don’t think about are the Return To Player (RTP) percentages. This is basically the percentage of your bets that the average player will get back from their deposit. And you guessed it, the RTP is way better with online casinos than it is with bricks and mortar casinos.

To put this into some context, most pokies have an RTP of between 93 to 98%. Most real word pokies will be around about the 90% mark, but it’s fairly common to see a decent number down toward 80%, which is a huge difference, giving the casino an incredibly high edge with these games.

Finally, you can’t underestimate the rate at which new online pokie games pop up. Because online games don’t need to worry about manufacturing and shipping the physical gaming units out to casinos, they can pump out an astounding amount of innovation in the form of new games.

BrandPokiesMobile Pokies ProvidersTotal Pokies ProvidersMobile Slot Games XVisit Site
Established 2018
1421 107 112 1421
Established 2018
1672 107 107 1672
Established 2017
1386 106 109 1386
Established 2003
541 13 8 520

What Are the Different Types of Online Pokies in New Zealand?

In the last few years, online pokie games have just been absolutely blasting it in terms coming up with different styles of games. So it makes sense then that pokie games come in all shapes and sizes — so it’s important to know which ones to look out for and which ones are going to best suit your style of play.

Branded Pokies

Branded pokies are now some of the most popular games that you can play online. These are the games that are attached to the likes of movies, TV shows, game shows, sports teams, and any other brand you can think of.

Honestly, you would be surprised at the amount of household names that are attached to what you thought was just a little game of pokies. Online pokies are now a worldwide sensation, so all of the big brands and franchises are hopping onboard. You’ll probably also find that branded titles are a little more polished than your average video pokie. There are a couple of reasons why.

The first is that the budget to make the pokie is often higher given that they’ve got the financial backing of a successful brand behind them. This means that they can push technologies and therefore create more immersive games. Next, branded games need to be of a certain standard as they need to be reflective of the brand. For example, if you’ve got a pokie called “Jewels” which is rubbish, then people will just avoid the game and think nothing much of it.

However, if that same rubbish game is called Monopoly, then people will associate this rubbish game with the brand of Monopoly, damaging Monopoly’s reputations — so you bet Monopoly isn’t going to put its name next to any average pokie game. Standout branded pokie games include The Dark Knight, The Simpsons, Batman, Scarface, Jumanji and Jimi Hendrix Online Pokie.

Video Pokies

Video pokies are pretty much the “bread and butter” of online pokies. The majority of games that you will see online are video pokies. They’ve been around for ages, they’re reliable for a good bit of fun.

These games often come with features such as pay lines, pokies bonus rounds, side games, great graphics, and even mini-games. Basically, they’ve taken the classic pokie game formula, and then applied modern-day technology to make them more immersive and more exciting to play.

Games are going to range in terms of RTP and gameplay, which makes them exciting for both players and developers. Standout games include Gonzo's Quest, Starburst, Dead or Alive and Twin Spin.

Jackpot Pokies

The jackpot games are the big money pokies. This is where you can win actual, life-changing sums of money from just a simple spin of the wheel. As a result, they are often the most popular variety of online pokie game. Again, you’re probably starting to see why online pokies are now so bloody popular!

Now in saying that, there can be a bit of confusion about how these big jackpots work, and that’s because there are two types of jackpot games — standard and progressive. If it sounds a bit tricky, bear with us, we’ll suss it out together!

Your standard jackpot game is one that is usually hosted by either the casino or the software developer. They’ll set up a jackpot for that game and this will be triggered when the player hits the winnings combination. Once won, the jackpot is restarted, and the game plays out again. So a standard jackpot is just that — basically your bog-standard jackpot, so it’s pretty straightforward.

A progressive jackpot on the other hand, continues to rise the more players play the game. The game takes a small cut of every spin that is made, and this sum goes into the jackpot. These progressive jackpot games create the biggest jackpot games, and this is because they are often hosted by the game developer. This allows the jackpot to grow across multiple casinos via the same game, massively increasing exposure and therefore, increasing the jackpots on offer. Yeah, they are a bit harder to win, but boy oh boy do progressive jackpots get big!

Shoutout to some over favourite progressive jackpot games like Mega Moolah, Major Millions, Mega Fortune and Arabian Nights. As a general rule, it's a good idea to play at higher paying casinos when playing progressive jackpot pokies, because you want to get the biggest win possible from the biggest pot.

BrandPokies ProvidersJackpot PokiesTotal SlotsMobile Slot Providers XVisit Site
Established 2018
107 88 1672 107
Established 2017
109 70 1386 106
Established 2012
11 65 1924 11

Classic Pokies

The classic pokies games are almost like stripped back online pokies, and often mimic games from a bygone era, when the days were longer, and the stubbies were shorter. The games often have fewer pay lines, fewer features and generally have fewer winning combinations.

Yeah, that probably sounds pretty dull, but classic pokies are designed to remove all the “noise” that comes with video pokies, and just allow players to enjoy the simplicity of these games for what they are. It’s just some nice, chilled out fun, without some neon clown yelling in your face just to remind you that you’re playing a game of pokies.

