Updated: 23 Sep 2020

Online Slots Strategy

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To those who aren't regular players, the idea of adopting a strategy for playing online slots may seem rather far-fetched. But planning an approach and picking through the vast array of gameplay styles and payouts is crucial to any player's chances of making a profit. It's also one of the most exciting elements of playing slots online.

The first step in devising a strategy is to dispose of unhelpful gamblers' fallacies and debunk out-of-date myths. After disposing of these old adages, it's time to get rational and understand the system most suited for your playing style. The last steps include selecting a machine and managing your money.

Slots Strategy Articles


There are countless fallacies floating around online slot play deterring players from maximising their winnings. Here are a few common fallacies to avoid:


Old slot strategies may have worked once, but the vast majority have now been consigned to the annals of casino history by technological advances. Strategies that should now be avoided include:

Playing Style

Asking these questions will help players decide the playing style they most prefer:

Patient players with a large pot and no particular desire to play for long stints may find themselves better suited to big jackpot games. Look for franchise slots like Marvel, which generally offer progressive jackpots. Alternatively, consider seeking games that have more generous but less frequent payout lines. Players who can survive long droughts without panicking are usually in line for the biggest wins.

Impatient players are better suited to slots with regular, though normally less generous, wins. These types of game tend to offer numerous low-to-medium priced win lines that crop up often, and throw in lots of extras: Wilds and random awards, for example. A good sign of such games is that they have many lines or 'ways to win'. Those craving a big win from this style should seek games that offer better win multiples when the stakes are raised.

Low pot players with time to enjoy their game sessions are advised to look for generous bonus features and regular (albeit low) payouts from their slots. The big money tends to come from the bonuses more than huge jackpots, but players won't earn this in every bonus game run. That means earnings are built over a slightly longer period of time, but money can easily be chipped away while you wait.


Because machines are pre-programmed with a hold percentage (like a house edge), they are guaranteed to take a certain percentage of total stakes in the long run. There's no way to change that, but there are strategies to make the most of your winnings in the short term. The first step is choosing the right machine.

Money Management

If you do decide to go it alone, it's easy to get drawn into the fallacies of gambling. The best way to maximise your money and leave with some winnings is to set yourself a system of cash limits that dictate your play.

For example, setting aside £25 for 100 spins on a 25p/spin slot. The more spins you allow for, the greater the chance of hitting a big jackpot. However, switching machines when you're up, or putting aside all winnings, is a good way to hang on to profits and potentially end the day with money in your pocket.

Of course, these are just general approaches. The key to any system is knowing how the slots work, deciding how much to stake and sticking to it. There's no quicker way to empty a pot than panicking and falling back into the gamblers' fallacies. If you think you are ready to hone your new found skills and try some of the best slots on the market then we have what you need on our Free Slots page that allows you to play for free and find the slots that suit you best.

Slots Strategy Articles