Lottoland €90m Payout Earns Guinness World Record

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Lottoland €90m Payout Earns Guinness World Record

Earlier this year Lottoland paid out what many thought was a record-setting jackpot. Now it’s official.

Guinness World Record has certified a June Lottoland jackpot as the largest online payout in history. The astonishing €90m win blew by the previous Lottoland record of €14m - and all other online lottery payouts in history.

Company CEO Nigel Birrell accepted the recognition at a ceremony earlier this week. He told the Gibraltar Chronicle that the company was “absolutely delighted” to achieve the record.

“At Lottoland, we are in the business of making dreams come true. Therefore, we are always thrilled that we just completely changed the life of one of our players completely. We are very proud, we’ve made someone’s life very happy I think. This is what we do…trying to give the biggest jackpots out and we want to break our £90million record.”

The improbable win comes from an arguably even more unlikely situation.

Unlikely Player Takes Home Record

The winner was a 36-year-old German house cleaner publicly known as Christina. According to media reports, she had only been playing through Lottoland for two weeks. Playing a Eurojackpot ticket by way of Lottoland, she won €8.62 on her first bet – and a lot more on her second.

On advice from her mother, she picked numbers 14, 19, 21, 30 and 32 with 4 and 7 as the Euro numbers. That lucky combination resulted in the €90m payout.

Christina told the media she planned to take a camper along a cross-country trip across the United States. That trip is expected to culminate in a Backstreet Boys concert.

Appropriately enough, she’s taking her Mum on the trip. Part of the winnings will help her mother retire and accompany her on the road trip.

The only obstacle is a driver’s license for the trip. Christina didn’t have one before. But with no job commitment, she’ll have plenty of time to earn one.

As the pair enjoys their adventure, Lottoland is also celebrating the huge payout.

Insurance Model Bolsters Lottoland

One of the biggest names in online lottery play, Lottoland is also an innovator in a major new way to enjoy the game.

Not technically a lottery, Lottoland is considered a lottery betting company. That allows players to wager on the outcome of lottery draws instead of playing themselves. This opens up a whole new avenue for gaming, including popular games from across the globe like PowerBall and Mega Millions.

With this expanded play options has also come extensive precautions. Lottoland is a leader in the lottery insurance business model. Its insurance-linked securities policy greatly mitigated the company’s payout and instead reallocated the brunt of Christina’s winnings into the hands of its insurer.

Birrell touted this strategy as a bedrock of its success in an interview with the Chronicle.

“This title is a confirmation of our business model, it proves that we are able to even break world records thanks to our sophisticated insurance model.”

With sharp moves like these, the publicity boost from the largest online jackpot in history as well as a Guinness World Record to certify it, means Lottoland should maintain its spot as one of the biggest names in digital lotteries – and a go-to gaming destination for millions across the world.

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