Oh, it’s also worth noting that some of the classics can also have the highest RTP. Not bad if if you want a good chance of a win without all the shouting! Standout classic pokies include Super Nudge 6000, Break Da Bank, Double Whammy and Couch Potato.

Top 10 Real Money Pokies to Play in New Zealand

It’s highly unlikely that you’re going to sit and trawl through thousands of online pokies just to see which is the best in the business right now. Honestly, as big as online pokies have become, that also means there can be a lot of rubbish to wade through to find the best games out there.

Well, aren’t you a lucky little punter, because the team at Gambling.com have done just that, and from our testing, we’ve come up with a mix of what we think are some of the best pokies in the business right now. The games below aren’t just all video pokies either — there is a nice mix to get your juices flowing and your eyes popping.

Without further ado and on no particular order:

  1. Gonzo’s Quest – This is one of the most iconic video pokies in the industry. It started life as a NetEnt catalogue game but it’s now arguably a brand of its own. A pokie packed with features, pokie bonus rounds, free spins, and a great storyline. What more could you want?
  2. Starburst – You’re going to need to get to know Starburst well if you start to claim any bonus spins from your online casino — that’s because this game is everywhere! The majority of bonus games and spins are targeted towards Starburst and as a result, it’s a great beginner pokie with a friendly 96.08% RTP.
  3. Razor Shark – A new game from a relatively new developer in Push Gaming, Razor Shark takes a look at where online pokies might be heading. The game allows you to adjust pay lines and also win huge sums of money from the standard game.
  4. The Demon Code – Another of the newbies coming from NextGen Gaming is The Demon Code. This pokie game is so much fun with 6 reels and 25+ symbols per game, which are expandable. It comes with a 96.26% RTP and a max payout of 12,500x, making it highly lucrative.
  5. South Park – One of the OG branded pokies, South Park still sits as one of the best pokies ever made, let alone from the branded category. What sets it apart is that it has 6 bonus rounds, along with free spins, multipliers and of course, links to all of the cast. As far as depth goes, there isn’t much out there that can rival South Park.
  6. Monopoly Megaways – This awesome game brings the whole Monopoly ethos straight to the online pokies sector. You get a great mix of classics pokies, along with the inclusion of games within the Monopoly board. It’s a game that can keep you playing for hours, with a generous 96.5% RTP attached.
  7. Break Da Bank – This is in our opinion, the best of the classics. This game is as stripped back as it comes, but with a bit of a modern-day twist. You’re able to play from NZ$5 through to NZ$125 for the max spin, making it a cracker if you fancy yourself as a high roller.
  8. Mega Joker – Sticking with the classics, Mega Joker may seem like a fairly straightforward game, with 3 reels and your obvious fruit machine layout. But, it’s the 99% RTP that makes it one of the best and one of the highest RTP rates that you’re going to find from any casino game in the industry, let alone a pokie.
  9. Mega Moolah – To look at bare facts, Mega Moolah offers a pretty average 94% RTP in what is about as basic an online pokie you will find. However, it comes with a massive progressive jackpot, with the game paying out hundreds of millions in its lifetime, along with a record $20million+ payout from just NZ25 cents a spin.
  10. Jackpot Giant – Jackpot games are all about the money, and the second biggest single payout of $10million+ came from that of Jackpot Giant. Again, it’s a fairly straightforward pokie but offers a much more immersive game than that of Mega Moolah. A 21st Century progressive, if ever there was one.

Online Pokies Sites Software

We’ve spoken a couple of times in this article about game providers (AKA the software developers that make the games) and we wanted to add a little more information about that. The first thing to note is that almost all online casinos get their games from 3rd party casino software providers.

These companies create the games and then sell off the rights to the casinos. From there it’s up to the online casino to take care of the punters and make sure they have a safe and fun time. There are a couple of reasons why online casinos licence these games from 3rd party developers rather than make their own games.

The first reason is that it saves investing in the huge costs that come with game development and the research and development that comes with them. Even the simplest of games is pretty complex, and once you get into the big name branded games, you could be looking at million dollar budgets for game development. The second reason is that it’s one less job to look after. Online casinos know they can sign an agreement, often with several developers, and then the games are ready to go within their casino.

The whole online casino industry is now a highly competitive marketplace and there’s a huge emphasis on improving existing games and coming up with new, exciting titles. It’s big money for the developers, but then, the rewards are there as well if they succeed.

Let’s take a gander at the top software companies for online pokies.




Yggdrasil Gaming

Play’N Go



Online Pokies Bonuses and Free Spins in New Zealand

One of the very best parts of getting into online pokies is that each online casino is just begging for you to play on their sites. And look, if we’re being honest, a lot of casinos are pretty much the same these days, which is down to the sheer volume that there are to choose from.

But on the plus side, because there is so much competition out there, nearly every online casino does their best to up the ante to offer you, the punter, the most attractive welcome bonuses. A welcome offer, in 99% of cases, will usually try to entice you in the form of a welcome bonus or free spins.

