Bingo Strategy

Date IconLast Updated : 28 Sep 2022
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Bingo Strategy

Bingo is largely a game of chance and, although there are a few strategies going around, none has definitively been proven to work. Strategies vary from sticking to online bingo games with a low number of participants, to buying as many cards as you can afford. A British mathematician (Tibbet) developed a theory about 75 ball bingo, suggesting that the longer the game went on the more numbers closer to number 38 were called out. This theory has not been proven. So remember the following: bingo is a recreational game and spend your money responsibly. It might be best to spread out your bingo budget throughout the week to keep the game fun.

Although games with a lower turn out of players may increase your chance to win, the prizes are usually not so good, unless they are guaranteed. So just choose a bingo room offering, a good balance between games, freebies, chat room quiz, and enjoy socialising whilst playing your favorite game. But, remember to be a little adventurous, and change game formats once in a while!

Bingo Patterns

75-Ball and 80-Ball Patterns

In 75-ball and 80-ball variants, patterns are what keep the games fun and fresh! There are hundreds of possible winning patterns. In fact, there are so many that some of them (like the bell, Easter egg, chandelier) are used only during festivities to get players in the spirit.

There is no need to memorize all patterns because there is usually one per game. The pattern is consistent and displayed during games. Also, as soon as you achieve the winning pattern, the bingo software will notify you and the caller. However, it’s always good to know your basics. Here is a short explanation;

A pattern is the picture that the called numbers form on the cards. Patterns are divided in three different categories:

  • Static or Normal Bingo Pattern: These have to be drawn on each exact square of the card and cannot be shifted. For example, letters like E, C, F, and numbers.
  • Crazy Bingo Pattern: Special bingo cards allow this pattern to rotate 90, 180, and 270 degrees, which makes things seem a little crazy on the card.
  • Wild Bingo Pattern: Those bingo cards allow for patterns to be scattered on the card.

90-Ball Patterns

The 90 ball variant has 3 fixed and straight forward patterns used in every game, giving players a chance of winning three prizes in every game. The 90 ball bingo card has 9 rows and 5 lines with a total of 5 numbers per line. The patterns are :

  • 1st Line : All the 5 numbers on the first line of a ticket are called out.
  • 2nd Line: All the 5 numbers on the second line of a ticket are called out.
  • Full House: All the 15 numbers on the ticket are called out.

This straight forward approach allows players to buy several tickets at a time, because the focus is on the numbers called rather than on a single pattern.