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Lottoland is a site that's tapping into the sometimes controversial arena of worldwide lotteries. Why do we say controversial? Because in essence punters are simply placing bets on the results of a given lottery, much like they would on a race or event – no payouts are ever made by official lottery providers.

That said, Lottoland is certainly one of the most upfront syndicate sites around at the moment, and you can read all about how lotto betting works and what it is on its site before you decide to commit to anything.

When it comes to the crunch, Lottoland will pay out exactly the same amounts that the official lottery provider would if you did win and offers players the chance to bet on lotteries that they normally wouldn't have access to. If you've ever wanted to try your luck at the US Powerball or Worldmillions, then Lottoland might be of interest.


Lottoland offers promotions and bonuses to new players. These tend to work per lotto as opposed to giving you a free bet on any lotto you like, but there are lots of different options available, including a number of two-for-one bets that give you the chance of doubling your chances of winning at a cheaper cost.

This does also mean that by taking advantage of the promotions, you can enter a few of the bets free of charge. Do note that not all of the lottos that the site bets on are available for promotions all the time, however.

What lotteries are offered at Lottoland?

  • Millionaire GO!
  • Lotto Plus
  • Millionaire
  • US Powerball
  • MegaMillions
  • Keno 24/7
  • Irish Lotto
  • KeNow
  • Mini Lotto
  • Cash4Life
  • Bitcoin Lotto
  • Eurojackpot
  • SuperEnaLotto
  • Polish Lotto
  • French Lotto
  • Honk Kong MK 6
  • Swedish Lotto
  • Austrian Lotto
  • Sunday Lotto
  • Brazil Quina
  • German Keno
  • OZ Lotto
  • Mega-Sena
  • Oz Saturday Lotto
  • OZ Powerball
  • Mon & Wed Lotto
  • El Gordo de Verano
  • Multi Keno
  • Friday Lotto
  • El Gordo
  • El Nino

As you can see, Lottoland has a pretty extensive and impressive range of lottos to choose from, certainly one of the best among the sites around at the time of writing. This means you can easily keep your syndicates and bets varied, and it also means you can make much smaller bets across a wider range of odds. The large selection also gives you lots of opportunities to get involved in syndicates. Overall, it's hard to find another lotto site with this many options.

How Does Lottoland Work?

As mentioned, Lottoland isn't actually a way to buy official lottery tickets from global lotteries. Instead, you simply place a bet on the numbers you think will appear on the winning ticket for your chosen lottery. Because you're not actually playing the official lotteries the site places bets on, the winning money instead comes from insurance.

Every bet made on Lottoland is therefore insured, which enables it to pay out the larger jackpots and match the winnings offered by the international lotteries. In some ways, it's no different to playing the actual thing – the chances are essentially identical, the payouts the same. The main difference is that you receive digital tickets only, and these digital tickets are obviously not recognised as official lottery tickets.

In terms of setting up bets or syndicates, the site works pretty much how you'd expect. You can choose to make individual bets on the lotteries offered, or join one of the syndicates for an increased chance of winning. It's also worth noting that Lottoland has a decent selection of slots and casino games you can play if you're waiting for results or looking for a break from the lotto section.


Lottoland supports all the major banking options, including Skrill and Neteller (the last two are generally the best for faster withdrawals). One question that any punter might have given the site pays out wins using insurance is: are payments guaranteed? The answer is yes, because the site is regulated by both the Gibraltar and UK gambling commissions.

While what's in place is convenient, the site could perhaps do with a few more banking options – PayPal would be a good addition in particular. Lottoland will always contact you via phone to let you know if you've won a major jackpot.


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2-3 Days

How Do Prices Match up with Competitors?

As with betting sites, the differences in prices are essentially negligible, but if you keep your eyes out you can sometimes spot slightly better winnings here. This is in part due to the fact that the site has so many different lottos, but also due to the business model. The use of insurance to pay out the winnings means the site can actually offer some special jackpots that you won't find elsewhere.

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