The amount you can claim here will depend on the casino bonus that you are eligible for. This may range in terms of the wagering requirement, the amount in your first deposit and how many deposits you want to make. Now, we can hear your BS detector going off here, and yes, you’re right — there is no such thing as free money!

A key thing to note here is that welcome bonuses and free spins are rarely as fine and fancy free as they might make it out to be. Look, we’re not saying that these welcome bonuses aren’t worth it, but at the end of the day, we want to look after our Kiwi punters, so we want to give you all the info you need so that you don’t feel ripped off.

So a welcome bonus, for example, is bonus money that is initially handed out by the casino, but for you to then withdraw the cash, you need to meet a certain criterion in terms of gameplay. These are commonly known as wagering requirements.

When you’re given a bonus, you will then be told that you need to wager through that bonus a certain number of times before you are eligible to withdraw the money. This can be anywhere between 20x and 50x the bonus amount. Wagering through basically means you have to gamble that bonus money x amount of times before you can draw out the money.

So, if you were given a bonus worth NZ$100 and the casino asked you to wager through that bonus 20x before you can withdraw, you would need to place NZ$2000 worth of wagers (20 x NZ$100) before that cash was technically yours to use as you please. You’ll also find that games will be limited when it comes to wagering. This might mean that only a percentage of every NZ$1 you wager will count towards this clearing rate. However, with online pokies, almost all bonuses will be targeted towards these games and they usually come with a 100% contribution.

Other things to look out for are the amount of time you have to clear the bonus before it expires, the games that you can play to clear the said bonus, if the clearance rate is just for the bonus amount, or the bonus and the deposit amount, and which deposit methods will be eligible to claim the offer. Free spins are a little more straightforward than most pokies bonuses. The casino will give you bonus spins for certain pokies, and then any winnings you get from this, you can usually keep.

Limitations from this offer generally include things like the maximum stake per spin, number of spins allowed, and the games that you’re able to use your free spins on. Yeah, it’s a little bit complex, but you’ll soon get the hang of it after reading their terms a few times. By the time you’ve actually chosen a casino so sign up to you, you’ll have a really good idea of how it all works, and you’ll be humming along in no time.

BrandAll Casino Games XMobile Slot Games XFree SpinsVisit Site
Established 2018
1704 1672 200
Established 2003
750 520 25
Established 2015
500+ 50+ 77
Established 1997
850+ 400 300

Best Pokies Sites with Low Wagering Bonus Requirement in New Zealand

The aim of the game for any casino bonus is to find the one with the lowest wagering requirements for their bonus. So basically, you want to find a bonus that asks you to bet through the least.

We reckon the standard wagering requirement is 40x, so anything less than that, and you’re doing pretty well. It’s not unheard of though to have wagering requirements of only 25x, so there are good deals out there. And hey, that’s what we’re here for, to hunt out the best deals in pokies!

Now, before you start looking at an online casino, you first need to work out a reasonable figure that you’re able to afford in terms of the deposit amount, and how much you’re expecting to play. You don’t need to go bananas here, just deposit what you can afford.

A good timeframe to work for in terms of how long to play for is 30 days, given that most offers expire after this time. However, weekly amounts are useful as well, with some casinos giving less than 30 days to clear their offers. If you are new to online pokies, then this is going to be tough to know straight off the bat. It’s for this reason we recommend you try and find the smallest wagering amount over the longest period.

To plan for this, decide what you want to deposit into your account, and then a rough amount that you want to wager each week. Remember, this isn’t just the amount that you will win or lose, as games will balance out the more you play. Once you have a rough idea, it’s time to bonus hunt. Check for the casinos that have a high deposit amount, a long clearance time-frame and a low wagering amount.

What are good numbers, we hear you ask? Well, any timeframe over 30 days is pretty good for a casino bonus. Any bonus that is a 100% match or better is good value, and you can target money worth NZ$100 or more for this. The amount wagered is a key area to check. Anywhere around the 30x mark is good, and lower is really good. However, it’s key that you find out if this number includes both your deposit and your bonus, or just one of these.

You want to avoid casino bonuses that include both as it’s twice as much money that you need to clear to get your bonus, and that will take you ages. Finally, you need to check the games that contribute to clearing the bonus. Most have pokies as a 100% contribution, but it’s worth checking, just to make sure.

BrandMin Pokies StakeAll Casino Games XMin Live Dealer StakeLive Games XVisit Site
Established 2017
0.01 1354 1 19
Established 2018
0.01 1490 0.05 19
Established 2003
0.01 750 0.50 34

Play Free Pokies Online in New Zealand

Lots of game developers and casinos offer free games that you’re able to play online with no obligation. We know that there can be plenty of skepticism with online gaming, but really, they are free to play.

These free games are designed to be a “try before you buy” type of deal, and we totally recommend you have a crack at them to see if you like the game. It will also help you get to grips with the rules of that particular pokies game, and help you figure out how it will work in terms of pay lines and bonus offer features.

Again, these games really are free, and there should be nothing needed like your credit card or a promise of your firstborn. It’s all above board, but do use